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Question of the Week

Alright loves, here is the question of the week (okay of the last 6 months…because we haven’t had one in a long time.) Which Corrie characters have been Martinized? Think back and try to remember which Corrie characters have started … Continue reading

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Have Drink, Must Write Update

Okay lovelies, got a bottle of Riesling, so I am set to write the Corrie Update of the week. I’d Like This Character Back By Friday …..Martin announces that he has a surprise for the family…and to make a long … Continue reading

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Sorry Loves –

The glamourous life of a techincal writer has once again made unreasonable demands on my time. Will try to get an update out tonight…

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National Tea Break

In an effort to raise awareness, and some cash, for epilepsy, Epilepsy Action has asked several famous British folk abot why they love tea, including Julie Hesmondhalgh (our Hayley): “I love tea and drink it by the gallon-full! On a … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Latest Schedule Update

According to the scrawl during this weekend’s omnibus, Corrie will be returning to weeknight viewings on June 19, after the Oilers win the Stanley Cup. Or June 20, if it goes to 7 games. When it returns, the show will … Continue reading

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New Corrie Site

I got this from Susan in the UK….a Corrie related bulletin board where peeps from all over the world come to discuss the goings on in Weatherfield. Weatherfield Web Check it out, eh.

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Documenting Sam

A fanblog created by our Chelly, Documenting Sam seeks to chronicle the career of Sam Robertson, the Scottish actor/model celebrated for his role as our “Adam Barlow” on Coronation Street. Note: Contains some spoilers.

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Weekend Update – the rest

Go Speed Racer! Ken decides to give Adam 500 pounds in honour of his road test. Candice has herself wrapped around Adam as he announces to Ken that he’s going to go buy a car with the money. Ken offers … Continue reading

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These Are The People in Your Neighbourhood

At the request of Jacqueline, and spurred by recent comments, I decided to research just who lives in and owns what property on Coronation Street. It’s interesting to note that some residences, like Ken Barlow’s, date back to the beginning … Continue reading

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BBC Radio

I’m listening now (3:26 pm EST) ‘Dark Oasis’ on BBC7 radio – and Geoff Hinself (Don Brennan from Corrie past) is one of the actors – I think his character is Jack Entwistle. They play part 4 tommorow.

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