Update For Epiosde #6561 February 18, 2008


Kirk the Lionheart

The Peacocks

Ashley comes by the hospital to visit with Claire, who is quite frantic to know if they have news of Freddy. Eileen and Ashley tell her that the police have found no trace of the baby in his room, but they are suspicious of what they are being told by the authorities. Where else could Freddy be? The three talk about the night of the fire and what all took place in the house that evening, trying to understand what happened. Claire has a bit of an understandable meltdown wondering where the police are and why they are not providing any information.

The detective from the scene eventually appears at the hospital and tells Claire, Ashley and Eileen that an accelerant was used in setting the fire. It appears to have been a deliberate act. At this moment a constable comes by with a message for the detective. A baby has been in Victoria Garden, which is quite near to Coronation Street. The Peacocks are quite agitated, wanting to know if the baby is their missing Freddy, but the doctors have to insure that he is healthy first. At last a nurse comes by with a baby is her arms. Ashley takes the baby from the nurse, realizes it is their beloved son who is alive and well, and carries him into the room for a joyous family reunion.

Roy, sat in the waiting room, when hearing the good news notes that it is the small, infrequent pockets of hope is what makes life worth living. Amen to that Roy.

Papa Smurf got a bit misty eyed during this epiosde. Great writing and acting.

The Connors

Liam and Leanne are in The Rovers discussing what she might do for gainful employment. He thinks should come work in the factory in ‘sales’, after all she would be a great walking advertisement for their product. Liam then natters on about he is jealous and possessive and the cars and Rolex watches Leanne will buy him before Carla the horse faced woman comes in. She has seen a pair of shoes at Selfridges that are worth giving up a kidney for. Or a liver. Something like that. Leanne does not seem keen on spending money for a change though – I wonder why? Carla does note that Liam seems happier than he has been in quite some time.

Leanne and Janice have a nice moment in the street before Leanne goes off for a little (unpaid) afternoon delight with loverboy Liam.

Steve and Shiny Hair

Lloyd and Steve are slouching around the Streetcars office passing the time. Lloyd is rambling on about football managers and percentages of effort and wet t-shirt contests. Steve is mostly distracted.

Over at the pub Liz tells Michelle that she is free to go and asks her if she has anything special planned? Michelle gets a glint in her eye and soon shows up at Streetcars with a bottle of plonk and an old school ghetto blaster. She tells Lloyd to get out, which he graciously does. Steve wonders what Michelle is up to, but she tells him this is the only way they get to spend any time together. He is impressed with with her tape of 1991 Proper Kicking Tunes. Some Fatboy Slim begins to play. They discuss the respective paths they have taken with children and marriages and the like. Steve wonders if he asks nicely if Michelle will come and sit on his knee. (this never works for Papa Smurf and the barmaids at his local) She tells him he might have to be so nice about it and then tels Steve to lock the door and forget the phone. Time to get dirty in the, well, dirty office.

Lloyd manages to disrupt this magic moment however when he bursts in to tell the two lovebirds the gossip he heard from Hayley whilst giving her a cab ride.

Kirk Sutherland MBE

Ches and Kirk are in the living room having a chat about the fire. Ches tells him that he is a hero for what he has done, and that people who have done what Kirk did get medals and letters after their name.

Cilla meanwhile has a different perspective on things and thinks that Kirk should sell his story to the papers, for four figures at least. She of course would be more than willing to speak on his behalf in this regard. Cilla then tries, albeit unsuccessfully, to flog the story on anyone on the street who looks like they might work for a newspaper. She tell Kirk to put on a vest before he goes out so that he can look muscular and heroic. Ches points out that Kirk does not have any muscles, but Cilla assures him that they can airbrush them in. Maybe they can get a picture of Kirk holding a baby, but even Cilla realizes that this might be in made taste, given the circunstances.

Maria, Tyrone, Fiz and Molly are sat in the pub talking about the fire and the dramatic role Kirk played in rescuing Claire. Tyrone shares his dream of saving Princess Leia from a fire. This leaves Molly wondering about bronze bikinis.

