The Lyin’ Update

it’s a lion lyin’. get it? heh.

Lying About Love

Frankie goes cheerfully about her business, oblivious to the fact that her stepson is in love with her. Said stepson has a hangover and lots of regret for having confided in Sean. Jaime meets Sean at the Café and makes him swear not to tell Violet. He says he didn’t mean it, he’s not really in love with Frankie.

“Yeah, right,” says the look on Sean’s face. Frankie stops by the table and ruffles Jaime’s hair. Probably doesn’t help.

Violet is desperate to understand WTF is up with her man. She gets nothing out of Sean except assurances that Jamie is definitely not gay. “He’s still yo-yo man. Jamie is clearly as straight as a die, whatever that is.”

Violet hopes the vacation to Ibiza will mend things. Jamie seems less than enthusiastic about it. It’s like he sees romance with Violet the way he should be seeing romance with his stepmother.

The Lyingest Lying Liar

“There is no evidence that David has ever been bullied at school,” reports the rather severe teacher, Ms. Smith, a.k.a “Smithy”.

Gail’s lips all but disappear as she marches her son home and goes off about, “I’ll believe you if you tell me black’s white, or day is night, or that it wasn’t you sending cards from Richard or that it wasn’t you playing truant because David, I want to be on your side. That’s the most important thing so you can tell me anything and I’ll believe it.”

I think she’s losing it.

The Master Liar Reduced to Begging

Maria is jonesing for some Charlie action. Charlie seems to be avoiding her. Could he really be so heartbroken over losing Tracy that he doesn’t want his action on the side? How sweet.

Blanche might resort to buying Charlie a drink just so that someone will tell her what the ‘eck is going on.

What’s going on is Tracy still won’t have anything to do with Charlie, despite his begging. Deirdre suggests they all pretend nothing’s going on so Tracy won’t be tempted to rebel and run back to him.

When Charlie comes knocking again, Tracy gets her coat to go talk at No. 6. Will they reconcile? At least Maria would get laid again.

Even More Lying About Love!

In a strange turn of events, Audrey suddenly finds herself in love with Fred, or so it seems. I think it’s case of wanting what you can’t have. To her credit, she defends Bev at every opportunity, telling Fred he really should have told Bev who he was going shopping with and shouldn’t be telling her Shelley’s private business.

The jeweler shows them sparkly watches and remarks how fine it’d look on Audrey. Fred interjects that he’s not marrying Audrey, but not for lack of proposing. He finally gave up and found a different bride. He jokes that Audrey probably feels like she’s had a close escape. The look on Audrey’s face suggests not.

Then Fred offers her choice of trinket for being such a good friend and she firmly refuses, causing Glacia to run to her computer to punch out, “(it) had me screaming…I say SCREAMING…..’TAKE THE BLING THAT IS OFFERED, AUDREY!”

Glacia, can you imagine how Bev would react if she found out Fred had bought Audrey something sparkly, too? There’d be bloodshed, I say, there’d be bloodshed! Audrey is simply being wise.

Fred is determined to tell Audrey what’s going with Shelley. It’s a great scene when he finally blurts it out over dinner. Audrey’s all, “don’t tell me.”
He’s like, “she’s pregnant! Guess who with!”
“She is? No, don’t tell me, I don’t need to know.”
“Charlie Stubbs!”
“No way!”* Aw, Audrey’s a sucker for good gossip.

Then Audrey says something about dealing with her own feelings. Fred picks up on it but despite his prodding, Audrey keeps those feelings to herself. Will she ever admit to Fred she’s falling for him?

The Little Bits:

Kevin tells Sally that his dad bought them a trip to Paris for their anniversary. No lying in this scene that I can tell, though you can never tell with Sally.

* paraphrased

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11 Responses to The Lyin’ Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oooh, great summary! But don’t forget how in an unprecedented burst of honesty in the face of Gail’s unrelenting suppport of him David finally admits he hasn’t been bullied.

    Not only does Audrey seem to be falling for Fred, but Fred seems to be less than enthusiastic about his upcoming nuptials. Do you think he’ll ditch Bev for Audrey?

    Westcoast fan

  2. Working From Home Today says:

    Thanks Westcoast Fan. I tend to skim over the Platt stories. On my days to update I actually try to watch them through, though my finger is on on the FWD button….

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Screw Bev, I say!

    Sorry, I’m just a sucker for shiney objects.

    sigh…Sally in Paris. Imagine it.

  4. London Rob says:

    I really like Violet (I always thought that she had the sweetest nature of anyone on the show) but I’m getting tired of her constant state of worry about her relationship with Jamie – the girl is going to get permanent worry lines!

    I want her to stop being the helpless victim. Why doesn’t she simply corner Jamie, and insist that he give her some straight (no pun intended) answers about his cool treatment of her.

    Maybe the trip away together will get things sorted.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with London Rob. Why have the writers transformed Violet into a timid worrywart? They need to stop Violet’s endless handwringing — geez, Emily has more gumption that Violet these days. I know that the writers are presumably setting up the dreaded Jamie/Frankie storyline, but did they have to mangle the Violet character in the process?

  6. Anonymous says:

    My very late 2 cents:

    1. Gail is totally losing it. That speech was surreal! Wow.

    2. Re: Violet and Jamie. Here’s the thing: I’m a gal. If I say to my current amour, “Hey, Stud…howzbout I move in with you,” and he says, “Well, um, uh, I guess, if you want to,” my next response SHOULD BE WHAT, ladies?

    That’s right. Run in the other direction. What you DON’T do at that point is move in. It’s a hackneyed phrase, but…he’s just not that into you!

    So, as much as I really like Violet (and I do), that was a really bonehead move on her part. So my sympathy level is not where it could be…

    Of course, Jamie needs to grow a pair and tell her he’s not interested and to get out. So there’s plenty of blame to go around…

    Michigander Fan

  7. Rob Swizzle says:

    re: Violet and Jamie
    I thought the whole point of moving in with one’s boy/girlfriend was to get OUT of your parents house.

  8. Mayfairgirl says:

    how about not blaming it on Violet? Jamie should be honest and straight forward?

    For example: “No, I don’t think the timing is right”, or “No, I don’t think it would be good on our relationship” or just a “No”

    As they say, honesty is the best policy. Then again, it wouldn’t be much of a storyline…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jamie is showing a complete lack of cajones in not being straight (no pun intended) with Violet, but she also has to take some of the responsibility for getting herself into this mess. I agree she should have run in the opposite direction when Jamie was less than enthusiastic about her moving in. Instead she turns into a wussy doormat who keeps turning away to hide her tears from the man who supposedly loves her. Of course she was a bit of a wuss with Jason when she let him elevate her drunken kiss with Charlie to the same level as his stepping out with Sarah. The person she needs to talk to is Eileen. She’ll set her straight on what to do. I love Eileen.

    Westcoast Fan

  10. Debbie says:

    Audrey is being terrible right now. She doesn’t love Fred, she is just jealous and is sticking her neck in hoping for more attention. Don’t forget, she was a right tart in the past.

    Although, I love tarts, that is why I like Glacia so much. OOoooohhhhhh heeeeeeyyyyyyy off side!

    Anyway, Audrey always thought herself too good for the likes of Fred Elliot. If he never got enganged to Bev she wouldn’t look twice in his direction.

    You guys think Gail is stupid now, she gets shockingly more stupid.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    As Diana once said, ‘I want to be the Queen of Tarts’.

    And so do I.

    Glacia – proudly cougar since 2006

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