The Complications Update February 12th 2008

UK Time: May 14th 2007


Oh Girl, Fiz got John’s digits and what follows is a really painful episode for me and Kirk.

Later, at the factory, Fiz doesn’t run out the door at the end of the day with the rest of the girls-and-Sean. This compounds her workmates susspicions that something is up. Instead she hangs back so that she can make a “phone call.”

The girls walk out the door and there is Kirk, looking like a lovable idiot with some flowers waiting for Fiz. Kelly goes back into the factory to get her. Instead of coming outside to talk to Kirk, she escapes out the back door. How very Steve McDonald of her.

Kelly makes up an idiotic excuse, but Kirk buys it. Oh man. In the pub, Fiz is about to give Kelly and Janice the low down, but is interrupted by Maria and Kirk. Apparently, Maria had to tell Kirk that Fiz would be at the pub, which begs the question, where else did he look?

Anyway, Kirk goes to get the drinks in and Fiz goes out the door. Oh Fiz. She can run but she can’t hide and after a while, Kirk realizes that she has gone without the flowers he brought her. Kelly tells him that Fiz was feeling poorly, so Kirk, the sweetie that he his, rushes to her side at the flat.

Kirk arrives at the flat with the flowers and a bag strikingly similar to the one Carla handed Paul at the pub only smaller. Did they go shopping together? He tells her that he knows that she has been unhappy and that she wants more. He also says the most heartbreaking line “No body wanted me before you.” Well, it is heartbreaking, but he has been with Fiz for a couple years at least and he is only 26.

Fiz seems to know where this is going and they have a bit of a “don’t speak” moment. But, Kirk keeps talking and asks her to marry him. She says that she doesn’t know what she wants, but she knows that she doesn’t want him. Ouch. Then she says she wants to finish. OUCH!


After a day of exhausting shopping, Leanne and Carla have cocktails at a posh Manchester bar. Carla is telling Leanne how much she admires her for having her own money. Leanne works to avoid eye contact.

Meanwhile Paul and Liam are holding up the bar at Rovers and Paul, hypocrite swine that he is, continues to run down Leanne. Michelle sticks up for her brother. Carla and Leanne come bouncing into the bar a wee bit tipsy. Carla hands him a bag with a present in it. It’s a shirt he doesn’t like.

Leanne also comes bearing gifts. She has a silver chain for Liam, which I thought was kind of weird, and a scarf for Janice, who doesn’t accept the gift since she knows how Leanne earned the money to buy it.


Emily, who normally doesn’t have anything interesting to say, actually manages to drop a bit of a bomb. She runs into Deirdre and asks how things went with Ken. Well, Deirdre didn’t even know he had come by and gets all pissed because shockingly Ken is obviously trying to avoid her. Why would he ever avoid her?

A bit later, while at the butchers Deirdre experiences a sad singleton moment. She buys meat … for one. After Ashley manages to channel the spirit of his dearly departed dad, Deirdre breaks down crying. Then she runs out of the shot, no meat, no Ken, no nothing.’

This whole situation stresses Emily to the max. So she heads to the salon where Maria offers her temple massage. It is supposed to be “dead relaxing.” Well, Emily has that half covered.

Anyway, later Emily has no chance to relax when she goes over to talk to Deirdre. Well, tries to talk some sense into Deirdre. Deirdre tells her that Ken is the only person she can take all these awful feelings out on. It’s true she needs help dealing. I mean, I know there are therapists, priests for the religious set, best friends, gyms, retreats and cheesecakes but she’s got Ken to abuse so why not.


Claire’s knickers are in a twist because she has spied Ashley talking and laughing with the dreaded Mortons. It is clear that if something is gong to get done about the shed and the music she has to do all the talking.

Claire marches on over to the Mortons to complain mentioning the loud music, people coming and going at all hours and the unsanitary behaviour. I agree, the Mortons have gone too far and they need to learn some manners. It seems to have worked until she and Ashley hear the music once again. Claire is really up for a fight now. She must be a tigress in the sack.

In other news:

Amy is in for the most boring night of her life. Emily agreed to baby sit so that Steve and Michelle could go out. Later he tells Michelle who, thinking they had no date planned, promised to take Ryan out to the movies. Steve suggests they all go out together. Michelle is thrilled.

