Update – June 27 – "Indicate! Indicate!"

Wir sind Berlinners

Rosie and Craig meet up with David, who boasts that he has dropped out of school and there’s nothing his mum can do about it (somewhat different from the conversation he had with Gail.

David later meets up with Audrey and asks if he can visit tonight. She flatly refuses, explaining that he won’t get his confiscated property until he goes back to school.

Meanwhile, Sally asks the star-crossed lovers if they’d like come in for something to eat. They refuse, deciding instead to get something at Wong’s. Rosie complains that her mother is smothering with her offers of lunch. She moans that her mother used to be so cool once upon a time and wants something different than living and working on the same street all her life.

And as though the plot has somehow been constructed in such a way as to illustrate Rosie and Craig’s alienation from mainstream society, they proceed to the chippy where Cilla and Yana are back from Cyprus: land of ancient ruins, Canadian peacekeepers, and cheap holidays for drunken Brits. Craig mentions that he heard that Ayia Napa has some interesting Roman ruins. Cilla and Yana look disgusted.

“I don’t do culture,” says Yana.

“We just want sun,” Cilla adds. “We don’t want anything … foreign.”

This is Ayia Napa. It looks like Hell.

Then they moan that it doesn’t matter where you go, when you come back, it’s as though you never left.

Rosie and Craig promise each other that they will never end up like those two with nothing to look forward to but a fortnight’s sun holiday every year.

Back at Craig’s squat, they’ve got the Rough Guide and are playing “What City Am I?”

It’s got an amazing underground music scene and alternative culture. It’s Moncton!

Ok, it’s Berlin. Craig says his mate’s brother lives there and told him all about the music scene. Rosie thinks they should live there someday. Craig suggests that they go now and make like David Platt and drop out of school.

So they head down to the Websters and tell them that they have something to tell them. Sally and Kevin make the “she’s up the duff” face until they say they’ve decided to go to Paris with them after all. Unbeknownst to her parents, they plan to hop a train to Berlin as soon as they get there.

Nothing Too Trendy

Bev has gone to Audrey’s to get her hair done for the wedding in two days (that’s on Friday, you and me). She notices that both Fred and Audrey have been distant lately but she chalks up Fred’s absent mindedness to Claire’s return from th’ospickle.

At Fred’s house, Bev is showing Josh how to break eggs. Fred looks at her and says, quietly, “You’re a wonderful woman, Beverly Unwin. I do love you.”

At the salon, Audrey asks Bev about Fred. Bev says he seems stressed. Audrey asks if he’s thinking about cancelling the wedding (tactful). She says at their age, there’s no time for putting things off.

Audrey says she thinks that’s the best policy, too.

The Road Warrior

Kirk drives his friend’s borrowed car, covered in Learner’s Permit stickers, for Fizz’s driving lessons. After almost killing Bev and then driving in a left-handed circle for an hour (that’s right-handed, you and me), Fizz gets frustrated with Kirk’s constant directions.

“Indicate! Indicate!” he exclaims as she makes yet another turn.

Later in the Rovers, she complains that it’s like being in a car with a Dalek. Her mates from the factory do agree, however, that her driving skills leave something to be desired and that it’s nice of him to offer driving lessons when she’d pay a fortune at a driving school. She buys him a pint to make up for getting angry with him earlier and they agree to continue with the lessons.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Claire has returned home and is relieved that they didn’t put out a “Welcome home from the Booby Hatch, Claire!” banner out front. Claire’s mental episode is staying within the family, so long as the subject doesn’t come up with Bev is all liquored up.

Ashley is anxious that Claire must hate him after he tricked her into going into the hospital. But she says that she does not, that he saw what she couldn’t. Then, as she approaches little Thomas Duncan Peacock (such a fine, fine middle name, I might add), there is anxiety among Fred, Ashley, Bev, and Josh that she’ll kill him or something. But instead, she and Ashley take him upstairs to bed and her recovery continues.

In other news

Cilla and Yana went to Cyprus. Cilla again did not pull.


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30 Responses to Update – June 27 – "Indicate! Indicate!"

  1. Jackie says:

    I hate how Bev and Fred seemed good together until Audry came back in the picture. I feel like the writers are suddenly trying to make Bev look extra bad, when all along she has had her faults, but seems to be getting worse all the sudden.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jackie, I agree.

    Someone recently said Bev always had a mean mouth (it was over the Shelley -you’re getting rid of that baby – conversation I think) and that mouth has been featured in the last few episodes.

