Champers For Everyone!
Nathan comes to visit Ashley with a bag of magazines and dvd’s for his recovery. Claire gives Nathan the ‘Glare of Claire’ until he tells them that he’s broken up with Tracey. Claire is pleased and offers Nathan a cuppa.

Claire and Ashley go to the doctor’s office where some testing shows that Ashley is getting his eyesight back.


They go to the Rovers after hearing the good news and Nathan joins in the celebration. Claire orders up some Mumm’s, but Nathan and Ashley who CLEARLY have no taste, pass on the bubbly. (I bet they don’t even care for caviar.)

More good news for Claire when Ashley announces that he has given up boxing for good.

What If You Threw a Jealousy Party and No One Cared
Tracey, seeing Nathan having a life without her makes a sharp beeline for Charlie. Charlie asks if she is just cozing up to him out of revenge. She says ‘Yes.’and he says, ‘Good’ – they then proceed to make EVERYONE in the world jealous with their sexy ways.

Problem is, no one really cares – except maybe Shel a bit. (Which I don’t understand, wasn’t she the one to throw his sorry ass to the curb?)

You’ll Be Hearing From My Solicitor!
Frankie has a date with the lawyer and Carol (who has cleaned up very nicely might I add) suggest that they go together – both wives seeking revenge. As tempting as that is, Frankie decides to go it alone and on her way to the lawyers, sees Danny. They both give longing looks to each other.

It’s kind of sad because they both clearly still love each other. But as Frankie said way back, ‘I can’t have let you keep hurting me like this.’

Later, when Frankie’s working at Roys, Carol comes in (again, looking really good) to see how Frankie’s lawyer date went. Oh and to quickly change the subject to herself and announce that she has a date with her boss.

Funniest Line of the Show
Leanne asks for money so that she can replace the Star Wars duvet covers that her and Danny have been making mad passionate love under. She also takes the opportunity to buy some new threads.

After her shopping, she pops into Underworlds to visit Danny. Her presences gets everyone into a tither and results in Janice and Sally having a fight after Sal trash talks Leanne.

When fisticuffs break out, Danny comes charging out screaming…..wait for it…..

‘Oi! Desperate Fishwives!’

(Glacia spilled her vodka over that one.)

At this point Mike comes in and tells Leanne to hit the road. He also warns Danny that he should be careful not to mess up his career over Leanne the same way he messed up his marriage.

Our Pet Nicollete
(I’m gonna just KEEP on making references to old Canadian shows, people.)

Nicollete visits the Websters and is so mouthy that Sally has to tell her to watch herself. When Sophie and the cousin from hell leave, Sal is really agitated. Kev tells her that they’ll survive this latest phase and offers to take her out for dinner.

Sal says – I don’t believe it – ‘Kev, I don’t know what I’d do without you.’ (SEE – there’s still remnants of that sweet, appreciative gal in there.)

The go out for a night on the town, leaving Rosie and Craig in charge of the house. However, the minute they walk out the door, Sophie comes scampering down the stairs in an outfit straight out of Cilla’s closet announcing that she is going out for chips.

Rosie forbids her to go out at that time of night because it’s late and she knows that Sophie is just going to meet up with Nicollete anyway. Sophie screams, ‘You’re not the boss of me’ and stomps out anyway.

Rosie and Craig go looking for her and march her back into the house and tell Kev and Sally when they get home.

The thought of their 11 year old hanging out on the streets in the middle of the night freaks them out and Sophie gets a dressing down from both parents. Sal expresses concerns about Sophie getting attacked by a pervert and scares both herself and Sophie.

I have to say, despite the drama, it’s great to see Sal, Kev and Rosie working together to protect the wee one.

In Other News
Jason and Sarah in love – and that just makes me very quesy.

Moley-Moley has got her own flat, much to Stevo’s chagrin. Also, he’s getting sued by Karen so he wants to blow his money on a big vacay with Moley so there’s no money for Karen to get .

Sorry, why is Karen entitled to Steve’s money? She hardly supported his way through law school.

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3 Responses to

  1. John says:

    What was Our Pet Nicolette? And when are you going to do La Famille Plouffe? When the Websters confront the cousins?

    Gotta love Nathan: ‘Sorry I punched your eye out. Here’s some old Nuts magazines and that DVD of The Italian Job. Get well soon, eh?’

    I can see Shelley having conflicting feelings about Charlie. After all, she spent 26 years in that little room because of him. Stockholm syndrome is bound to sink in sooner or later. Like with that Austrian girl.

    Anyway, she later noted that the puppetmaster and the bunny boiler are made for each other. Not sure why Violet looked so stricken, though.

    ‘Desperate fishwives’ is definitely an early contender for line of the week.

  2. missusmac says:

    I think it’s a reference to golden helmet-headed Our Pet Juliette, the once-reigning queen of Canadian singing/variety shows.

    Before my time, but mentioned fondly by my parents.

    Also loved the line Nathan threw out, about whose benefit the Charlie/Tracey neckfest was for: him, Steve or Shelley: “I think it’s a 3 for 1”.

    Sophie’s only 11???

  3. John says:

    Yeah I was under the impression the Webster girls were two years older than they actually are, especially considering Sophie’s attending “Weatherfield High.” I guess high school starts earlier.

    Juliette. Now I recall. Before my time as well but I believe she began the longstanding CBC tradition of suddenly cancelling popular programmes (see: This is Wonderland).

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