Update- Friday, February 15, 2008- The Day After


Eileen is sleeping in a chair in the hospital room where Claire is. Eileen is woken up by her mobile ringing. Ashley has been out of range all this time and has just gotten her messages. Eileen tells him that there was a fire, and Claire was all right. She tells him to come back. She does not mention Freddie.

Rita and Betty stand outside the shop and discuss the fire. The writers attempt some lightheartedness by having Norris and Rita engage in a conversation about whether or not Norris is ghoulish.

Back at the hospital, the doctor decides to rouse Claire, blithely ignoring Eileen who says that maybe they should wait for Ashley. When Claire comes around, she becomes hysterical when it is evident that Freddie did not make it. Eileen is there to comfort her.

Roy and Hayley arrive at the hospital, with a flask of tea. Eileen tells him that Ashley is on his way, but that he does not yet know about Freddie.

When Ashley and Joshua arrive at the hospital, Ashley wants to go straight in to see Claire. Roy, Hayley and Eileen stop him and attempt to take Joshua. It is then they have to tell Ashley that Freddie did not make it. Roy does so simply by saying that they are all very sorry.

While Hayley and Roy wait in the hallway, Ashley, Joshua and Eileen sit with Claire. Eileen tries to reassure Ashley. Claire comes around and begs Ashley to go to the house. Ashley agrees, and Joshua stays with Eileen, Hayley and Roy.

Meanwhile, back on the street, David sees Darryl and suggests that Darryl set the fire. Darryl, good judge of character that he is, looks at David as if he is a psycho and says he would never do such a thing.

Then Ashley and Eileen arrive at the house. The police won’t let Ashley go into the house, or tell him what is going on. Gerry invites him into his back garden so he can at least see what they are doing. Rita comes by and tries to comfort Ashley. Ashley, in turn, feels guilty for having gone away.

As Ashley and Rita stand in the back garden, Eileen and Gerry stand in his kitchen, where Eileen starts to cry. Gerry acts very sweetly with her, which is the second time he has done so, and which makes me worried that they may indeed, become an item.

Finally, a police officer approaches Ashley. He introduces himself as D.I. Parks. First he gets Ashley to confirm that the burnt out room was Freddie’s room. He then tells him that there was no evidence of a baby in Freddie’s room, or in the rest of the house, for that matter. D.I. Parks tells Ashley that when the fire was set, Freddie was not there.

In Other News

Ken comes over to discuss things with Deirdre. Deirdre gives Ken the cold shoulder, and then gets upset when Ken walks away.

Leanne and Liam, deciding that the best way to cope with the tragedy on the street is to go on with business as usual, are very pleased with one another. Although Liam and Leanne want to spend some time together, Leanne ends up having other plans, and having to leave Liam alone for an hour or two. After she leaves him alone in the Rover’s, Leanne has an apparent change of heart, and calls the agency. She tells them that she quits. Janice overhears, and they are both two very pleased women. Leanne goes back to spend time with Liam.

And, in a part that is cut, Steve and Michelle realize they can only get together if Liz agrees to baby sit. But, Steve can’t get a word in with Liz, because she is consoling a blubbering Deirdre.

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29 Responses to Update- Friday, February 15, 2008- The Day After

  1. geenee says:

    I was so impressed with the acting by all the characters, especially Roy and Ashley, I had a tear in my eye and that rarely happens. It seemed so real at the hospital – very emotional episode – and a big relief that Freddy wasn’t in the house after all.

    Dierdre didn’t only give the cold shoulder to Ken but a lot of nasty remarks as usual. There doesn’t seem to be much hope for that marriage.

    Nice to see Leanne give the phone back and quit the escort business but she’s sure to get her heart broken again IMO. Don’t know how – maybe a customer – will spill the beans.

  2. Kunzie says:

    I loved Janis dashing the hooker-phone onto the cobbles. Awesome. I’m totally okay with Gerry and Eileen hooking up. Maybe I’ve got rose-coloured neighbour-glasses on but I like Gerry. Yes, he feeds everyone blarney, but I do think he has a good heart.

  3. jacqui583 says:

    I agree with geenee; excellent acting. I was crying along with Claire.

    Leanne is sure to get her heart broken. She seems genuinely happy and in love in her last scene after Janice smashes the phone. That can only mean a set-up for something bad to happen to her relationship. As for Gerry and Eileen, I think it’s inevitable they hook up because Gayle doesn’t like him; Gerry and Eileen have that in common.