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13 Responses to The Complications Update February 12th 2008

  1. geenee says:

    I missed the bit where Emily mentions Ken dropped by. Now I know why she is stressed. I had just assumed it was Norris as usual stressing her out. You have to give the old girl credit for having the energy to babysit at her age; maybe the boredom will lull Amy to sleep.

    Poor Kirkie – but hasn’t Fizz looked pretty lately?

    When will Leanne’s secret come out? Soon, I hope.

  2. robswizzle says:

    Those are some good actors when they get the chance to do something that isn’t cartoonish. Fizz really looks like she has a crush on someone, and the scene between Kirk and Fizz was painful, in part because neither of them are really to blame, their love’s just gone out.

  3. A says:

    I feel bad for Kirk, his week has gone from bad to worse.

  4. pip says:

    I feel bad for Kirkeh, too, but Fizz did the right thing.

    So it seems it is a Corrie Street tradition not to pay for babysitters; first Eileen, now Steve. I know, why don’e Michelle and Steve get Ryan to babysit! He’s old enough, and pretty soon Amy might be his little sister. Of course, he’ll take her out for some late night graffiti work, but it’s good for pre-schoolers to express themselves artistically.

    Is there something else going on for Emily besides the general angst of Corrie street relationships? The last time she acted like that was when her husband’s killer came back.

    Steve and Michelle are sooo cute! Squeeee!

  5. arphpeck says:

    EEUUWWW! Is that a piece of tongue or poor Kirk-ehs heart on the chopping block?

  6. arphpeck says:

    Hey folks, I just wanted to say that I have to go out of town for a few days and for the first time in about 24 years I’m not worried if the vcr doesn’t work while I’m gone because I can still find out what happens on Corrie St.:)
    I think this episode update is for the 11th. that short-term memory loss is a real drag sometimes…..

  7. TrudyC says:

    I’m a little confused about this Fiz story line. Didn’t she come to live with Roy and Haley as a foster child while she was still in high school? If so, when did she have time to develop this “deep” relationship with the teacher? It seems to me she was a real immature girl at the time.

  8. Gail says:

    Pip: I agree with you regarding the Corrie tradition of never paying for babysitters. Why on earth does a 15 year old need a babysitter! Why doesn’t Diedre put down her cigarettes and glass of wine and spend some quality time with her grandaughter? If my child was in prison I would cherish the time I could spend with my grandchild. I am getting really tired of Diedre.

  9. glacia says:

    RE: Claire – YOU GO GIRL!

    I thought the shed was ridiculous to begin and was totally on Claire and yes, even Gail’s side with this.

    A shed is a small place to put tools and your lawnmower…this place is a house.

    I’m glad that she is standing up to Jerry and not letting him get away with the sweet talk.

    My other favorite Claire moment was in the butchers when she asks Deidre about Ken and as Deidre says she doesn’t know where he is, he walks by the shop.

    Claire’s all ‘Oh, there he is!’ whilst Deidre dies a little inside.

  10. robswizzle says:

    Parents are usually are anxious about hiring babysitters because they don’t want to leave their child with someone who may be a psycho, a substance abuser or a murderer. It seems the only way NOT to that on the Street is to hire a stranger!

  11. arphpeck says:

    Trudy, I don’t think John was Fizz’s teacher when they were together. For the record I have a funny feeling about him. I think he is going to hurt Fizz because he will want her to change and become more refined and go to school, etc. I hope that Fizz and Kirk get back together because he loves her for who she is, not for who he can change her into.

  12. pip says:

    Fizz is too full of life to be with Kirkeh, who would be happy working at (not managing!) a kennel all day and sitting in the pub or in front of the TV all night. I like Fizz and John together, and if he can show her a new world, where she doesn’t have to hang out with the girls gossiping every night after work, that would be great. Fizz has a heart of gold and lots of potential. John seems to see that in her.

  13. missusmac says:

    Fizz did at first come to live with Roy and Haley as a foster child. (Hmm, seems her mother was a right piece of work and didn’t care for her.)

    I thought the story line was that she used to ditch school to watch John be a DJ — you know, those afternoon DJ guys always have groupies?!?! Where he was playing, the seniors’ home?

    Anyway, he was older than her, that’s about all I got out that. Perhaps that’s why they broke up.

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