Update for Thursday

steiff.jpg An affair to remember?

Liz is doing her makeup and smoking at the kitchen table at their posh secret flat. Derek is shirtless and is spraying freshener to hide the smell.  He mentions that his wife has started a job as a barmaid at the Red Lion and says that she is too good for it.  You can tell on Liz’s face – she is incredibly upset.  Who wouldn’t be? She points out that she is just the same as his wife – were he replies that she is different – a licensee and manager. Good try Derek.  Liz retorts she is only just forty plus – where there is a fine line between looking glam and tarty and she knows she is on the glam side of the line. Okay.

 Cuddles for Freddie

Claire is on the landing where the flames and roaring above and smoke filling the entire house. She is unable to rescue Freddie.

Roy and Hayley are returning back to the street when they see smoke and terrace. Hayley tells Roy to dial 999 immediately.

Jamie and Kirk leave the kebab shop and see all the commotion going on. They decide to take action. While everyone tries to decide if the Peacocks are actually home – Jamie tries to break down the door. Ah, bless.

Kirk and Jamie enter the Peacocks house filled with flames coming from upstairs and smoke filling the house.  Claire’s body is in the stairwell, they carry her out to the street with all the residents slowly gathering round. Kirk and Jamie are coughing and out of breath from the inhalation. 

Gail remembers hearing that there had been a plan to visit Alton Towers. They put Claire into the recovery position. Eileen comes out in her bathrobe and remembers her earlier visit to the house, singing a lullaby to Freddie.

Jerry has appeared from the kebab shop and upon hearing that there is a baby inside he rushes in and is determined to find baby Freddie. Who knew he had such a good heart? He goes up the stairs and but the heat pushes him back and he is unable to reach Freddie upstairs in his room.

The fire brigade (I love saying that) arrives with breathing apparatus they head inside and get Jerry out of danger.  They go upstairs without any luck, as fire is too strong from them. Jelly collapses into Jodie’s arms and is upset at his failure. With ambulance staff now looking after Claire. Eileen and Violet agree to accompany her to the hospital.

In the meantime, Deirdre knocks on a door, which is opened by Denise. She says that she has not come to cause trouble and would like to talk to Ken. Denise is not sure but ends up letting her in. Mistake. Deirdre has finally realized what she might have been doing to Ken and that she may have lost him forever. Finally!  She was frightened by the fire and had realized that she needs Ken.  She tells him that may get on her nerves and they might row all the time (that is putting it mildly), but she loves him. Ken tells her that he loves her too – but at the moment he also knows that he needs to spend time with Daniel. Deirdre says she was sorry and had acted immaturely – but then show any her any woman in Manchester who would be happy at their husband moving in with an ex! once Deidre’s cell phone rings. It is Blanche calling telling her the news about Freddie which she passes onto Ken. She remarks how good Claire has been to the family – but Ken just sits and looks at her blankly. Deidre turns on him for saying nothing. She claims that he is entirely self-centred and does not care about her and is not the man she married. God help us.

 On the Street, Jerry is receiving the comfort from Jodie and the fire brigade are finally trying to take out the fire. One of the firemen says they have to pull back – they cannot put out the blaze. A police constable asks if there is any sign of a baby – but apparently not and the way the bedroom has burned there could not be a survivor. Jamie, Kirk and Jerry are put in an ambulance and taken off to the hospital.

A hospital worker sees Claire’s condition and yells out commands on how to treat Claire. A worker asks Eileen for Ashley’s phone number.  She is in a state of shock, cannot provide the number and does not even look it up on her mobile. Violet finally grabs the mobile and hands it to the constable. Eileen says what a terrible way for Freddie to go and that Claire is lucky to be alive.

On Street, Deirdre re-appears she walks slowly indoors and re-appears with a teddy bear. She walks across the Street and places the bear on a crevasse by the front door. She says “Sleep well Freddie. Mr Teddy will keep you company now. The worst is over. Night night.”

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  1. corrierules says:

    Derek shirtless — my eyes! my eyes! Why did CBC not issue a warning beforehand?

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