Update, February 13th, 2008 – In Vino Veritas


Claire Had a Glass of Wine

At the Peacocks’, Ashley is preparing to take Joshua somewhere overnight. Doing the dishes, Claire keeps looking out the window to the Morton’s next door. Ashley tells her not let the shed business bother her, as she knows what she’s like. Claire takes that to mean she’s a madwoman but then says, “I never used to be this person.” Ashley tries to make it better but everything he says sets her on edge.

As he puts Josh in the car, Eileen stops by and Claire invites her in for a meal and bottle of wine to celebrate her first quiet night in a while. Jerry comes out of the house and announces to her, “Sound of silence.”

“I know,” Claire replies. “Brilliant, isn’t it?”

Later, Bubbles has moved out of the shed to a new location with a loud stereo: his car, where is joined by Rosie and David in his Sid Vicious t-shirt (nice to see some fashions never change). Jerry comes out and pounds on the car, telling them to turn it down. Bubbles and David also make some ungentlemanly comments about Claire where the phrases “moose” and “face down” are used. Also, Bubbles calls David on his tanning bed trips. Rosie is later dragged away by Kevin as she is supposed to doing her homework and not hanging out with these two ruffians.

Later, as Claire prepares dinner for Eileen, Jerry comes by, trying to make peace. He says Darryl is going through a period of adjustment but is basically a nice guy. He also points out that the stereo is not hers to keep. Just the same, Claire is keeping it for the night just so she can get some sleep. She’ll return it in the morning.

Later, as she prepares for bed, she leaves a message for Ashley, opens, then closes, her Marian Keyes book, and goes to sleep at 10:00.

She later awakes to the sound of a fire alarm. She gets out of bed, finding the house filled with smoke, and goes to Freddy’s room, where her hand is burned by the doorknob. She opens it anyway when flames jump up, knocking her back, and causing her to take a tumble down the stairs, falling unconscious. How did the fire happen? Will the fire brigade get there in time to save her and her son?

Dev Ordered Champagne

Leanne has been trying to find a villa in Spain for Dev, despite the fact that she’s not a real estate agent while Janice is eating cottage cheese with pineapple to go with her new slim figure. And to offset the 8 cans of lager she throws down her neck every night.

Later, outside the Rovers, Leanne stands there, looking very worried. She finds Dev, sitting with Liam and Paul, who orders champagne to celebrate his becoming an IMP: International Man of Property. Leanne tells him there is no villa as she has too much going on and can’t close any deals right now. Dev is incensed and, as he leaves, tells Violet to charge the champers to the time waster.

Paul hints to Liam about Leanne being a liar as the wheel start turning in his head. He gets a little drunk and asks her what’s going on. She privately admits to him that she got fired. Liam is relived that she wasn’t really lying about her job.

Maria Got Drunk

Fizz bumps into Kirkeh, who’s mailing off job applications. Fizz points out that he’s wearing two different pairs of shoes. “Not my fault my head’s all over the place,” he protests.

Later Kirk tells Maria and Tyrone about his meeting Fizz earlier. He also decides he won’t bother changing his shoes because if nobody looked at him before, they won’t now. He also asks if, in the film “The Breakup,” if Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn get back together in the end. Maria points out that they don’t, hence the title.

Later Maria has gotten a little drunk and when Fizz comes in, she accuses her of leading Kirk on. Really, when did this happen?

“What you’ve got to remember, Fiz,” Maria tells her, “Is that when the world looks at you they see Fiz: red hair, overweight, bit of a laugh. But when our Kirk looks at you, well, he sees Cameron Diaz, doesn’t he?”

“Two things,” Fiz replies. “One: I’m not overweight. I’m average weight. But then your view is slightly skew being borderline anorexic. And two: I’d rather have a reputation for being a laugh than for being the local bike!”

I heart Fizz.

Doreen is always drunk

Rita calls Doreen’s council, posing as Doreen, to inquire about the repairs. Turns out they were done ages ago. She confronts Doreen with this and, out of nowhere, Doreen goes into a rage and accuses her of always nosing into her business, and adds that she always was stalking her back in their cabaret days.

“Plus ça change! Plus ça change!” Doreen says (more like “Ploo Sah Change”).

