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Angry Chef Update

In Which Mr. Glacia Does a Lot of Screaming from the KitchenLast night’s episode had Mr. Glacia’s full attention and there were a lot of , ‘What!’ and ‘That guy’s a real bastard’ being shouted from the kitchen where the … Continue reading

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Charlie Becomes Unhinged.

Having already found out about Shelley’s pregnancy, Charlie takes action and both Tracey AND Maria discover the real reason for his trip to Birmingham.

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Update for Episodes 6388 – 6389 June 18, 2007

Ever notice that Charlie and Tracey live in #6?. As in 666… Young Love Craig and Rosie are having a little face time in the love shack discussing their future. Rosie assumes when she goes away to some posh university … Continue reading

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REMINDER: This Week’s Schedule

I posted this back on June 8th, but just to remind everyone, there is a double episode tonight and no episode on thursdsay. Mon. 18 June 7:00 PM TWO 1/2 hour episodes.Tues. 19 June one 1/2 hour episode.Wed. 20 June … Continue reading

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Youtube Find

Some Party.

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Another Country Heard From

Tvor has her own Corrie blog from Nova Scotia called ‘DownEast Corrie Blog’. I’ve checked it out and am very impressed indeed. Give it a looksee!

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Those Eyes Update

The factory girls are all abuzz about Fiz’s birthday (meaning they’ll have drinks after work for a change) but Sean is barely paying attention. Is Jaime gay? Is he in love with Sean? Sean and Violet continue to be baffled … Continue reading

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Friday’s Question of the Day…

In honour of a great moment in daytime television I have a question for all of youse. Which Coronation Street character would be the best person to replace Bob Barker on the Price is Right? You know, someone with the … Continue reading

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Corrie Canuck Readers Blow Me Away

This is a first…. I got an email from Chantal who has been reading Corrie Canuck for awhile in Ottawa. Her and her boyfriend, Joel, are both illustrators and she wanted to share with us something Joel drew. Behold, the … Continue reading

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Update June 14 – Hoodies Rampage Edition

In Which I Employ Rude Euphemisms for Charlie and Maria’s Relationship After Tracey nearly has a breakdown after experiencing the odd thing known as “parenting,” Charlie offers to take Amy into town and give Tracey a break. This, as he … Continue reading

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