Update for Episode 6393 June 25, 2007

Number 13

Sal and Kev have a chat about their impending anniversary trip to Paris, all paid for by Kev’s father. They come up with a plan to bring Craig along and play happy families – it should be straightforward to arrange what with texting and all that internet magic that kids are involved with these days.

Sal manages to get the gang together in the same place at the same time so she can tell them the exciting news. In honour of their 20 years of marriage (although Kev has a question about how she did her maths) the whole family is going – wait for the drumroll – to Paris!


The girls are less than over the moon. Rosie has already seen everything there is to see in Paris, after all she was there for a whole day.* Sophie admits that she might like to go. When Craig is told that he has been invited as well, he at least has the good manners to show some appreciation.

Sal has a bit of a rant.

*Papa Smurf spent a day in Paris and walked from Cathedral Notre Dame to The Louvre, saw the Mona Lisa, walked down the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe, up the 284 steps, over to and up the Eiffel Tower, and back along the Seine to where he started. So you can sort of see Paris in a day in a half assed kind of way.

Number 4

Bev and Fred natter on in the pub about a surprise he has for her. Romantic soul that Bev is, she tells him to keep the receipt – just in case. Fred beats a hasty retreat to go babysit young Thomas.

Ashley stops in at the hospickle to visit his crazed – er beloved wife. Claire seems to be right round the bend – er on the mend and assures Ashley that she will be at the wedding. Her only concern is that she won’t be able to function without the happy pills that she is taking.

Join the rest of the soccer moms in the world Claire, there’s no shame in it. As Mick and Keith put it – ‘Mother’s Little Helper’.

In The Salon Maria is trying to work a miracle with Liz’s hair while she prattles on about the upcoming nuptials and the bad track record that Fred has had with marriages in the past. Audrey gets a sudden headache from something she heard and asks Maria if she can finish up for the day.

Audrey goes home and rings Fred to thank him for the ‘last lunch’ they had together. Fred, sensitive soul that he is, asks Audrey what is wrong. She tells Fred that she is feeling a bit nostalgic is all, nothing to worry about. Fred promises to come round as soon as he can.

As Fred is slipping out Bev is coming home. She asks her bethrothed where he is off to. Acting particularily suspicious, Fred tells her he is off to some business meeting that won’t take long.

Fred and Audrey are chatting about how things are going to change between them after the wedding. Fred tells Audrey that he has always relied on her for advice and wise counsel. Audrey replies that he will have to turn to his wife for that sort of thing in future days. Fred responds by noting that Bev has ‘other qualities’.

Translation – Bev doesn’t have much of a brain.

Audrey is worried about being alone. Fred tells her that thee and me will always be good friends, and one day Audrey will meet someone. Audrey isn’t interested in meeting anyone new though, she is past that sort of thing.

Fred tells Audrey that she was his first choice, that she had her chance. Audrey agrees and tells Fred ‘It could have been me, and I wish it was’.

That genie is finally out of the bottle.

Realizing she has spoken out of turn, Audrey quickly teels Fred to forget what she has said. How can I forget? blusters poor Fred, who is now in a bit of a lather.

What is Fred to do? Who is he to choose?

Number 1 & Number 6

Charlie and Tracey have a debate over the morals and ethics of his behaviour. Somehow he justifies his behaviour by using the old ‘two wrongs make a right’ justification and does his best to shift the blame onto Shel. She came on to him, he was drunk, he couldn’t tell Tracey the truth because he might lose her, you get the idea. Tracey walks out.

Tracey retreats to Number 1 to argue with her family for a little variety. Charlie comes round to finish the conversation. Ken tries to intervene, but Charlie and Tracey end up going to The Rovers to talk, but she isn’t going to have a drink.

Charlie does his usual slithery sweet talking, asking how he can fix the biggest mistake of his life and ends up convincing Tracey to give him another chance.

Tracey goes home to tell her family that she is going back to Charlie. They are flabbergasted to say the least. Tracey defends her actions by pointing out the rather colourful history that Deirdre and Ken have had. Deirdre admits that they have had their rows but – Ken is no Charlie Stubbs. Amen to that.

Tracey returns to Number 6 with Amy in tow. Charlie does a bit of sucking up to the two of them before announcing that he has to go to the yard for an hour or so to do a ‘little paperwork’. Charlie then oozes his way over to the flat of young Maria to further weave his web of deceit.

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16 Responses to Update for Episode 6393 June 25, 2007

  1. Debbie says:

    That “Bev has other qualities” line Killed me. I laughed LOUD.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Audrey only wants Fred because someone else has him. If they were together, she’d be condescending to him the same way she did with Keef.

    I’m sorry. I’m not normally a Sally booster (can’t stand her!) but what a couple of ungrateful little jerks! A trip to Paris and they have NO reaction! I’m shouting at the TV, “Take ME, Sally, take ME!”

    Meh. I knew Tracy would cave. She thinks she’s so tough, but she’s not in the same league as Charlie. I also want to smack Deirdre. Hard.

    Still love Blanche though!

    Michigander Fan

  3. John says:

    I agree with Debbie and Michigander Fan – Audrey is suddenly realising what Fred’s marriage means to her. He’s no longer an option and by declaring her feelings for him, she is sabotaging his wedding.

    There’s something psychologically interesting going on here.

    I do see Fred and Audrey as equals in as much as they are both business owners, are parents, and have gathered a little bit of wealth because of a lifetime of careful investments. In that respect, they’re more compatible for each other than Fred and Bev. But it’s Bev that Fred loves and if she weren’t in the picture, Audrey would still keep Fred at arm’s length, all the while waiting for someone who has his qualities but in a more attractive package.