Doreen tells Rita to enjoy her chardonnay, which promises to building a skyscraper in your mouth, which she hopes chokes her, then says she’s moving out.

I think it’s clear Doreen is simply lonely and wanted some friendship.

Liz is High

If she thinks she’s fooling anyone getting dolled up for her dates with Derek, and trying to pass it off as going out with friends.

All Your Booze Are Belong to Steve

Steve tries to make his own employee schedule (or “rota”) as he owns the bar and figures it will give him more time with Michelle. Michelle sees this and notes that a) the rota was done last week, b) Violet can’t work Thursdays as she has a date, and c) she doesn’t want to take advantage of being the girlfriend of the boss (and landlord, she might add).

Originally broadcast May 18, 2007 

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32 Responses to Update, February 13th, 2008 – In Vino Veritas

  1. geenee says:

    When will Steve learn to consult with staff before changing the schedule? He is a bumbler and Liz is supposed to be managing these things. Liz looked pretty glamorous for a night out with an old school friend.

    What a sudden fire that was at the Peacocks! I wonder how that started? I guess Claire didn’t get a good nights sleep after all.

    We hadn’t seen much of Doreen lately and it seemed like she was suddenly getting on Rita’s nerves.

  2. pip says:

    Wow, that fire at the Peacocks’ completely shocked me! I was waiting for Bubbles to throw a brick through the window or something like that. Now’s Dev’s chance to pay it forward and save Claire and wee Freddie (if he’s saveable – a doorknob being hot enough to burn Claire must mean that room is an oven).

  3. debbie1975 says:

    I have to say that I kinda loved that Maria got hammered our of nowhere.

    I also love that Janice called Maria a “Cheeky Mare.” Actually, She delivered that line perfectly.

    If memory serves, when I saw this episode originally back in May, Maria and Janice had a pretty good exchange at the bar too. It’s too bad we missed it. But then, if they played it, we’d of missed the very important J-Pod commercials.

  4. Piper77 says:

    I’m not sure where the Peacock house fire story goes, but don’t forget that Claire said in a previous episode that she would ‘burn the shed down’. I wonder if that will come back to haunt her for some reason or if Darryl turned the tables on her (I’m really hoping the story line doesn’t go there). The fire comment and then the actual fire seem like a really big coincidence.

  5. whitehorsefan says:

    My guess is that Darryl will be wrongfully accused of setting the house on fire. It will actually have been Casey. I know we haven’t seen her in a while, but the writers do have a tendency to pick up storylines that have been mysteriously dropped.

    Loved the booze themed write up.

  6. robswizzle says:

    Claire stands up to Jerry and her house burns down. Who is this Jerry, some silver-tongued, kebab-peddling Mephistopheles?

  7. A says:

    Between Claire saying before that she would burn the shed down and her telling Jerry that she would keep Darryl’s stereo just for the night, there was some major foreshadowing in this episode. Also when Claire said that she just wanted a good nights sleep, one should have know that the writers were up to something.

  8. Kunzie says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but my suspicions are that the fire was a prank gone horribly awry. And I would bet that David Platt put Darryl up to it; remember David thought nothing of slamming Phil’s fingers in the car door, terrorizing his family with Richard Hillman cards and the list goes on…

  9. pip says:

    Oooh, you could be right, Kunzie, but I wonder if David didn’t do it himself, with the plan to pin the deed on Darryl if fingers started pointing. I’m wondering, too, since the fire seemed to start in Freddie’s room, whether whoever started it thought that room was Joshua’s, and, knowing he was away with Ashley, would think lighting a fire there would be relatively safe.

    Is Freddie going to die??? It seems like there was a pretty grim storyline in place for him when Claire had that psycho girlfriend who looked like she might kidnap him. Someone on this blog said that storyline was dropped because it was developing just as the Madeline McCann disappearance occured.

