Bev and Fred’s Wedding: Part I

The episode opens with Bev contemplating a crate of empty bottles out back in the early morning sun. She tells Liz that she thought she’d end up a widow that no one wants to visit because “what do you talk about?”

Instead, she’s marrying Fred, “and it’s like all the colour and warmth come back. And I got this funny feeling I didn’t recognize at first. And then I realized it’s called… being happy. And I am. I’m so happy, I can’t tell ya.”
“I think you just have,” Liz smiles.

The street buzzes with preparations for the wedding. Liz and Michelle are chilling bottles for the Champagne breakfast, Blanche has donned her biggest, purplest hat, Steve is scrubbing the taxis, and Eileen is searching desperately for someone to do her hair. Les wonders why people that old bother to get married.
“Companionship, sharing, not being on your own,” replies Eileen, “But more important it’s about telling everybody how much you love and respect your other partner.” Les looks baffled. “Oh, what is the point?” she grumbles.

Meanwhile, Audrey is losing her sh!t over at the salon. She tells Gail she couldn’t sleep. Then she snaps at Maria that she doesn’t feel well and Maria’s just going to have to go over and do Bev’s wedding hair because she’s going home.

Over at the Peacock residence, Fred has happy butterflies and Josh is a darling in his little suit. Claire is bright and happy, making jokes about pills. Some people don’t like Claire but I think she shines when she’s in the right mood.
Fred thanks her for making the effort.
“I should hope I have, I am your daughter-in-law,” she replies.
“Aye, and that can’t have been easy,” he says.

“You and me, we need to have a talk,” Ashley says to Fred.
“Do we?!” Fred growls angrily and stomps off.
Ashley finds him in the garden smoking. He asks Fred if he’s sure he’s marrying the right one. He says that it’s no use being married to Bev if Fred’s just going to thinking about Audrey. Fred is clearly tormented.

At the pub, the ladies are gathering to make fun of the bride and groom. Honestly, they’re just terrible, the jokes they crack about Bev settling for Fred. Frankie reminds them that they’ll all be crying at the “I do’s”. They all agree. Too bad Frankie seems to have a dead bird glued to her head.

Audrey calls the Peacock house and gets Ashley. She apologizes that she won’t be making it to the wedding. Ashley decides not to tell Fred, who looks smashing in his dark suit and lavender tie.
“I didn’t get this til I were 40, then I went up like a balloon,” Fred says about his weight. Ashley laughs and Fred wags his finger, “you might have it coming yet, I say, you might have it coming yet!”

Ashley asks if he’s sure it’s Bev he wants to marry and Fred replies that he’s sure it’s what he’s going to do. “That’s not what I asked,” Ashley said. Fred orders him to fetch a “scotch and threat”.

I think Bev looks gorgeous. I suck at fashion vocabulary, but I’ll give it a go: She emerges in a 1950’s style lavender cocktail dress with a satin bodice, a flared lace skirt, and a ¾ lace sleeve. Her hair is held back by a white feather clamp-style hat. And she’s smiling ear-to-ear. This is indeed the happiest day of her life.

Her Matron-of-Honour, Claire, is wearing the Marilyn dress we saw earlier on Shelley. She fills it out particularly, er, well. Where the ‘eck has she been hiding those?!

There’s a bit of kafuffle in the street when Bride and Groom emerge simultaneously. Bev dives behind Dierdre and Ken as Fred is hustled into Dev’s car yelling, “I’ve not seen ya, I say I’ve not seen ya!” Norris thinks it’s all superstitious nonsense.

Bev has been telling everyone that Shelley is on holiday, which raises a few eyebrows. So she decides to tell everyone that while on said holiday, Shelley came down with a stomach bug and can’t be in company. But never mind, here comes the gorgeous antique car that Fred hired for her!

Cut to Audrey sitting at home alone saying sadly, “you only have yourself to blame.”

