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Zut alors – I forgot ze marshmellows!

Another historic blog entry number – 1812 – the year Napoleon invaded Russia and pretty much destroyed le Grand Armee in the process. An excellent book on the subject is Moscow 1812 by Adam Zamoyski. Papa Smurf gives it two … Continue reading

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Attention Debbie

Corrie Pub Night Tommorrow! Come out and enjoy all the magical wonder that is a Corrie Canuck night! Wednesday, August 1 7 pm Auld Spot 347 Danforth Ave I promise it’ll be fun.

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Update for Epiosde #6418 July 30, 2007

What it would take to get Jack off his ass and celebrate his birthday. Whole Lotta Shaking Going On Cilla and Yana are discussing their upcoming appointment with the miracle worker – er plastic surgeon. It seems that Cilla has … Continue reading

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The Sparks Are Flying Update

(click image for source) Over breakfast, Frankie encourages Danny to go talk to Liam right away. She wants to get to Spain as quickly as possible, make a clean start of it. Danny balks at the idea of giving up … Continue reading

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Good Saturday Morning, All! My update won’t crafted until tomorrow. But I did have time to catch last night’s episode – wowee! Did you see the look Tracy gave him at the end? What the ‘eck is going on? And … Continue reading

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For Tom

Because.. In spite of all temptation, To belong to other nations, He remains an Englishman. Er bleibt ein Eng-lääääääääääään-der!!!!!! Enjoy darling…while I just go enjoy some cheese and haggis.

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Kiss Me, Hardy

It has been far too long since we have had an obscure British history post. Yesterday another milestone was reached when our delightful muse Jacqueline created post #1805 on our happy little blog. The year 1805 also happens to be … Continue reading

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Update – July 26 "Our (disputed) House"

Who’s House Is It Anyway? Well, it’s Charlie’s of course, but that doesn’t stop Tracy from beginning her morning by yelling at him in the street that she wants him out of the house. “I don’t do guilt and I … Continue reading

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Character Profile: Bill Webster

Okay, I don’t have a hell of a lot of info on him, but just for those of you who are curious, this is the scoop on Kev’s dad, Bill. He came on the show in 1984 (two years before … Continue reading

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Update – July 25 – "Fidelity seems like such a quaint concept"

Previously on Coronation Street Maria told Tracy. There was massive fight on the street. Then a big fight with Charlie. Tracy’s ringtone for Charlie is “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls.Because All Relationships Can Be Measured in Money Spent It’s … Continue reading

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