The man of the hour comes in and Fiz gives him a hug and tells him how proud she is of him. When Kirk and Tyrone are alone Tyrone tells him that Fiz wants the ‘Kirkster’, how she was talking about Richard the Lionheart and London burning. Well something like that.

Kirk recounts his tale to the pub patrons of the dramatic rescue of Claire. Liam notes that his version is different than the version told by Jamie, similar to the exaggerations made about the legendary goal scored by Archie Gemmell in the 1978 World Cup. Liam is gracious enough though to buy a round of drinks for the hero and his friends. When he hears this Kirk tries to get a pint instead of the half-pint he had ordered, but Liam is not willing to go that far.

Liz and Derek

Derek comes into The Rovers with an expensive boquet of flowers that he says he found in the street outside, so he thinks the land lady of the pub should have them. Tyrone tells him that they are likely from across the street, where they have had a tragedy. Kirk thinks they blew across the street like tumbleweed. Liz gives Derek a knowing look and he tells him to put the flowers across the street, he can always buy her some more later.

Fiz Fiz Fiz Fiz Fiz

Fiz meets John in the cafe for a chat. He has a serious question for her – how is he supposed to cut the nails on his right hand? (seemed odd to me as well) The two make small talk for a bit before he tells Fiz that she is all he can think about. Around about then Hayley comes in and shares the good news about Freddy being found alive. John wonders if Fiz should go and tell Kirk the good news. She tells John that she has ended with Kirk, and this time it took. Fiz has been in love before (with John it would seem) so she knows that she does not love Kirk that way.

Original date this episode aired – May 21, 2007

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42 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6561 February 18, 2008

  1. geenee says:

    I didn’t catch the bit where Derek said he found the flowers, so I thought it was a bit daring of him to give Liz flowers when their affair is supposed to be a secret.

    Fizz was a bit over the top too when she hugged Kirkie and now he will have more false hope.

    It was a relief not to have the missing baby story go on and on.

  2. TrudyC says:

    I was very glad when Freddie was found. I was scared it wasn’t going to be him and dash everyone’s hopes.

    On a completely different topic – I was at home yesterday enjoying our first family day when the doorbell rang at about 4:00. Who was it but Canada Post with my Coronation Street DVD Trivia Game!!! (long story – but a belated Christmas gift from my sister). So I popped the DVD in and played the Party version and I beat myself. Now I just have to find someone who knows Coronation Street well enough to play. My husband is still asking when Hilda is coming back. So he would not be a good competitor.

  3. pip says:

    LOL TrucyC! Enjoy!

    So it wasn’t Casey who took baby Freddie for her own. *searches locally for psycho perpetrator*. Guess it must have been David, then! As others have said, Darryl doesn’t have it in him. Oooooh (inches out on limb), maybe it’s Matt Ramsden trying to show Ashley what it’s like to have your son taken from you. But I doubt it. 😛

  4. glacia says:

    You know what drives me crazy? The way everyone screams at the poor cop when he was on the phone.

    1) He didn’t steal your baby.

    2) He’s trying to FIND your baby.

    Let the man do his job.

  5. geenee says:

    We don’t know that it wasn’t Casey; she could have taken him and then abandoned him. I don’t think even David is nasty enough to steal a baby.

    I don’t like the screaming either. There’s a lot to be said for reasonable people like Ken and Roy, even though they may be boring.

  6. Gail says:

    I also found the screaming annoying. I thought that Roy, Hayley and Eileen were incredibly supportive. But I have to ask where was Claire’s mother in all this?
    I appreciate that they found Freddy so quickly I was afraid it would drag on forever. I do not like the Liam/Leeanne romance, it is all going to end in tears.

  7. Michigander Fan says:

    Yes, the screaming put me off a little as well. I realize it’s a very stressful thing, but still, yelling at the cop doesn’t serve any useful purpose.

    One of the reasons I dislike Ashley so much as a character is the his default seems to be yelling. Anything goes wrong, he yells.