    However, then you see her play with Josh, and she’s lovely.
    Fred is indeed in a pickle.

    I think Clare shall heal nicely what with all of them standing over her with bated breath. No pressure there.

    Wasn’t the Yanna/Cilla chippy exchange brilliant?

    Will David cave or not? A scene not shown (but on csvu.net) had David eating lunch alone in a back alley because all his mates were — oh yeah — at school!

    And finally, why would you put an egg into a mug for fried eggs? Is that a secret culinary British thing? I’m sure Bev said they were having fried eggs for tea…


  3. Jacqueline says:

    “I don’t do culture, me.”

    “Just go for the sun, nothing foreign. Then it’s like you never left.”

    I love Yana

  4. Working From Home Today says:

    I know! Yana is tragically underused. Amber, too. I’d rather be watching an Amber storyline than all this David crud.

    That said, the actor playing David is doing a great job.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Will David cave or not? A scene not shown (but on csvu.net) had David eating lunch alone in a back alley because all his mates were — oh yeah — at school!”

    Does CBC cut scenes? Or does csvu.net have access to screenshots that never make it to air, even in the U.K.?


  6. Anonymous says:

    I belive there are about 2 minutes of minor plot cut from each original show to fit the CBC format.

    I can’t remember where I read this, but think it was revealed during one of the most recent efforst to have CBC to run a bunch of episodes at once to catch up with the UK.

    Those cuts are why sometimes we seem to jump right into a scene, or jump right out.

    At csvu.net there are pictorials taken from the show, and I was suprised to see the shot of David with a takeaway packet sitting by a garbage can in a back alley. I don’t think I saw that on the broadcast.


  7. Jacqueline says:

    I would just make a suggestion that if you don’t like spoilers, proceed very cautiously through csvu.


  8. John says:

    I think the CBC cuts at the point the show comes back from commercial. Normally, you might see a character doing or saying something as the music plays and the show’s title is shown. The CBC sometimes cuts a bit of this. It may have something to do with their format or it may have something to do with them wanting to run more promos.

    It doesn’t cut major plot points but it’s annoying. During the lockout, we got Corrie in its unedited form, presumably because the CBC’s editors were locked out by management. I didn’t realise this until I was in the UK and noticed it was slightly different.

    And we also don’t get the animated Cadbury chocolate ads that introduce the show. 😉

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Shatnerian Duncan Shatner

  10. Anonymous says:

    No, but they don’t get the Cheese Lady in the UK, I’ll bet!

    Michigander Fan

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like Cilla and Yanna, as long as you look at them the same way you look at Homer Simpson… as an example of how not to behave, and not an idol to emulate.

    I like Craig and Rosie’s plan. It could work. Well, OK, maybe not. But when I was 16 I would have been sure it would have worked.

    I mean, how hard could it be to find some guy whose brother you know in a small town like Berlin when you don’t speak the language?

    Michigander Fan

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think Bev really does love Fred. She’s not a gold-digger; she is (like Audrey) look for companionship in her ‘twilight years’ (how old are Bev, Audrey and Fred, anyway). She and Fred do make a good pair, if only Audrey wouldn’t stick in her oar.

    Gail needs to change the locks so David can’t get back in. (Oooh, better yet, she should pack up Sarah and Beth and move far, far away from Corrie Street where David – and the television viewers – will never be able to find her again).

    BTW did anyone notice how the little-girl-who-plays-Amy seemed to be channeling the little-girl-who-plays-Beth’s ‘acting’ skills the other day (while sitting on Tracy’s lap). That was amazing/freaky! Our Josh continues to be brilliant in scenes of puzzles and egg cracking.

    Westcoast Fan (from that wonderfully named town of . . . Duncan!!!)

  13. Anonymous says:

    BTW, forgot to mention. Did anyone notice in that scene between David and Maria in the back of Audrey’s that David seemed on the verge of asking Maria out just as Maria was interrupted by Audrey?

    I agree the actor who is playing David is doing a bang-up job. I wonder if he gets nasty looks/stern lectures from parents when he goes out in public?

    Westcoast fan

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yes, if you go to csvu.net and don’t want to be surprised, do look at the Canadian updates only.

    If it’s any consolation, we are ahead of New Zealand and Australia. We’re getting October/06 stuff, they’re getting May and June.