  10. Kunzie says:

    The last thing we saw was Freddie’s little mobile going up in flames. If something happens to him it would be heartbreakingly sad. And it feels totally wrong…why would they have Claire struggle and triumph over post-partem depression, only to suffer even more if Freddie died? What would be the point of Ashley overcoming Matt Ramsden’s incursions and adding then a brother for Joshua? And finally, what a bitter thing for old Fred to die, only to be joined shortly thereafter by his grandchild….it would all just suck.
    One thing I love about Corrie…no matter how sensational the storylines…they always stop just short of the type of wacko, overdone American plots (i.e. Dynasty – wow, I’m old….I mean, The O.C.) that make those shows so unbelievable we can’t relate at all.

  11. pip says:

    I agree, Kunzie, I was completely flabbergasted by the fire (and poor Claire getting knocked out – she’s not a goner, too, is she?). Let’s hope this is one of those unbelievable cliffhangers where the hero (baby Freddie, I say the wee baby) survives against all odds.

  12. elocin says:

    wow. I’m speechless at where this has gone now…

  13. Kat says:

    I’m new here, but both my husband and I and my mom and dad watch Corrie and have done so since the 1980s.
    My money is on David. Around our house we call him “Psycho”. His palling around with the Morton kid and Rosie seems to have come out of nowhere. I don’t believe he can have just become a normal teenager — he’s an evil kid who has loads of axes to grind.


  14. whitehorsefan says:

    Okay, I am going to make a comment about last night’s episode.

    Wow, even Mr. WHF cried during that one. It was intense. Except the fight between Deirdre and Ken in the middle of it. That, I had no desire to see.

  15. pip says:

    I agree WHF. I had tears in my eyes, too! Poor Freddie! The bit with Ken and Dierdre (and with Liz and that guy)were really annoying. Remember when Katie killed her dad? We didn’t have to deal with stuff like that, it was all Katie, all the time for about three episodes.

    Did it seem to anyone else that Jerry seemed just a bit too concerned about Freddie? Did he have something to do with this?

  16. whitehorsefan says:

    Oh yeah, Derek and Liz. I think I blocked Derek parading around shirtless with that awful chain on from my mind. Blech.

    I don’t think Jerry had anything to do with it, but I wonder if the Street will start boycotting his kebab business when Bubbles gets accused.

  17. Michigander Fan says:

    The Deirdre drama really cheesed me off. And then she accuses KEN of being selfish. You stupid cow – you are the one being selfish – how is little Freddie maybe dying in a fire affecting me? Poor me!

    Pot, meet Kettle.


    Other than that it was a very well done episode.

    Michigander Fan

  18. Michigander Fan says:

    Oh God. That was NOT intended to be a pun. I’m not that mean.

    BTW, I think the David Platt idea is a very interesting one. I too scoffed at the idea that the human grease ball (Daryl) would set a fire to avenge his humiliation. David, now… that’s another story. David is, after all, the Spawn of Satan. However, he is also selfish, and on reflection I don’t see him investing himself that heavily in something that isn’t really all about him. In other words, his family, his shed, his stereo.

    I had to think a minute to remember Casey at all. That is a possibility as well… I just don’t see it as being one of the Mortons (as much as I dislike them, I think they are petty baddies, not serious, hardcore, burn people alive baddies).

    Of course, if this were an American soap, the culprit would be Charlie’s ghost…


  19. Michigander Fan says:

    Whitehorse said: Oh yeah, Derek and Liz. I think I blocked Derek parading around shirtless with that awful chain on from my mind. Blech.

    I second your emotion, WHF!!! I was skeezed by that too. Shudder.


  20. pip says:

    Oh, I third that re Derek. What was that about? Why was he trying to flaunt what he hasn’t got?

    I was also cheesed off at Leanne and Liam going inside for a chat about their relationship. Personally, if a baby on my street was maybe dead in a fire I would stand vigil outside that house with my neighbors until we knew for sure what had happened. Having said that, the teddy bear Dierdre placed at the house nearly broke my heart. You know, that was such a traumatic episode that I’m having trouble remembering it.

  21. elocin says:

    I cried. I straight out cried. That’s an intense story line. I think it’s going to get worse tonight when Ashley finds out. Poor guy, still barely over Maxine and all. I think you guys are right that they’re going to pin it on the Morton kid and then it turn out to be something with the mobile. The fire comment and all the foreshadowing that happened, I’m with you.

    I officially HATE Dierdre now. Whoever is writing for her has gone off the deep end. I don’t even find it believable at this point. No one could be that selfish and narcissistic. HATE HATE HATE her.