    I LOVED that the first song on Michelle’s 1991 hits tape was Jesus Jones “Right Here Right Now”. That song was HUGE when I was in college. “Life is a Highway” was a big hit right around then as well. Seems that that guy’s from some exotic northern land, where the mooses roam free…



  8. Michigander Fan says:


    Let me know how you like that Corrie Trivia game – I’m trying to ascertain whether it is worth buying it, having it shipped to my future BIL’s house and having him smuggle it across the border. Well, it wouldn’t actually be smuggling, he’d declare it, but I think it sounds much more dramatic to pretend that the Customs Dudes would prevent anything Coronation Street related from entering these United States. I may have broken a law when I had him obtain Tetley promotional items for Canadian residents only though. If the Tetley patrol ever discover that, there may be hell to pay!

    Yes, I am a fearsome criminal mind.



    PS: You still don’t yell at a cop though. Especially when he’s trying to find your baby. Plus he can arrest you.

  9. whitehorsefan says:

    I agree with all who mentioned how ridiculous it was for Ashley and Claire to yell at the cop. Besides, all they had to do was confirm that the baby that was found had a huge noggin, and that would have settled any worries about whether or not it was Freddie.

    geenee said: “I don’t think even David is nasty enough to steal a baby.”

    Oh, I think he is, but as others have said, he is not personally involved in the situation, so wouldn’t bother.

    I am still laying bets on Casey.

  10. beanie says:

    Who is the arsonist??.Too much cowinkydink that a)Claire threatens to burn shed down. b)She almost dies in the fire while c)Baby Freddy was spirited away to relative safety.Things that make you go HHHMMMMMM!

  11. Michigander Fan says:




  12. John says:

    I think Freddy set the fire, then jumped out the window.

    Michelle’s mix-tap also included L.L. Cool J’s (don’t call it a comeback) hit “Mama Said Knock You Out.” I think if the scene went on longer, we would have also heard “Groove is in the Heart,” “I Wanna Sex You Up,” “More than Words,” by Extreme, and “Silent Lucidity” by Queensryche. Ah, the days before Nirvana.

  13. Michigander Fan says:


    Also, “Just to be the next to be with you” by I can’t remember who.

    I am totally having flashbacks to college!!!

    Love Shack, baby!


  14. Piper77 says:

    MF – I believe Mr.Big sang ‘Just to be the next to be with you’. I think I had a poster of them in high school!

  15. Michigander Fan says:

    Mr. Big! How could I have forgotten that freudian band name?!?!

    Thanks, Piper!


  16. geenee says:

    I love the Freddie theory! A budding arsonist. I thought he looked kind of small. Isn’t he supposed to be a few months old now?

    I agree that David wouldn’t do anything like that… unless it was easy and had some advantage for David.

    I’m in awe of those who can actually make out the words to those songs! They didn’t exactly sound romantic to me from what I did hear – but then I thought the music died in the 80s.

  17. Michigander Fan says:


    Hmm. Romantic isn’t the first word that comes to mind re: these songs. As a matter of fact, both “The Next to be With You” and “More Than Words” are pretty unromantic.

    The Next to Be with You deals with the “hero” who is comforting the girl who just got dumped by the jerk. The whole point is, the “hero” is next in line to be with her. Like she’s a ride at Cedar Point. (which she may be. I don’t know her.)

    More Than Words is all about how, if she REALLY loved him, “more than words” would show him how she felt.

    Basically the message of both songs is “I would like for us to boink, and wouldn’t it be romantic if we did?”

    No. It wouldn’t. Jerk. Now quit calling me or I will get a restraining order.


  18. Michigander Fan says:

    Some of the others are fun, but not romantic. There’s a reason why the oldies are the songs you play when you want romance – Motown, blues, soul, Righteous Brothers, etc.

    We don’t have much romance any more. Even the supposedly romantic songs today come across as weird or creepy. Case in point, John Mayer’s Your Body Is a Wonderland, which creeps me out no end. He sounds like Jeffrey Dahmer or something. When he talks about her bubblegum tongue, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

    He’s a cannibal – I just know it.



  19. robswizzle says:

    Speaking of music, I think Coronation Street has a deal going with awesome pop-punk trio The Fratellis. They are always playing on the pub jukebox, and in the Morton teen’s car as well.

  20. geenee says:

    This site is so educational! The music sounds like it would be more appropriate for Leanne and Liam. The oldies were about boinking too – they were just more subtle about it!

