Let’s start the…


Carla and Paul and in the flat apologizes to Paul saying she has a big mouth. They continue the row when Paul tells her she is taking Ryan shopping for trainers – and she is not invited.
In the pub Liam sees Michelle behind the bar, they talk about the discussion she had with Carla and inquiries if there is something more she needs to know. She knows what she had to say wasn’t the entire story.  Liam dismisses Carla saying that she just has a big mouth.  Liam’s phone rings and it is Paul – he warns him in code about the situation. Liam leaves the pub and Michelle soon follows behind.

Michelle wants to know if Liam has had a fight with Paul. Michelle sees right through his lame excuses and says, “You’re lying. I can tell by your body language.
Michelle decides it is time to trade secrets.  She tells him about the “Ghostbusters Ghost Zapper thingy” that she had taken and told him that Paul had thrown it away– but admitted that she sold it for a bacon barm (were things that bad?)

Liam is shocked she has kept this as a secret for so long. She says, “So, I have told you a secret. What aren’t you telling me? I reckon one good turn deserves another.” Michelle tells him that nothing could be so bad.
He starts to admit the truth about the night with Dean: the truth that it wasn’t Dean driving but Paul. He tells her that they were smashed listening to Oasis and then they were wrapped around a tree. He admits that they put him in the driver’s seat, to make it look like his responsibility.
Sobbing and in shock, Michelle screams – “So Paul killed my Dean.” Liam told her again how sorry he was but she spat: “You’re not sorry. If you were sorry you would have told me ages ago. I can’t believe I am hearing this. For five years…. for five years you let me believe something that wasn’t true.” Liam sobbed that he wished he had told her sooner but she cried: “You let me think that my fella was a drink driver who deserved everything he got.” Liam replied that she never really thought that but she snapped: “Didn’t I?” She tells him the worst thing is having to tell Ryan that Dean nearly killed his uncles. She yells that she wishes it was Liam and Paul that had gone through the windshield.
Michelle runs off and sees Paul and Carla were just getting out of the car. She screams at Ryan to leave and get his new trainers off.  Ryan looked bewildered and told her to look at his new trainers. He was stunned as she screams, “Get them off. I won’t tell you again. Get them off!” She reaches to take them off but is pulled away by Paul. Carla screams at Paul to let go of Michelle. As he did, she picked up the trainers and throws one at him. 
Michelle screams to Paul in anger about having Ryan believe that Dean is a drunk driver?” Paul screams back: “He had just lost the main man in his life. He wouldn’t want to lose two more. We did it to protect him in the long run!” She yelled back: “What, by making him think that of his father?”
The car alarm goes off on Paul and Carla’s car.
Carla tries to grab Michelle and take her around the corner.
The Websters are getting perturbed about the car alarm and Sally runs out. She starts to get angry until she sees that it is the Connors and changes her tune.
And for some bizarre reason Kevin comes out of the house doing up the front of his trousers. Strange…
Paul finds Michelle and asks her if she wants to go into the factory to discuss everything.  Liam is disgusted and tells him that it isn’t a business deal…
Michelle screams to get away and never to come near her and Ryan again.
And in other news….
At the Duckworths, Vera is getting the royal treatment as the sprained ankle is healing.  I am sure she is loving every minute of it. Molly, Tyrone and Jamie are cleaning the house and doing their part to make Vera comfortable. Obviously this is something that anyone would enjoy, but Vera seems take extra pleasure!
At the Battersbys’, Chesney tries on the suit for his school play; Cilla mused: “I could have been an actress. Me and Jodie Foster have a lot in common. Both gutsy, not behind many when brains were being handed out and very easy on the eye. Mind you, I don’t have a lisp. I couldn’t understand a word she said on that Snakes On A Plane.” Kirk asked: “Was she in that?” Cilla replied: “Something on a plane anyway. Lost her kiddie. Went off her head.” Chesney appeared to laugh with Cilla and Kirk, until Fiz snapped angrily at him: “I don’t know what you are guffawing at. You’re no example of sartorial elegance!”
Cilla muses how she was in the school nativity play years ago. Thick as ever, Kirk beamed: “So was I. Did we go to the same school?” Cilla then set off on a lengthy and hilarious take of how, as the innkeepers girlfriend, Kerry Sue, she upstaged the Virgin Mary by telling her and Joseph that they had just had a cancellation and they could have a room upstairs. Fiz asked if she was actually going to do anything to help with Chesney’s outfit. Cilla asked what he needed and when he told her Dandy Dan always had a bunch of flowers she smiled: “I’ll nip down t’cemetery in the morning.” Always classy is Cilla!

