The Betty Vagyok! Update

Traditional Hungarian Wedding

Mother-of-the-Runaway In Denial

Craig thinks that running away is a far bigger deal than Rosie knows. At least he has no family to leave behind. But Rosie says she’s sure it’s time to go.

They are discussing the great gigs of Berlin when Sally interrupts to tell them how happy she is that they’re coming to Paris.
“Poor cow, I feel sorry for her,” Craig says as Sally heads to the Kabin.
“I don’t,” Rosie replies, “Forces her to live her own life for a change.”

Sally, meanwhile, gushes to Rita and Norris how nice it is to enter that phase where her daughters treat her more as a friend. “It’s a bit of mutual respect,” she says.
“You mean respeck,” Norris says, “that’s what they say nowadays.”

Groom-to-Be Has Case of Collywobbles

In the street, Roy and Hayley interrupt an awkward and brief encounter between Audrey and Fred to offer their vote of confidence towards the institution of marriage.
“Well, it doesn’t suit some,” Blanche suddenly appears. “Still, you’re getting on now,” she says to Fred, “if you’re miserable, you won’t have that long to endure it.”
Blanche thinks Bev is a “hopeless lush” who just wants Fred for his money. And she doesn’t mind telling everyone.

Fred is basically tormented for the duration of the episode. He barely ever cracks a smile. Bev’s belly is “like a cement mixer” as she prepares for the party in the pub. When he snaps at her, she confronts him on his dark mood. He says also he has the “last minute collywobbles.” She says gently that she has no doubts, but that it’s not too late for him to change his mind.
“I’d never do that,” he replies, “never.”
“Becoming Mrs. Elliot will be the greatest day of me life,” she says.
“And the proudest moment of mine,” he replies.

Liz, overhearing, reassures Bev that Fred’s desperate to marry her. She thinks he’s just freaked that he’s finally living the dream.

Audrey, meanwhile, has decided she’ll dedicate the evening to her wayward grandson. Gail eventually gets Audrey to admit she’s had a falling out with Fred, that she said things “out of turn” about Bev. But Audrey doesn’t go as far as to admit to her daughter that she’s in love.

Matron-of-Honor On Drugs. And It’s Legal!

Ashley and Claire struggle to bring normalcy back into their relationship. Ashley is being overly attentive. Fred sits him down to have a talk at the butcher’s. Ashley goes off about how he’s way out of his depth with Claire, how she’s not the same Claire as before, that he doesn’t know what to do. Fred tells him rather harshly to be quiet (yay! Finally!).
“You’re not out of your depth. She doesn’t need a psychiatrist, she need an ‘usband! Your job’s simple. You have to love her and care for her. Put her before anything and anyone, listen to what she says, be sympathetic but be firm. Tell her the truth. She needs you. She needs you the way you’ve always been. Stand up straight.”
“Thanks Dad,” says Ashley, “I don’t know what I’d do without ya.”
“I’ll be at the end of the phone whenever you need me.”
Later, Ashley and Claire seem to be cozying up again.

Bride-to-Be Is Nervous. She Should Be

Rita stands up to raise a toast to the ‘appy couple just as Audrey enters the pub. Fred immediately drags Bev into the back room where he tries to admit what’s going on. But all he can get out is another marriage proposal (old habits die hard, especially when nervous) and that he holds her in the highest esteem and regard. Bev is clearly a little freaked waiting for the “but”, however Liz interrupts and drags them back into the pub.

When Fred is finally pushed to make a speech, he does so beautifully: “I’m uncharacteristically nervous. So many friends come to wish us well. Thank you. Meeting Beverley and her accepting my offer of marriage has been a source of great joy to me.”
“’Bout time someone accepted,” Les yells out.
“Thank you Leslie,” Fred continues, “I believe I have somewhat of a reputation for being a serial proposer o’er the years. And I want to thank all them marvelous ladies who said no. Because they allowed me to marry the one true love of me life, Beverly Ulwin. To Beverly,” he raises his glass. Cut to Audrey who looks like her heart just broke in two.

Then Fred disappears. Ashley finds him out back having a cigarette. Fred admits to Ashley what’s going on with Audrey. Ashley reacts with his usual level headedness, “how cruel is she, telling you this ten minutes before you get wed?”
Fred says that cruel or not, knowing makes all the difference. “She’s put me in a terrible position. I feel like I’m being filleted! I don’t know what to do!”