    But I think, deep down, Audrey isn’t doing this on purpose. I think she’s confusing her feelings of lonliness for love for Fred. While she adores her independance, as all her friends either move on or pass away, she realised that her choices in life will mean that she will die alone and this thought is scaring her.

    It reminds me a little bit of what Livia Soprano once said, “We all die in our own arms.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Audrey really does love Fred?

    It was very surprising to see Fred get angry and upset with Audrey, but such a lovely touch.

    He is seen as such a buffoon looking for love, that we forget this is a man that Audrey is talking too, and a man with feelings. Poor Fred.

    Why does Charlie want Tracey back? I can’t understand this. Why not let her (and her little kid too) leave, and then a few weeks from now he show up at the Rover’s with the lovely Maria and carry on as usual?

    BTW, Audrey won’t die alone. After David poisons her for the shop, Gayle will be at her deathbed sqawking: “Oh Mam, how can you do this to us? You are so selfish, you never think of poor David or me, do you…”

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Just a bit of clafication.

    Audrey has wealth because of Alf’s careful investments.

    While she has certainly toned down in the year’s since Alf has gone, let us remember that Audrey was the Leanne of her time (vis-a-vis buying new frocks like they were going out of style…which I guess is exactly what frocks do, but that’s beside the point.)

    Now I’m going out to buy a new frock.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Audrey was a crap mom — as Gayle likes to point out — and was very flighty and self-centered during her lifetime. Basically, Alf took care of her.

    However, she has matured much over the past few years.

    I’d like to see her with Fred, but then again, in a perfect world, she’d be with Archie — a smart, prudent man who also loves life and a good time.

    Hell, in a perfect world, I’d be with Archie!

    ~missusmac, who can attest to the fact that the blase teenage reaction to the Paris trip was spot-on.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure that Fred really loves Bev, I think he’s been the ‘any port in a storm’ type when it comes to marriage. Clearly, though, he’s torn by the fact that Audrey’s now willing to have him. It will be interesting to see how this plays out since I think Fred is a very honourable man.

    I don’t know the ‘old’ Audrey, having been watching the show for less than three years. I’ve always liked the ‘new’ Audrey, though. Tough but sweet.

    Charlie wants Tracy just because she’s one more woman he can control, and because he’s enjoying having more than one woman at a time. I don’t think he is sincere in wanting to have a permanent and open relationship with Maria. She’s no match for him, she’s just his bit on the side while he has fun matching wits with Tracy. And he’s using his relationship with Tracy to keep Maria silent about her relationship with him.

    Westcoast fan

  8. John says:

    Just to pick up on what Michigander Fan said about the Tracy and Charlie situation …

    Back when Charlie was terrorizing Bev, he admitted that his big thrill in life was using women as his little playthings. Now that he has Tracy back, he’s going back to the status quo with her at home and Maria as his bit on the side. It was interesting, though, when he honestly didn’t know what to do for a few days.

    Tracy, somewhere deep down, believes in redemption, until virtuous behaviour doesn’t suit her purposes. But because she has a heart somewhere deep down, Charlie will always have the upper hand in the relationship.

    Interesting to note how Craig showed gratitude to the Websters for inviting him along while the girls were indifferent. Craig’s lost his entire immediate family to either murder, suicide, or incarceration so when he’s welcomed into another family like the Websters or the Croppers, he shows genuine appreciation. And because of this, he also is disgusted by David Platt, who shows no appreciation for what he has.

    The writers never come right out and say this, but it’s all right there on his face.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Excellent observations… I don’t think I was watching the show when Charlie and Bev were involved, but I definitely have a strong feeling that for Charlie, it’s all about power and control. You have confirmed it for me.

    He really creeps me out. I used to date him. Well, not him, but you get what I’m saying. I find myself actually worried for Tracy, which is a weird emotion…

    Michigander Fan

  10. Anonymous says:

    Somebody said: BTW, Audrey won’t die alone. After David poisons her for the shop, Gayle will be at her deathbed sqawking: “Oh Mam, how can you do this to us? You are so selfish, you never think of poor David or me, do you…”

    I spit Coke out of my mouth when I read that!!! LOL!

    Michigander Fan

  11. Anonymous says:

    You know, I think Charlie is one of the most well-drawn and consistent characters in the show, which is scary really, because it means someone -the writers or the actor – really understands controlling men.

    Having seen a major plot spoiler for the Charlie/Tracy storyline I won’t say anything more than – be worried.

    David Platt needs a good smack upside the head. He is such a brat! Craig is unbelieveably well-balanced for a boy who’s been through so much. I like him as a character, but I don’t find him all that believeable.

    Westcoast fan.

  12. Working From Home Today says:

    Charlie is a fascinating character. Very well written. I love to hate him.

    I think he keeps his piece on the side because he hates that he had to grovel to Tracey.

    Maria is his little “F— You” to Tracey and, in a way, to Shelley.

    It’s not about sex, it’s about his urge to have total control in the end. He really is that misogynistic.

    What a great bad guy!

    John, I agree re Audrey. She’s confused by her own loneliness.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I was watching this and thought what a selfish cow Audrey is…All she cares about is her loneliness and not Fred’s feelings…

    It will end in tears…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, I was wondering? When exactly is it that Charlie has time to do work?

  15. Anonymous says:

    If Kev’s dad has so much money, why hasn’t Sal had an affair with him?

  16. John says:



    I think he just needs to make the right offer.

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