At the church, Fred greets the guests as Ashley tries to get him to address the problem at hand. Fred says it will all be resolved when Audrey witnesses him marrying Bev. Ashley admits that she’d called earlier and won’t be coming. Fred pulls Gail aside, who confirms that her mom is actually quite depressed. “But I do know this, Fred. She’ll be thinking of you.”

Fred tricks Dev into giving him the keys to the car, saying he dropped Bev’s present in the back seat. “You’ve not left him with the keys, have you?” Ashley exclaims and runs after his father.

But it’s too late. As Bev climbs into the special car, beaming with anticipation, her groom speeds off in Dev’s car, presumably racing to Audrey.


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22 Responses to Bev and Fred’s Wedding: Part I

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed Thursday and Fridays episodes. But I kept wondering when they had the party in the pub prior to the wedding, and then when everyone was heading into the church, where the heck where Sean and Violet?
    And wasn’t Joshua adorable in his suit?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Josh was such the little man in his suit!

    Poor old Ken, whenever you see him he’s surrounded by a gaggle of women. Doesn’t he ever hang out with the guys?

    I thought Dev was looking very handsome in that slick way of his.

    Oooh, Fred had better get back in time! Has there ever been a wedding on Coronation street that went without a hitch?

  3. papasmurf says:

    Claire has long been admired for her fine jubblies – among her other fine qualities of course.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Papasmurf…you crack me up…Sorry I got it wrong earlier…There will be big eleepant tears at the end of the episode on MONDAY. I can do this…I can watch it…


  5. Anonymous says:

    Bev looked fabulous! Really very elegant.

    Yes, Frankie does have one of Jack’s pigeons on her head. Sad.

    Gayle, and it hurts me to say this, looked good too. When does that happen?


  6. London Rob says:

    I just watched the Sunday morning marathon, having missed all the daily episodes, and thought they’ve been brilliant – Corrie at it’s best! – so moving and gut-wrenching. The acting has been wonderful all round

    Poor Fred, it’s painful to watch this lovely, good man struggling with to do the right thing, for himself and for Bev and Audrey.

    And I’ve been touched by the genuine love that Bev is radiating for Fred – despite the somewhat critical comments she sometimes makes, I’m sure that they are meant with affection. I think that she is realizing just how much he means to her as the hour approaches. She is glowing with happiness!

    BTW, this morning’s compilation included that missing scene that you were talking about midweek: the one with David sitting rather forlornly eating his lunch alone amidst the dustbins.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hmm. Well, first of all, Bev did look fabulous! I loved the outfit and the hair (for her, not me!)

    Secondly, why exactly was Frankie wearing black? Doesn’t she know that’s bad luck? (Or isn’t it over there?)

    And just to clarify: I don’t hate Clare. I hate Clare and Ashley. When Clare gets a scene by herself (for example, with the Streetcars crew) I enjoy her. But for some reason the writers have settled into an “Ashley whines and has tantrums and Clare gets all apologetic and invisible,” and I HATE that. Of course, I don’t like whiners of any stripe, but it’s especially annoying to watch a grown man act like a 4 year old and get away with it. I’d tell him to get over it, suck it up, grown up, etc.

    Could that be why I’m still single?

    Michigander Fan

  8. Anonymous says:

    i thought Blanche’s hat was smashing and I’m completley jealous that i don’t live in a society where we all have to buy new hats for every wedding,baptism and funeral……let’s bring back hats

  9. Anonymous says:

    English women do hats the best don’t they? God bless them…except Frankie. She looked a right mess.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Actually the USA is worse…we would fail our test as well!

    Most Canadians would fail own citizenship test Fri Jun 29, 11:24 AM ET

    OTTAWA (Reuters) – Most Canadians know so little about their own country that they would flunk the basic test that new immigrants are required to take before becoming citizens, according to a poll released on Friday.
    The Ipsos-Reid survey showed that 60 percent of Canadians would fail the test. A similar poll done in 1997 showed a failure rate of 45 percent.

