The Claire Peacock Fan Club Update


I freaking love Claire…at least this week. See, this is what I was talking about before – I love how the writers can make you love a character one week and hate them the next week. Claire really annoys me most of the time but last night she became my hero.

I’ve never loved this shed thing and basically I feel like Jerry knew it was too big for the backyard, but justified it when he asked Claire and Gayle if they minded if he put a ‘shed’ in. He’s a bit of a manipulator as far as I’m concerned.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, we see Claire and Ashley in the morning talking about Bubbles’ music, which apparently went on until 1:50 am. Claire, understandably is unnerved. Ashley goes to work and the minute he does Bubbles starts the music again.

Claire sees Gayle on the street and shows her the picture that Joshua drew in class. The teacher asked them to draw a picture of what they see out their window and Josh draws the shed that ate the world. It’s then that Jerry and Bubbles walk down the street and once again try to sweet talk the ladies. Claire calls Jerry on this and tells him he has to get Bubbles to knock off the noise. When he poo-poos it she tells him that if there’s another incident with the music, she’ll call the council. Bubbles responds with an ‘Oh puuuuuuhlease!’.

Later in day, just after she gets the baby down, sure enough the music starts blaring again. Claire grabs a chair, leaps over the fence, barges into the shed where Bubbles, Rosie and David are having a wee party. She tells Daryll to turn down the music because it’s disturbing the baby and he makes a whiny baby voice.

Claire responds by ripping his stereo out of the wall and marching out. Jerry comes out to see what’s happening as Claire hands the stereo to Ashley over the fence. When Daryll complains to Jerry, Claire use the same whiny baby voice to mock him. (Normally, I hate the voice, but it was a piece of brilliance.)

Jerry tries to get her to give back the stereo but she tells him that he’s repeatedly ignored her requests for peace and quiet and that he can get stuffed. Jerry tells Ashley to control his wife to which she shrieks that she is still present and he can speak to her directly. Jerry demands the stereo and she tells him he’ll get the stereo back when the shed is gone. She further adds that if he doesn’t get rid of the shed she’ll burn it down.

As hysterical as she may be, I have to say, I cheered her on. I can totally see losing it like and I’m glad that she stood up to Jerry and didn’t take his sweet talking shit.

Owner of a Broken Heart
Maria asks Fizz how the evening with Kirk went and when she tells her about the proposal Maria is beside herself. Then Fizz tells her the ugly truth, that she turned him down.

Maria, understandably upset that her brother’s heart has been broken gives her a **little** bit of grief and a bit of guilt that Fizz breaks up with Kirk once John is back on the scene. Fizz tells her the truth that her and Kirk were going nowhere.  (And really, would it be better to stay with Kirk and see John behind his back?)

Oh the home front, Cilla is trying to think of ways to kick Kirk out as she’s worried about the rent. She’s prepared to just tell him to get out when Maria comes over to give Kirk a big old hug and tells Cilla and Ches what’s happened. Then Cilla decides to give Kirk a nice fish and chips meal first (paid for by Ches) before kicking him out…but Kirk tells her that he has a couple of leads to jobs. (He says he wants to show Fizz that he’s not falling apart…good for him!).

Faux Bet Lynch

Doreen is having a problem getting her back to her old place so Norris and Rita urge her to talk to the builders (or whoever it is that’s responsible for cleaning up her place), saying that they are taking advantage of her because of her age.   She does and is told that there is asbestos in the walls so that it will take another month before she can move back in.

Both Rita and her seem a bit stressed by this, but Rita tells her she can stay another month at her place.

Babysitting Issues

Steve and Michelle’s plans for a date are become somewhat of a french farce.  

Michelle does get Liam to babysit and saves that as a surprise for Steve.  Yeah it’s a surprise….’Surprise! I already cancelled Emily as Amy’s babysitter!’.  So they decide to take her with them to the restaurant, but it doesn’t take long for ‘floppit’ to look a bit green around the gills and barfy so they have to cut their date short.

When they get to the Rovers, Liz says that she’s got Violet to come in to work and that Liz can now babysit Amy, so Steve and Michelle try to salvage what’s left of their date.   But as luck would have it, Liam brings Ryan back over because Jamie is having some mates over so he can’t have Ryan at the house.

Mon Dieu!!!


Dev comes into the Rovers and demands that Leanne give him the specs on the villa in Spain that she promised him.  Apparently she held him off by giving him a few ‘Viva Espagne’ travel brochures.   Liam offers to help her get some info together for  Dev. 

Oooh that’s a bit of a sticky wicket you’ve gotten yourself into, Leanne.

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6 Responses to The Claire Peacock Fan Club Update

  1. beanie says:

    Bravo!Bravo! I don’t know who I love more tonight…Claire or Glacia…You both ROCK!!!!!I’m not really a Claire fan but WOW!!! That girl has some balls! The shed didn’t bother me before but I don’y live next to it.When Proper PC Claire flipped like that I suddenly imagined…what if my neighbour did that!! They’d have to call the guys with the really big nets!

  2. whitehorsefan says:

    My prediction is that Doreen does not have a flat, asbestos filled or otherwise, and is making excuses to live with Rita.

    I too was very impressed with Claire. I pictured myself, when my daughter was a baby, and not a good sleeper. If somebody woke her up with music blasting, I likely would not have threatened to set the shed on fire, I would have simply done it.

  3. beanie says:

    BTW I just made hubby read the update..He is a huge Corrie Fan but doesn’t get blogs. I’m getting him hooked..He want’s to know…What is up with the crotch on Red Sonia?? What’s in there??

  4. glacia says:

    Trust me, Mr. Glacia too was very curious about the Red Sonia pic.

  5. geenee says:

    I love Claire when she gets feisty and stands up for her rights. I thought she would have just pulled the plug but to actually take the stereo was brilliant. I’m hoping she keeps forgetting to give it back or puts it away and can’t find it. Jerry would drive anybody a bit crazy with his constant BS.

    Thanks again for the laughs, glacia.

  6. claire says:

    i also love claire, not just cause we have have the same name but she is a great character. very funny and has great principles, just wish the glasses would come back, they suited the part well and looked good on her, great to see younger character in glasses aswell

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