Update for Monday

Okay, okay…I missed the very first bit, so forgive

The Incredible Juggling Danny
Danny and Frankie have a blow out about Jamie/Carol – the details of which I didn’t catch.

Danny spent the next bit of the show trying to make up with Frankie, in front of Leanne. Just as everything’s forgiven, Danny follows Leanne out the door to convince her that she’s his ‘hobby’ and somehow that woos her back in bed with him.

He’ll be coming ’round 5pm and will use his keys to let himself in.

The Great Diggory Do
Diggory tries to keep the mouse situation under wraps and also tries to woo Sarah back to the shop.

However, he decides to put off paying Keith for mouse removal services – thus Keith storms into Rovers and in front of Dev tells him to pay him for removing the mouse or he’ll regret it. (Pied Piper of Weatherfield?)

Dev takes full advantage of this and says, either give him back Sarah or he’ll let the whole town know about the mice.

Shel Incarceration – Day 3
Shel wants to go out, but Charlie is adamant that she stay in until her eye is totally healed. (To his defense…it still looks like shit.)

But true to Charlie form, he gave her hell and said that she only thinks about herself. He’s already told everyone that she has chickenpox and if she went downstairs now, everyone would know he was lying.

‘You know how much I hate lying, don’t you Shell?’

Jacqueline cleans her ears to make sure she heard that correctly.

The Amazing Forgetting Mike
Mike is really having some difficulty remember things. Last night he was supposed to meet Penny to catch their flight, but instead, he forgets and ends up at the factory making calls.

They almost miss their flight and Penny is fit to be tied.

Claire Takin’ Out the Trash
Claire comes into the Rovers wearing her new bus uniform and Cilla jumps all over that, letting Claire know how bad she looks.

Claire takes this opportunity to give Cilla a dressing down about her character and the way she’s taking care of Chesney.

Mr. Glacia took this opportunity to start routing around the silverware drawer, so I didn’t hear the last line that got the whole pub gasping.

Anyone? Anyone?

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10 Responses to Update for Monday

  1. Jackie says:

    eekkkk!! I can’t believe that I missed the last few minutes (hubby came down and changed the channel to hockey, and by the time I finished stangling him, the show was over) what did she say? what did she say????

  2. John says:

    From the visual updates:

    Cilla squares up top her, ‘Are you saying I’m rough?’ Claire replies, ‘You’re a bully, that’s what you are. You give him a dog’s life and as for poor Chesney…’ Cilla rages, ‘That boy wants for nothing!” Claire snaps, ‘I’ve seen you give him chips for dinner, chips for tea. I wouldn’t be surprised if you gave him chips for breakfast. That poor kid wouldn’t know a vegetable if it came up and bit him on the backside.’
    Cilla blusters, ‘For your information, potatoes ‘are’ a vegetable!’

    A hush falls on the pub as Claire tells her, ‘That’s enough. You might go through life picking on people but don’t start picking on me ‘cos I’m a lot tougher than I look.

    Claire then added she was taking assertiveness classes at work.

    I still maintain she’s slightly bonkers.

  3. papasmurf says:

    I love Claire. Really.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Hmmm…I always found Claire a bit self righteous – but kudos to the writers, she’s a totally believable person.

    I don’t mind her, but if I’ved on the street, she probably wouldn’t be my mate.

    Shel, come back to normal so I can have a mate on the street.

  5. John says:

    My mates on the street are Eileen and her fun lodger Sean.

  6. mare says:

    oh, eileen. she’d be a good one to hang at the rovers with, no denying.

  7. Jackie says:

    I liked Claire until she got glasses. And since her and Ashley have gotten married, there hasn’t been much of a story line.

  8. mare says:

    no, but she’s a good bit of fresh air now and again. like eileen and sean, claire calls things as she sees them.


    just finished entering in my last final exam marks, btw, thought i would share that. take that, first semester! begone with your evilness! i chase you with this lovely bit of framboise beer.

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Mare – I’ll join you in the frambroise!

    Congrats, girl!

  10. GoBetty says:

    Yes, why was Claire put in those godawful glasses? It’s too obvious to me that they (the Corrie gods) want to make characters like Claire look deliberately bad, homely, out of style, loser-ish, lame, from another planet, completely behind the times, old beyond their years (or in Liz’s case, too youthful and looking totally saddo trying to pull off a sexy look). You may not agree with me but you know what I mean. I get that they want the characters to look like regular people but sometimes the wardrobe choices go beyond the pale in terms of stupidity. Like, I don’t care how fictitious Whetherfield is, Clarie, or any believeable girl like her, would not go from perky cute nanny-type to matronly mope just because she got married and dreams about a life in public transportation, RIGHT?

    I know that each character has a look: Shelley always goes sleeveless (just like Lacy in Corner Gas), Doris has his knit vests, Deirdre her glasses (see, someone ELSE is already sporting stupid specs!), Cilla her tart get-ups, Frankie her designer Missoni tops, Danny his sex appeal and Windsor knots in his ties (HUBBA), etc., etc., etc.

    Why did they give Claire her assclown glasses?!?!

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