  4. pip says:

    The hospital scenes made me cry, too. Claire’s reaction to Freddie’s apparent death was heart-breaking. Little Josh putting his hands over his ears when Ashley was yelling was also very compelling.

    I have this love/hate attitude towards Gerry. Sometimes I think he’s great, and he seems to be genuinely concerned and friendly, at other times – when the shed is involved – he’s just a completely selfish git. I’d like to see Eileen have a little happiness in her life, though these love stories rarely end well, do they?

    So who stole Freddie? I can’t see David doing it, nor Darryl. Has Casey sold him to feed her habit? Or maybe it’s Claire’s psycho friend?

  5. Ang says:

    I was also in tears.. especially when Claire, and then Ashley found out.

    I actually feel bad for Kirk. I am not a fan of the character, and I think Fiz deserves better. I still felt for him though.

    I really liked Eileen today also. I give them all kudos as well. Some great acting.

    I am however already sick of the Dierdre and Ken storyline.

  6. howdi says:

    I loved Beckie’s line when she rushed out of the caf to bring the firefighter’s some coffee.

    “I’ve been in 2 fires at the hostel. One of which I didn’t set…..”

  7. Michigander Fan says:

    After watching the omnisud (I often do to get a second impression of things) here are my thoughts about this week:

    1. Awesome acting re: the fire. Especially Claire. I don’t like her character, but I have to give the actress props – if the PPD storyline hadn’t already convinced me she’s a great actress, this storyline would have. Watching her find out Freddie “died in the fire” (which I have doubts about) was equally as heartbreaking the second time I saw it. I also thought Eileen (who I love all the time anyway) was fantastic, and Ashley and little Joshua were great too.
    2.Still HATE Deirdre. She is so selfish, and I’m sorry – JEALOUS of a 12YO ?!?!?!?!
    3. I know a lot of people on this blog dislike Janice, but I like her (when she’s not being a you know what, usually at the factory), and I think she’s one of the better moms on the Street. This Leanne hooker storyline has confirmed my feeling about her. Sure, she made snarky comments, but that’s completely in keeping with her character. But she also made it completely clear to Leanne that she felt that this was wrong, that it was doing Leanne damage, and that it would end up causing a lot of pain. (I think we will still see the pain.) But I felt her triumph when she smashed that phone.
    4. The second time I saw it, I became even more convince that Daryl isn’t the arsonist (assuming it’s arson). He’s a twerp, and I could totally see him shoplifting something, but not this. David is creepy as ever, and he’s a better bet, but he’s too self-involved to have done it.


  8. Michigander Fan says:

    And the stuff that is lighter:

    1. Almost didn’t recognize Jamie at first – LOVE the new haircut. What is it with all the Rod Stewart wannabes on that show? Well, now that Adam’s left and David and Jamie have changed their do’s, I guess nothing, but for a while there…
    2. LOVED Becky’s comment about firemen – “I’ve been in 2 fires in my hostel, and since I didn’t start one, I never saw it coming, so if it wasn’t for a fireman…” I cracked up! Much needed in this heavier storyline.
    3. Jerry knows that choclit (sic) solves any problem!
    4. I’m sorry – where exactly does Fishbelly Manboobs come off criticizing barmaids? Is he not a BEER DELIVERY GUY? I had no clue that beer delivery was so high in the social strata?!?! He isn’t even a UPS guy! He can never look at a woman and say, “What can brown do for you?” There are few things worse than a snob, but a snob who hasn’t reason for his snobbishness is a pathetic joke. He’s the MF Jerk of the Week!

    (Paul’s a close second, though.)


  9. Michigander Fan says:

    So, who thinks Freddie’s alive?

    Who thinks the fire was arson?

    Who thinks Daryl did it?

    Who else is a suspect?

    I think he’s alive, I think it WAS arson, and the only person I can think of who’s twisted enough to do it is Casey. Well, David’s definitely twisted enough to do it, but since his mom escaped unscathed, I don’t think it was him.

    What about Bev? Could the alcohol have addled her brain? I saw the Corrie TV Trivial Pursuit commercial today and realized that I kind of miss the old lush, propping up the bar with her arm around Fred’s ashes…

    Maybe it’s Bethany!!