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

In Other News:

  • Les and Cilla are choked when the pub closes to all but those invited to Fred and Bev’s private party. Les decides they should hide in the bathroom and join the party unnoticed. He’s off to hide when Sean tells Cilla that regulars are welcome to stay. Cilla lets Les sit it out in can.
  • Norris practices his Hungarian.
  • Blanche tries unsuccessfully to make Dierdre tell her why she fell out with Bev.
  • Claire apologizes to Roy for her behavior. She blames it on stress.
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8 Responses to The Betty Vagyok! Update

  1. Jackie says:

    Holy Crap! That was such a good episode!

    The part in the buchers with Ashley and Fred, made me fall in love with Fred. And then the part where the two of them were in the alley at the end of the night, made me fall in love with Ashley!

    I think he hit the nail on the head when he said about Audry “She’s just a user”.

    Man, that was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in ages!!

    (ps, my word verification is “Smenita” which reminds me of Sonita, and I miss her!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please remember to bring your Kleenex and/or hankies for tomorrow’s episode. I know I will!
    God, I hate Audrey….


  3. Anonymous says:

    You know, I think Audrey has behaved admirably in this whole affair. She’s the one who keeps reminding Fred that he’s marrying Bev, that he has obligations to her, and that he can’t just spend all his time with other women.

    And, yes, she’s now decided, when he’s marrying someone else, that she wants Fred. The timing is not fair to Fred, or to Bev for that matter, but what an incredibly normal and human reaction. Now that he’s getting married and moving away, Audrey realizes what she is about to lose. Audrey’s reaction might be considered selfish, but its genuine.

    We can debate all we want whether or not Audrey ought to have told Fred about her feelings. But in the end, life is short, and when you’re that age you just need to take chances. And Audrey was completely honest and upfront with Fred, admitting that she had thought she could do better.

    IMO, the fact that Fred is so torn-up by Audrey’s revelations tells me that perhaps it was the right thing for her to have told Fred. If Fred feels this strongly about Audrey — well, he’s in his later years, and at this point in his life, he needs to be marrying the women he truly loves, not the one that he has affection for because she was the first to accept his proposal.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unless Audrey had very good reason to believe that Fred does not really love Bev and that Bev will not be able to make him happy she had no business telling Fred her true feelings (especially just days before the wedding!). Fred is now in the horrible position of having to choose which woman to marry. If he chooses Bev he will likely doubt his decision and that will affect his chances of happiness with Bev. If he chooses Audrey he will always feel guilty for what he did to Bev, and may resent Audrey for her horrible timing, again affecting his chances of happiness. Audrey had put Fred in a no-win situation. It was a very selfish thing she did, no matter how much she truly loves Fred.

    Westcoast fan.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think Audrey did the right thing. The timing was terrible, but Fred deserves to be marrying his true love. If that turns out to be Audrey, well I feel sorry for Bev, but that’s life. Fred should not be denied true happiness because of debates over propriety.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I think the timing is everything. If Audrey had told Fred her true feelings when she first heard of the engagement, so that Fred had time to sort out his true feelings, that would have been different. But to reluctantly tell Fred only days before the wedding puts him in a terrible position. If Bev can make Fred happy (and he says he does love her) then Audrey should have kept her trap shut.

    Besides, once Fred stops and considers that marrying Audrey will mean that he now must spend all family holidays with Gail, Sarah and David he will no doubt get the uber-collywobbles and decide that Bev and her Shelley (even with the demon spawn) is the more prudent option.

    Westcoast fan

  7. John says:

    I tend to agree that, while life is too short for regrets and that there may still be feelings between Audrey and Fred, there also comes a time when you need to realise that that particular ship has sailed. I don’t think Fred would ever leave Bev at the alter and that, despite his history with Audrey and Bev’s own faults, it is Bev that he loves.

    I also think if this engagement had never happened, Audrey would have kept the status quo with Fred as her continous “back-up plan” but would never seal the deal. Ashley was quite lucid, for a change, last night about the whole situation and he voiced the opinion that some of us have shared all week.

    But I love how the show is subtle enough for it not to appear as completely slanted one way or the other. We all have our ways of looking at it and they’re all valid. It’s been a stellar week for Corrie.

    Also, Fred said “collywobbles” and made a butchering metaphor – “I feel like I’m being filleted here!” In a 500 channel universe, it’s the only place you’ll hear that. 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    You’re absolutely right, John, that this is by no means a cut and dried issue and reasonable people can reasonably disagree. In contrast I’m reminded of the final scenes of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ when I don’t think anyone disagreed with Hugh Grant’s decision to leave his betrothed at the alter (once he regained consciousness) for Andie MacDowell. Life is seldom so straightforward.

    Westcoast fan

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