  21. arphpeck says:

    I didn’t like the screaming either, it served no purpose and made them look and sound like idiots. I’m glad Freddy was found, I hate it when they kill off babies on the show. but then, who did it? I think Ashley is looking funny at Clare, I get the feeling he thinks she’s going nutters again and had something to do with it.
    As for the other half of the posts…
    nothing says lovin’ like Bonham doing the drummin’ – give me Led Zep for make out music anytime…
    for romance, how about Dave Matthews or Jack Johnson. They both have some beautiful, romantic, I-love-falling-in-love-with-you songs…
    All-time great romantic songs? Toss-up between “This Magic Moment” by Jay and the Americans or “In the Misty Moonlight” by Jerry Wallace

  22. S. Poole says:

    LMAO at Kirk thinking the flowers rolled along the cobbles like a tumbleweed. It will be interesting to see where they take his character if Fiz is moving on with Mr. “He-who-I-can’t-stand-so-far” Stape. The guy is so vanilla I almost prefer they’d left Les in the mix. (almost but not quite)

    John, what are you saying “before” Nirvana? You mean before Nevermind broke. ;p

    A true alt-indie hipster was listening to their superior debut album Bleach in the late 1980s, never mind the 90s. “Teen Spirit” is the problem with the anti-Nirvana movement, it is probably my least favourite song, right after that Celine Dion song about taking chances. Never thought I’d hear LL Cool J on Corrie, pretty neato.

  23. TrudyC says:

    Still haven’t found anyone to play the game against, however, it’s kinda 3 games in one. The DVD game with board – just like most of the games out there now. Different categories answer the question correctly and you move. There’s another mode on the DVD called Party Picks – you just play the DVD and it has random questions. And the third is a deck of cards a la Trivial Pursuit. It’s quite recent though. I’ve have to pass 2 questions already because they would be spoilers for us.

    If you’d like I could get one for you and we could meet at the border and pass it off wrapped in plain brown paper. Now that would be fun……….or you could get you BIL to get one and bring it with him.

  24. missusmac says:

    Ha! Ashley always yells to show emotion. And obviously, he was very emotional at the hospital because Josh had to put his hands over his ears!

    SPoole, I too am not lovin’ the new love of Fizz’s life. He’s just, blahhhhhh. Kirk is not exactly fireworks and lightening either, but he had has quirky bits that could be endearing. I said could be, they would drive me nuts!

    Did someone say Freddie was small? Myself, I think the camera added 10 lbs to his head alone!

  25. Michigander Fan says:

    See, I don’t like Mr. Stape either, but it’s because the impression I got (and maybe I’m wrong) is that she was a student and he was a teacher. Which creeps me out, and puts him in the “predator” category. Unless I’m wrong. Then I just don’t like him because he’s blah.

    Trudy – It’s too bad we couldn’t just play it together – all my Corrie friends are miles and miles (kilometers and kilometers) away. Sigh. I’m all alone with the Corrie Love.

    Baby Freddie has THE BIGGEST HEAD EVER. At least he has more hair than his granddad!


  26. whitehorsefan says:


    I’m pretty sure that Fizz met Mr. Stape when he was DJ’ing at a club, before he was a teacher. So I don’t think he is a predator. And I agree there isn’t much to him, but really, Kirk is no prize either. I pick Mr. Stape over Kirk for sure.

  27. arphpeck says:

    I don’t like John at all. I think he sees himself as Prof. Higgins pulling Eliza Doolittle up from the gutter of ignorance. I really don’t think he is going to accept her for who she is now. I think he likes the idea of being the “smarter” one in the relationship, then he can control her. What was that all about with the fingernails? He gives me the creeps. I think I got turned off when I found he was a DJ at the teen club. I bet he even does Karry-choke-me.

  28. Kunzie says:

    I guess Whitehorse and I are the only ones that like John at all. I don’t think he wants to control Fizz. He is an academic. I think he realizes that he’s no Liam in the looks department, but if you’re into books, museums, arts, etc. I bet he’s an interesting date, which is more than I can say for Kirk. I personally hope Fizz sticks to her guns. She has broken up with Kirk and if she wants to see someone new, should be free to do so.

