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Schedule Change

Coronation Street will be pre-empted on Monday March 3, 2008 due to the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. A double-episode will air on Wednesday, March 5, 2008. Crawls will run tomorrow (Friday) and next Tuesday.

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Update – February 27, 2008 – You Can’t See Liz

From the Liz Macdonald Collection The Confrontation Leanne comes home to find Carla in her flat. She wants to know why Leanne thinks Paul hates her. Leanne claims not to know so Carla asks the question more directly: Did she … Continue reading

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At Least He Didn’t Sing ‘Come On Baby Light My Fire’ To Her….Update

Claire Wants to Go-Go! Claire is feeling like everyone on the street believes that she is responsible for the fire – even Dev who looked at her with his ‘tight lipped smile’ (oh man, we all know that!).   Ashley tries … Continue reading

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The BUSTED Update February 25th 2008

Canucksters, I’m gonna come clean here and tell you that due to some crazy work hours I was exhausted last night and while I watched Coronation Street I couldn’t take the copious amounts of notes that I normally take. As … Continue reading

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Update- Friday, February 22, 2008- Singing the Jailbird Blues

Famous Jailbirds:                                                           Henri Charriere, A.K.A. “Papillon”                                                Robert Stroud, A.K.A “The Birdmand of Alcatraz”                                                               Claire Peacock, A.K.A “Casey” The scene opens with the police leading Claire away, and Ashley trailing after them. Claire tells Ashley to look after … Continue reading

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Question of the Week

Okay, get out your thinking cap, this week’s question is…’What DID Leanne do with all the money she got from Danny?’ My theory she spent it on Herefordshire cattle and teatowel removal in addtion to the thousands she spent on … Continue reading

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Update – Thursday 22 February 2008 – Oscar worthy?

  At the Connor’s boudoir flat, would be restaurateur Carla is talking to Leanne on the phone about getting the lease for the restaurant. Being the secretive person she is, she then realizes Paul is listening and tells him to … Continue reading

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Last Call for Alcohol!

As you  all know the British Isle Show is happening in Toronto Mar 7 – 9.    Special guest this year is Ashley from Corrie. Last year the Corrie Canucks gathered to go to the show and for a pub night on … Continue reading

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Obscure Football Reference of the Day

Paul made a reference to diving like an Italian footballer last night. While the Italians are not alone on being prone to taking a dive if someone looks at them the wrong way, they certainly have a deserved reputation for … Continue reading

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Schedule Change

I know there’s been a bit of confusion with the last two schedule changes that I posted, mainly due to email notice to blog posting transferrence.   I get emails from my super secret connection at the CBC and then post it here. I’m … Continue reading

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