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15 Responses to Let’s start the…

  1. Gail says:

    mayfairgirl: awesome update, loved the picture! Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that anytime Michelle has a personal problem she drops everything and runs out of the pub? In my humble opinion I found Michelle’s acting not too realistic last night, I know she was extremely upset but why wouldn’t she go into her flat lock the door and sob her heart out. Not scream at her son (like a lunatic) and provide the nosiest neighbours in the world with entertainment. I’m sorry but I am tiring of the Conners very quickly (except for Liam).

  2. Glacia says:

    I thought her acting was god-awful.

  3. John says:

    I thought the Michelle/Liam exchange was kind of overwrought as well but I did like Michelle’s line about Liam being “neither use nor ornament” and plan to drop it into conversation at the earliest opportunity.

    The business with Kevin and the trousers was that Sally was sewing a hole, which is why he was sat in front of the TV in his boxers, then exited the house pulling them up.

    The film Cilla referred to was “Flight Plan” with Jodie Foster. It wasn’t very good. But I did like the use of “Sugar Baby Love” in the scene. Between the old school New Wave, the Wham, and the cheesy 70’s pop, somebody on that show really knows what fits in what scene.

  4. Glacia says:

    I too loved the ‘neither use nor ornament’ line. I’ve heard it before but for the life of me I can’t remember where. I’m going to use it now…randomly at a neighbour.

  5. John says:

    I’m going to use it at work.

    “These sales initiatives are neither use nor ornament!”

  6. S. Poole says:

    I am oh, lets say 95% sure Blanche used “neither use nor ornament” to describe Ken once. BRILL!

  7. mayfairgirl says:

    as a side note, i miss richard dawson. i used to think he was a bit of a pig kissing all the ladies. but now i find it funny.

  8. arphpeck says:

    we finally find out the real reason for the car crash – they were listening to Oasis!

    I’ve always liked that phrase too, so I googled it. Here’s what I found

    where does the phrase ” Neither use nor ornament” come from?

    I’m not sure that this is the source, but Edmund Burke did say ‘Stonehenge, neither for disposition nor ornament, has anything admirable’, in 1756.

    It’s NOT Shakespeare or KJV. I did find Robert Louis Stevenson uses the exact phrase in his story The Beach of Falesa which I think is from the early 1890’s but I bet that’s not the source.

    : Related phrase: Men should either be decorative or useful. I don’t know who said it first. But I like it.

    Mary H. Kingsley “Travels in West Africa” (1897)also used the exact phrase at much the same time as Stevensen “wading neck deep in a swamp your revolver is neither use nor ornament until you have had time to clean it”

  9. What was the Oasus song says:

    Damn..I WAS GONNA QUOTE Alexander Pope..no need now yoy guys are all over it LMAO!

  10. Beanie says:

    I love all the quotes.I thought it was Alexander Pope..but my mum used to say my dad was as useless as a chocolate F’N teapot.

  11. corrierules says:

    The whole Connor saga left me cold. whereas the scenes with the Duckworths and even the small scene with the websters were great.

  12. jacqui583 says:

    Looks like that expression got all of us! I’m also anxiously awaiting the first opportunity to pop it into a conversation. And yeah, Michelle was a little over the top here. I can’t believe how hard she was pushing to find out what the “secret” was. She would have had no idea it would be something so big, so I think that was unrealistic.

  13. joy says:

    What about Red Green’s motto: “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy”?

  14. pip says:

    Red Green’s saying ‘if you can’t be handsome you can at least be handy’ is a bit of a riff off the ‘neither use nor ornament’ saying.

  15. Diane/tvor says:

    I’ve heard “use no ornament” a few times over the years on Corrie. Bet Lynch used to say it, i think. One of my other favourites is “all mouth and no trousers” which Maud used on Reg once, and it was *so* perfect for someone like him who’s head is usually pretty far up his own … backside.

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