  10. geenee says:

    Michigander: I like Janice too; it’s the writers who have spoiled the character. She was the breadwinner of the family when she was with Les (that waste of space!) and really cares for both the girls. She was great when she had a good storyline with Dennis.

    Don’t miss Bev though. I was so sick of those ashes and was delighted to finally see them scattered. Don’t miss Shelley either.
    I do wish Dierdre would get some help or smarten up; her constant sniping at Ken is really annoying.

  11. howdi says:

    ..so what did Leanne do with the 50 grand from Mike?

  12. pip says:

    I still think it’s Claire’s psycho friend who stole Freddie and started the fire. This is no teenager prank, and my guess is whoever did it was hoping the coroner would conclude Freddie’s body must have been entirely consumed in the fire.

    I don’t even know exactly WHY Dierdre is so angry and traumatized any more – is it because Tracy made her feel guilty for her conviction, or because Tracy deceived them both and made them go into debt or because she feels like a horrible mother who raised a horrible monster?
    Or has she repackaged all that TracyPain into pain over Ken leaving her because she was in so much pain. She’s a little self-absorbed ball of pain. Maybe she’ll dissolve into a puddle of tears, Blanche will mop her up, and that will be the end of her.

    I had trouble recognizing Jamie, too. His face looks even pudgier than usual.

    MF I agree with you entirely regarding Derek. He is such a loser. I bet Liz isn’t his first fling. He seems far too comfortable with the sneaking around. Liz really knows how to pick them.

  13. missusmac says:

    Pip, I’m with you on a number of things:

    1. I didn’t recognize Jamie when he came out of the cab company the night of the fire and headed to the kebab shop.
    2. I also think Casey stole the baby.
    3. I felt sad all along, and then totally weepy when Rita came with a bag of clothes for Josh, that one of Ashley’s customers had dropped off. My husband’s family was burnt out when the kids were small, and it was the small things, donations of clothes, toothbrushes, etc. that meant so much to them.
    4. Cracked up totally at Becky, who also tried hard to pick up some men in uniform.
    5. I’m sorry Kirk and Fizz’s breakup is being played for laughs. He really did love her.
    6. Ken/Deirdre, Deirdre/Ken, who want either of them? Either split, or get back together, but DO something. I gotta say, I was with Deirdre on a couple of her comments. Daniel can’t be Ken’s salvation, it’s not fair of Ken to expect that.
    7. Eileen and Gerry? Hmmm, my sis and I thought we saw that coming during the kitchen scene. Eileen would certainly get a kiddie, or 5, to take care of then!
    8. The actors playing Ashley, Claire, Josh were exceptional. Roy, in his fury at himself, taking the thermos to task, was also a brilliant stroke.
    9.Liz/Derek, Derek/Liz, see above.
    10 Liam/Leanne, Leanne/Liam, I’ll take Liam!

  14. arphpeck says:

    I agree with Pip that the nut-bar from the helpline Claire stupidly befriended is responsible. The first thought I had was somehow the Mortons are hooking into the Peacocks’ electricity and caused a short, but then there’s no reason for Freddie to be missing. How much stress is Ashley going to be able to take before he has a breakdown?
    We just know the hammer will fall on Leanne sometime in the near future, it’s like watching an accident in slow motion. Heart-breaking and fascinating at the same time and hard to look away.
    I would hate to see what Liz calls tarty dressing. All her taste is in her – oh sorry, I couldn’t think of anything. I agree with MF about Derk, too, and I’d like to add it takes a special kind of jerk to even discuss what his wife is doing when he is with another woaman.
    Ken and Deidre are like old KD – cheesy, stale and hard to swallow.
    Thanks again for the great updates all week.

  15. beanie says:

    I LOVE THIS SITE! I love the updates and I love the comments!!It’s really like watching Corrie with a bunch of good pals.I agree with all off you! BTW I thought Jamie was Lloyd!LOL!

  16. S. Poole says:

    MF, it was choclit bickies Jerry was offering, aka chocolate biscuits. Along with tea and brandy they help in any crisis.

    David nabbed Freddie, placed him in the Morton shed and lit the fire to frame Darryl. Thats my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    I could do with a HobNob or two and a cuppa.

  17. Michigander Fan says:

    Arhpeck: Wow. It never even occurred to me that it could have been the Mortons messing with wiring. It should have, since just last week we had a house in Detroit blow up (killing a 4 YO) because they had illegally jerryrigged their neighbors gas hookup.

