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Bruce Jones News –SPOILERS–

We’ve discussed on this blog before the public behaviour of Bruce Jones, aka our Les Battersby, so it’s of interest to note the latest news. There are big spoilers regarding Les and Cilla contained in this news story so if … Continue reading

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Guess The Corrie Star

BBC Radio7: This week’s airing of Giles Wemmbley Hogg featured a past Corrie star. Give this a listen and try to guess who before the end.

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ITV Ident & Coronation Street Cadburys Metacefe

Coronation Street in metacafe. ITV Ident & Coronation Street Cadburys – Watch the top videos of the week here

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Corrie Dailymotion Find

More old Corrie from Dailymotion. Todd's Story, part 1 of 3Uploaded by refertations Todd's Story, part 2 of 3Uploaded by beachscenes

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coronation street Dailymotion Find

I found this in Dailymotion. Coronation Street: Sally, Gail, Claire DRUNK at the MortonsUploaded by andyee2

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In the great internet tradition of LOLCATS, LOLGOTH, and LOLSTARTREK, I present to you my contribution to the latest meme that I’m not sure even I get. I give you: LOLCORRIE

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Happy Smog Alert Day!

To all my southern Ontario brethern (and sistern – or is that cistern?) I wish you and your lungs health and happiness amidst the poor air and pollution. Thunder Bay may lack for a few things, but fresh clean isn’t … Continue reading

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Queer as Corrie

‘R’, my good friends from my days at Rye High sent me this intersting article about Tony Warren and queerness of Corrie. Great article and gives you some insight on Tony’s history with the show. Click you here. We need … Continue reading

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Again from the Lovely Nora…here’s the update from the weekend. I hope this is is all. August 28, 2006 First off, many thanks for the birthday wishes that were winged my way across th’internet last week, they were all much … Continue reading

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My Doctor who Video

I want to show you my Dr who video, I edited it using clean cuts from starfield, I then sypher dubbed the full lenght theme tune. I now it’s of topic I would like to now what you think. Dailymotion … Continue reading

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