  15. John says:

    You know what? I had made a note of the exchange between David and Maria and then promptly forgot to include it. It would have been something along the lines of:

    “Now that David has dropped out of school, Maria should see what a big man he is…”

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would prefer that CBC not cut scenes out of Corrie, and air one or two less promos for Little Mosque on the Prairie.

    Is it just me, or was Claire far more interesting when she was chemically unbalanced? Now that she’s back to “normal”, back to dullsville for the viewers…


  17. Jacqueline says:

    ‘Little Mosque on the what??”

    Are you telling me that the CBC has some kind of HI-larious ‘fish out of water’ show about a group of muslims living on the Canadian wheat lands?

    Oh come on!

    They’ve certainly kept this one quiet.

  18. John says:

    The thing that gets me is how there’ll be a promo then a commercial, and then another promo. It screws me up when I’m speeding through the commercials on my PVR.

    Little Mosque? Never heard of it. (ok, ok, I like it…)

    You know what they need to promote? Intelligence. I am so hooked now.

  19. Anonymous says:

    what cracks me up is the fact that rosie and craig kept going on about there is “nothing to do here”, do they mean in weatherfield or manchester? because manchester has one of the biggest music scenes going on in the uk and the world…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well, in Rosie & Craig’s defense, the world does seem awfully small to the people who live on The Street. They talk about far-off places like Birmingham, and wherever Shelley moved to, as if it’s just east of Siberia.

    It kind of cracks me up to hear them talk like that, especially since my mom just moved 2,000 miles away (to Las Cruces, NM).

    However, I guess that if Paris is “poxy”, then whatever scene they have in Manchester must be complete crap.

    Berlin, however, is where it’s at!

    Michigander Fan

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ha! My word verification was just “eykia” which sounds like Ikea!!

    Yes, I am easily amused…

    Michigander Fan

  22. Anonymous says:


    You are correct. Crazy Claire was waaaayyy more interesting. Now we’ll be back to Boring Claire and her whiny self-centered husband.

    Michigander Fan

  23. Anonymous says:

    Little Mosque actually got press in the States too. I read an article which debunked many myths about Canada, including that it’s too cold for TV wavelengths to penetrate. And that your parliament building is a big igloo.

    Michigander Fan

  24. Anonymous says:

    John said: The thing that gets me is how there’ll be a promo then a commercial, and then another promo. It screws me up when I’m speeding through the commercials on my PVR.

    THANK YOU! I have been biting my lip about that for YEARS. I also know all Canadian commercials by heart, because they get repeated so often…

    “It’s lowfat…IT’S LOWFAT!”

    “We just had dinner..” “That wasn’t dinner”

    And, my own personal fave “Stop cooking with cheese!” (which is cool from a vegan standpoint, except they’re trying that tricky new reverse psychology thing.)

    Michigander Fan

  25. John says:

    Now if they just ran Heritage Minutes during the ad breaks…

    “Pa ain’t gonna make it!”

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh, no, but we do get these weird “building history” commercials, which tell the story of a particular building, and end with the tag: The (whatever building). An important part of Windsor’s heritage.”

    What’s really sad is that usually the ending of the story is that the building is closed and scheduled for demolition.

    Michigander Fan

  27. Anonymous says:

    My personal favorite is the Hiram Walker building though. That’s FUN!

    Michigander Fan

  28. GoBetty says:

    OK, this is from waaaaaay out in left field (speaking of ye olde Canadian commericals of yore), BUT does anyone remember some sort of public service commerical about alcoholism from the early 70’s? It’s got a little kid with a shaggy haircut playing with one of those large-ish blue toy cars where the black wheels snapped off and he wants his dad to help him snap the wheels back on but his dad’s too loaded? The kid’s like, “Daaaad, can you help me?” and the dad’s like, “Shuuuuurrr buddy…” and then is so smashed he fumbles with the car and gets all beligerant and yells at the kids “Gotobed! NOW!” Please tell me you remember this, my ex-husband and I killed ourselves laughing re-enacting it whenever WE would drink.

  29. Jacqueline says:

    Yes Betty, I remember drunk dad.

  30. John says:

    I have vague memories of that one. 70’s PSAs were always so much more dramatic.

    There was a more recent example of that type of ad that they’ve been running for about a decade. It features a little girl with her mum on Christmas Eve, hanging her stockings and decorating the tree, while shots are cut in of dad, getting pissed in a bar somewhere and then stumbling to his car.

    The little girl asks, “Is Daddy coming home for Christmas?”

    CUT TO:

    Daddy in jail, as the door slides shut.



    Truly awesome.

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