    That actually makes a lot of sense. Jerry wouldn’t do something intentionally like that, but in a cutting corners way, he might inadvertantly do something like that.

    I still think it’s the whackadoo. She disappeared way too suddenly and quickly. At the time, I decided the storyline ended so abruptly and unceremoniously because of Madeline McCann (as I read on this site) but even so thought the writers kind of sloughed it off weirdly, but this makes some more sense.


  18. Michigander Fan says:

    S Poole,

    I was making a wry reference to my favorite Little Britain character, Marjorie Dawes. She leads this Weight Watchers-eque club, and she’s a trip and a half! At one meeting, she was writing down things that we have cravings for, and she wrote “Choclit”. It’s funnier when she does it!

    Blame Glacia, she turned me on to Little Britain.


  19. Michigander Fan says:

    Other comments:

    Geenee: I was sick of Bev too, but now that she’s gone, she was our very own Drunken Miss Havisham, and I kinds miss her.

    Pip: Wow. You have given Deirdre’s pain WAY more thought than I have. I just wince every time she comes on the screen now.

    Missus: Eileen and Gerry – I wondered about that myself. I kept trying to come up with an example of that from TV or movies – The Brady Bunch doesn’t really fit. The closest I could get is The Sound of Music – Maria being put in charge of all 11 vonTrapp kids. Of course, these kids aren’t nearly so musical. Or cute. Or lovable. But then, Grandpa could be the con artist guy who signed them up for the Music Festival without the Captain’s permission. And Gail would make a great Baroness…

    Snap out of it, MF!


  20. Piper says:

    I like all of the theories about little Freddie. I too think it will be Casey but that all eyes will focus on Claire as she did have postpartum depression and people will wonder what she did to him. I think it could be a great storyline as I did think they wrapped up the depression part too quickly – she was just suddenly better and everyone sort of forgot about it. I think rumours will also really start to fly as she was ‘outted’ at Tracy’s trial.

  21. pip says:

    Ooooh, I hope Claire doesn’t come under suspicion for having ‘disposed’ of Freddie, but I think you might be right, Piper (hey, I like your name!). It’s always the parents who are suspected when a child disappears, and here was Claire going a little bonkers in front of everyone over the stereo and threatening to start a fire herself. I don’t think I’ll enjoy this storyline if that’s the turn it takes.

  22. pip says:

    Forgot to mention that my children had a gerbil named ‘Piper’ a number of years ago and he was a very handsome little rodent (nice, symmetrical grey and white markings, with a nose that wasn’t too pointed), and had the best temperament. So I do like the name ‘Piper’ for a reason other than it’s surface similarity to my nom de blog.

  23. Michigander Fan says:

    Plus, you know, we wimmins gets crazy when we birth babies and stuff. Women can’t be trusted; we are big balls of hormones and tears (and choclit)!



  24. Tanzie says:

    Just a little quirk of mine…when they refer to Claire has having had post-natal depression…i always think nasal..

  25. pip says:

    Then there’s post-naval depression which is what you suffer after a long sea voyage! 😛

  26. arphpeck says:

    And post-navel depression when you can’t see your belly button anymore.

  27. romeozulu says:

    …formerly known as Anonymous R.
    Random thoughts…
    Still can’t stand two-car-garage Janice. Sad day when they brought her back.
    Terrific acting from the principals this week, including fantastic Fizz during the proposal scene (or was that last week?)
    I’ve liked the Mortons from day one, and the writers are beginning to round them out and give them a bit of character. The exception is the eldest daughter – not a hint of a storyline for her yet.
    Leanne’s world will soon end up in flames, but Carla will manage to hang on to her lifestyle, er, husband. Side. Bread. Buttered.
    Claire has been given a bit of a makeover – she’s looking modern, normal, and I must say, quite attractive.
    Shreiking Deirdre’s neck tendons will explode out of her neck and strangle Blanche. Not premeditated, but preventable. She’ll end up in the same cell as Tracey.

  28. glacia says:

    I’m still suffering from post-nato depression.

  29. jacqui583 says:

    Michigander Fan, I felt that gas explosion here in Windsor. I was laying in bed, teen DS had spent the night out at a friends. The first thing I thought was a) are the boys home? and b) what the heck did they do now?!

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