  22. Michigander Fan says:


    I’m unclear how you feel about Deirdre… could you elaborate?

    Teehee. No, I totally feel you. She’s wandering down the street, sobbing, not because of Claire and Freddie, but because her life has fallen apart. I actually didn’t want to even look at her last night, I was so angry.

    For a brief second, when they showed the half-smoked cancer stick hitting the sidewalk, and then that 90s shoe snuffing it out, I wondered if that was a shot of the arsonist. Then the camera panned to Deirdre, and I realized what was going on.

    I agree with Glacia: DIE DEIRDRE DIE!!!


  23. Michigander Fan says:

    BTW, could someone who has been watching the show since the Samir days confirm or deny my theory? My theory is that Deirdre’s “look” is stuck in the era when Samir was with her. They do say that the look you end up trapped with is how you looked at your happiest, and everything she wears looks like Limited/Express from 1993-ish.


  24. whitehorsefan says:

    MF said: “They do say that the look you end up trapped with is how you looked at your happiest”

    I am so relieved I wasn’t at my happiest in the eighties. How difficult would it be to find acid washed jeans today?

  25. beanie says:

    Denise should never have let that (all those great names) in.She has a son in house.It’s bad enough that he has to meet pompous old fart Ken as his Dad (Yikes poor kid) then Blanche now Dreary.All that yelling cheeeeeze!!!!I to will be forever scarred by the image of Derek with his man-boobs a honkin’ chain.Yuk!! I was already grossed out with him and Liz..eeeewww.

  26. beanie says:

    I agree with the Deidre fashion statement but…I too was surprised to find her at the end of that booted foot!.It seemed way too stylish for her!BTW since we’re Off topic …can I recommend a PVR not just for recording but the instant replay thing!I make my hubby crazy with WHAT???replay…repeat..Best $149 I ever spent.It doesn’t mean however that you will ever understand Sophie.

  27. Kunzie says:

    I am hoping. Hoping that the teenagers I’m suspecting of setting the place on fire, took Freddie. None of them showed up at the fire (i.e. Darryl or David…could Rosie be involved?) so have they taken Freddie away to teach Claire a “lesson”?
    If the worst is true…then it is unbelievably sad, and the Teddy Bear made me cry, too.
    I think Gerry Morton was genuine in his distress over not reaching Freddie. I think the Mortons are scammers, but not evil people. I think he does love his kids, and kids in general.
    Both Deirdre and Ken are grating to watch, I agree…but last night was the first time either of them admitted that the monster here is Tracy, not each other. All the same, I think Ken’s gone off Deirdre….and for everyone commenting on how level-headed Denise is compared to Deirdre…it’s not Denise’s marriage crashing and burning.
    I hope Vernon can teach Derek his pre-make-out song, from his foiled rendezvous with Michelle some months ago, to go with the naked-chest-chain-blancmange look:…”Are you ready now….are you ready now…are you ready now….”

    Cheers, K.

  28. pip says:

    Have to say the kids were noticeable by their absence from the fire scene, and maybe they are twisted enough to steal a baby just to frighten the mom. Fingers crossed!

  29. whitehorsefan says:

    I also noticed that they said that they hadn’t found Freddie, not that he was dead, and keeping my hopes up.

  30. geenee says:

    I think Dierdre’s look is from the 70s. I wore that kind of belt when I was young and slim and they were quite popular back then. Can’t remember when Dierdre came on as I wasn’t watching back then but don’t remember belts like that in the 80s. I missed most of the shows in the 70s and the stuff with Mike and Dierdre but remember her and Samir. She wore suits a lot and worked at a travel agent’s about that time. She looked fine then but has gained weight since then like most of us do after 50; unfortunately, she hasn’t changed her style of dressing. I think she is cracking up!

  31. elocin says:

    WHF- looks like you hit the nail on the head with the Casey idea. I’m glad they didn’t kill off a baby, that was pretty harsh, even for tv.

  32. arphpeck says:

    OMG – I got to to watch it tonight (Friday) before I finished reading the updates – I never read so fast during commercials in all my life! Thanks everyone for the great updates. I can hardly wait until Sunday to see it.

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