    “Canadians appear to be losing knowledge when it comes to the most basic questions about Canadian history, politics, culture and geography … (they) performed abysmally on some questions,” the firm said in a statement.

    Only 4 percent knew the three requirements a citizen had to meet to be able to vote while only a third could correctly identify the number of provinces and territories. Just 8 percent knew that the Queen is the head of state.

    The survey was carried out for the Dominion Institute, which aims to boost knowledge of Canadian history and values. It said all high school students should have to pass a special citizenship exam before they can graduate.

    “It is frankly disheartening to see the lack of progress made by our group and the countless other organizations working to improve civic literary of Canadians over the last 10 years,” said institute co-founder Rudyard Griffiths.

    The Ipsos-Reid survey of 1,005 adults was conducted between June 5 and 7 and is considered to be accurate to within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    I got to say, I didn’t love Frankie’s look.

    Claire looked great though and I loved the colour of ties/hankerchiefs the men wore.

  12. Working From Home Today says:

    Just to clarify, I didn’t mean anyone specifically when I said “some people” don’t like Claire.

    It was a ruse to draw you Claire haters out of hiding. Bwaaahahahahahahahahahaha!

  13. Anonymous says:

    So…what if Fred just wanted a ham sandwich, that’s all?

    Won’t Ashley look stupid!


  14. Anonymous says:


    Oh – I didn’t take it personally, but thinking it over, I realized that I do tend to dismiss Clare, and it’s not her, it’s her relationship with Ashley.

    It’s all good!

    Michigander Fan

  15. Anonymous says:

    I loved that exchange between Blanche and Ken.

    Blanche: (dressed in horrible dark colours with a hideous great hat) ‘Do I look all right?’

    Ken: (glancing up and somehow keeping a straight face) ‘Yessss, people will mistake you for the bride.’

    I love the little touches in this show. For example, while Fred is telling Dev that he’s left something in the car, Dev is casually reaching over and straightening Fred’s tie.

    Fred better had marry Bev, is all I can say!

    Oh, papasmurf: ‘jubblies’! LOL

    Westcoast Fan.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Re: Most Canadians would fail own citizenship test

    The answer to that is clearly more Culture Minutes on the CBC!

    Michigander Fan

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can I just vent about the CBC for a minute? The CBC drives me crazy! We just got Corrie back after 6 weeks of hockey. Now we’re like 3 weeks into the 3rd Doctor Who series and it’s been pre-empted for soccer. GRRR. This is why I have such a hard time following shows on CBC. Things appear, then disappear. I get out of the habit of watching something, then BAM! I realize it’s back on and I’ve been missing it!

    Don’t get me wrong – I think the Ceeb has some terrific shows – some originals (like DaVinci and Intelligence) and some pulled from BritTV. It’s just so frustrating to try and watch the shows.

    Yes, I realize it’s not FIFA’s fault. It’s not hockey’s fault. There’s also the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games and etc. (Like Rosanne Rosannadanna used to say, “It’s always something!”) I don’t know what the solution is. I just know that having MY shows pre-empted is really annoying.

    Do I feel better now? Meh. A little.

    Michigander Fan

  18. Working From Home Today says:

    It’s a common complaint among us Cdn. TV production types. Networks put good money into producing / acquiring these shows, then air them all over the map and skimp on promotion to boot.

    V. frustrating.


  19. Gregg Anderson says:

    I hope that picture isn’t a spoiler as Fred and Bev were never at the church at the same time!

  20. Working From Home Today says:

    Nope! Promo pic for the episode, I promise. I made sure.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Monday at 8 pm after the episode…I had many tears after this one…WAHHHHHH!


  22. Anonymous says:

    Well, all I can say is, the wedding episode sucked, I say it sucked. Full stop. That shouldn’t have happened!!!!

    Westcoast fan

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