Glacia Suddenly Remembers It’s Her Turn to Do the Update – Update


Putting the ‘Man’ in Manicure
Fred sees Audrey opening the shop and does one of his classic Fred sneer/shocked/anxious faces and runs in the other direction to the Rovers. Once at the Rovers, Bev complains about the state of his hands and Fred has to remind her that he’s a butcher. (Good thing she’s not marrying a mechanic, all I can say.) She tells him he needs a manicure, and Fred replies, ‘A flaming manicure!’ which makes Glacia giggle.

So away wi’ him to the Salon, where at first Audrey tries to pretend there’s no room for him to get groomed, but finally she calms down and takes him as her own client. Bev sweeps in to show off her new shoes and to wish Audrey luck on taking care of Fred’s ears.

Finally, Maria leaves for the day and Fred asks Audrey why she has feelings for him now and not before. She tells him that she thought she could do better than Fred and that she was stupid and shallow. He then says, ‘If I asked again now, what would you say?’

Audrey tells him she would have said ‘Yes.’.

Sigh…..and then regret it. I think Audrey is just upset that her ‘fallback guy’ won’t be there. Most of us have had that ‘fallback’ person in our lives, someone who we care about, but isn’t ‘the one’. I’m just surprised that with her years of experience she doesn’t see her relationship with Fred for what it is.

I agree with one of the commentors, she should have hooked up with Archie.

Putting the Bore in Boring.
Tracey and Charlie hash it out. Ken and Deidre wring their hands about what’ll ever happen to Tracey.

I feel a strange sense of deja vu.

Oh, I did like when Tracey told Charlie that with regards to him and Shelly, ‘It’s not the sex, it’s the kissing. You kissed her, Charlie.’

I totally get that, somehow the kissing feels like the big betrayal, because it’s not a sign that he lusts after her, it’s a sign that he still lovers her.

Putting the ‘Shite’ in ‘You Little Horrible Gobshite, I’m Gonna Smack You Upside the Head Three Ways to Sunday.’
First day back at school and David has decided to not go to school and to call himself a ‘Highschool Rejector’. (Is that a real term?) He also tells her that this whole school thing is ‘not his bag’.

Gayle talks to Audrey about this in the cafe and wonders why Haley and Roy can get Craig to go to school. (see comments about Craig appreciating having someone who cares about him.). Audrey tells Gayle that she’s going to have to get tough and take away his allowance, telly and video game. Gayle wonders if she can survive the ‘fallout’.

Regardless, she does remove the television and games and when David confronts her about this, she tells him that he needs to go to school. He says, ‘Give me back my property and I’ll think about going to school.’

At this point the dog had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on both myself and Mr. Glacia as we were choking on our falafels.

Gayle says, ‘Go back to school and I’ll think about giving you your stuff back.’

David replies that he’s this way because of all of her psycho boyfriends and Gayle (in the most brilliant Gayle line ever) replies, ‘Maybe you made them that way.’ And Glacia cheers.

In the end, David tells her that he’s never going to school so she needs to get used to it.


Putting the Fromage in the Moulin Rouge
Rosie maintains that Paris is poxy and she would much rather go to NYC.

Meanwhile, Sofie is becoming favoured child by picking up some french and learning about Paris.

‘Je suis soupe.’

‘Pardon, mais, ou est la vache?’

‘Je veux une grande l’anana, s’il vous plait.’

Putting the Claire Back in the Home
In final news, Ashley visits Claire who tells him she’s getting released tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Glacia Suddenly Remembers It’s Her Turn to Do the Update – Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Priceless David Platt: give me back my possessions, and I’ll think about doing what you say.

    Priceless Gayle: doesn’t know if she can handle the fall out from actually punishing David for being a total jerk.

    Loved Sally’s line to stay-at-home Rosie that she thinks Rita is planning a trip for them to the Cash and Carry! Yeehaw! It ain’t Paree but…

    Fred and Audrey and Bev, what a triangle. I don’t see this one ending well whatever choice Fred makes.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Audrey should have kept her mouth shut no matter how sincere her feelings are. That ship has sailed.

    Oooh, David is one little jerk. Has there ever been an infanticide on Corrie? Might David be the first (prays fervently).

    Westcoast fan

  3. Anonymous says:

    No, Fred. If Sean were getting it, it would be a “flaming manicure.” When you get it, it’s just a manicure.

    I know that the deal’s practically sealed, and I know that Fred & Audrey would be a disaster, but Bev is so wrong for Fred. Good Lord, was she rude about his ear hair and his hands!

    Rosie thinks that Paris is poxy and would rather go to New York? Is she on crack? Or is this a proximity thing? Does NYC sound better because it’s further away? I mean, I love New York, but… it’s PARIS! FRANCE! WITH ALL THE CULTURE AND CRAP!

    Speaking of Rita, whatever happened to her drinking problem?

    I’m fairly sure that, if I were David’s mother, I would be in custody by now. Hopefully having ripped his tongue out of his head. I wish I felt Gail was equal to the situation and would stand up to him.

    So Claire’s going home. Goody. Now we can get back to it all being about Ashley. Blech.

    Michigander Fan

  4. Anonymous says:

    Audry will have the last word on Friday…

    Corrie Lover In Michigan

  5. Debbie says:

    I think that Bev is perfect for Fred. She wants him as is and is happy with him as is. She never thought Fred was a second class citizen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bev treats Fred as if they’ve already been married for 20 years. She is herself with him, there is not pretence. But she is emotionally needy and may have a drinking problem. I don’t know how well-equipped Fred is to deal with such things. He’s looking for companionship in his old age.

    Westcoast fan.

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