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But What If We Wanted to PUNISH Our British Cousins?

Now I’m curious …. what Canadian shows do you think would be the worse to send overseas? I’m only thinking of this now as an ad for ‘Bordertown’ (One town, two marshalls) comes across my screen. Was it the bad … Continue reading

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Update for Monday

Okay, okay…I missed the very first bit, so forgive The Incredible Juggling DannyDanny and Frankie have a blow out about Jamie/Carol – the details of which I didn’t catch. Danny spent the next bit of the show trying to make … Continue reading

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Diggory’s Diet Dilemma

Diggory Compton Coronation Street’s Eric Potts has expressed concern that his role on the soap is encouraging him to put on weight. The actor, who plays baker Diggory Compton, has been warned by doctors that his health is at risk … Continue reading

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Canadian-British Telly Exchange

Loads of us are big fans of British telly. But which Canadian TV shows (old or new) you would recommend to the Brits? G’won now. Let the Brits know what they’re missing from this side of the pond.

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Keith Duffy’s Swelled Head

Has fame given Keith Duffy (our Ciaran McCarthy) a big head? Judge for yourself by these photos… Keith Duffy’s massive head View a gallery of Massive Heads pics.

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So this weekend I was contacted by a freelance writer who is doing an article on Corrie that she hopes she can get published by either Reader’s Digest or the Globe and Mail. She would like to get this article … Continue reading

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Quick last update for the end of last week

I was a little negligent in my duties on Thurs and Friday about what happened on Corrie. For the benefit of those who didn’t catch this week’s episodes: 1) Jamie told Frankie that he had been to see Carol. Frankie … Continue reading

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Guess the Mystery Mouth

ANSWER: Sue Cleaver (our Eileen Grimshaw) It’s time again to ask you to guess which Coronation Street star/character belongs to the mystery mouth photo. If you think you know the answer, tell us in the comments section. Return to this … Continue reading

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Penny King’s Beauty Tips

“Did you know that Hemorrhoid cream is really good for bags under the eyes?”

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Jack Duckworth’s Holiday Horror

Jack: “ I hate getting sand in my nooks and crannies.” Tyrone: “No one’s saying you should go to a nudist camp.” Jack: “Don’t you mention that word in front of our Vera. The last thing I want to see … Continue reading

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