  29. pip says:

    I like John, too, and it seems like he is a good teacher, the kids enjoy him. There’s a lot to be said for stability, and I don’t see him as trying to control Fizz at all; he appears to be taking things very slowly. Of course Chesney is going to be totally squicked when he finds out his sister is dating his teacher!

  30. Kunzie says:

    Squicked!!!!!! Love it.

  31. arphpeck says:

    He is already starting to control her. He changed what she wanted to serve for dinner, even if it was still frozen, he decided what to eat, instead of asking her (as the hostess) what she wanted to do. She has said at least twice that she is NOT interested in going back to school to further her education. He won’t listen, and is pushing her about it every time he sees her. This is not for her benefit, it is for his. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going back to school if one wants to, personally I am taking college courses in my mid 40’s. But if he pushes Fizz into it, she will be doing it for him and not herself. Control freaks don’t start a relationship with blatant control, they do it insidiously, changing a meal plan here, belittling the other person (in the nicest possible way) that something just isn’t quite good enough, and it builds over time to become total control of the other person’s thoughts, reading materials. tv shows, friends, etc. I bet he starts making comments about her clothes and hairstyle and factory girl friends soon.

  32. arphpeck says:

    and besides, he is way too boring as he is, there has to be something wrong with him.

  33. whitehorsefan says:

    How fascinating that we can watch the same thing and come out with something totally different.

    I thought John was just being nice about ordering out when he saw that Fizz was all in a kerfuffle because the steaks were still completely frozen.

    And I think when he talks to her about education, her resistance is not that she is not interested, but that she thinks that she is too dumb. He sees that she has low self esteem, and is trying to address it. Not in the way I would, but I don’t think there is anything controlling there.

  34. beanie says:

    I’m not sure about John but…I love Fizz lately!!!She looks good and if she wants more out of her life..YOU GO GIRL!!!Remember when she was designing.She had some talent.And a huge heart!!!Kirkeh is a nice bloke but I’d like to see Fizz experiencing something..Anything!!

  35. pip says:

    I guess time will tell about whether John is controlling or not. Maybe Charlie’s over the top mind-body-and-soul-control has blinded me to its subtler forms, but I’m willing to give John the benefit of the doubt for now. As for the school thing, if I recall correctly it was Fizz who brought it up last night saying she could never do it, and I got the impression she did that because she wanted to have John encourage her again, either for the general ego boost or because she’s genuinely interested (but a bit scared)

  36. Kunzie says:

    As far as controlling or bossy behaviour…isn’t that what Fizz used to do to Kirk anyway?

  37. pip says:

    Only because he needed it. Kirk left to his own devices either comes to a dead stop or stumbles off into the weeds.

  38. arphpeck says:

    Yes, Fizz was the dominant one in that relationship, because Kirk needs a woman that can take charge. That is different than trying to change someone because you think they need changing. Fizz has needed a change in her life, but it should be on her terms, what she wants. She never mentioned feeling inadequate in her education until John told her she was.

  39. Michigander Fan says:

    Interesting insights into John Stape’s character. Time will tell.

    I guess I see him as a predator because he seems like he’s way older than her. Isn’t she like 21 or something? So if this is a several years old relationship, he must be older…

    I don’t know. I fully own the fact that I could be prejudiced against him because “Stape” is really close to “Snape” (from Harry Potter).

    I also got a controlly vibe from him, and thought he was gamey before Fizz dumped Kirk, when they had lunch al fresco – she kissed him and I thought he was playing her at the time.

    We will see. No one stays boring on Corrie – even Clurr! So time will tell.


  40. geenee says:

    I thought John was being nice when he suggested take-out and he has been trying to boost her self-esteem. He may turn out to be a rat but I don’t think he’s that much older than Fizz. Time will tell.

  41. S. Poole says:

    Stape Snape

    Thanks MF, I knew there was more to my dislike of this guy! ;p

    He better not hurt our Fiona or he’ll have Roy to deal with, don’t forget she was once fostered with the Croppers. (is fostered a word?)

    She deserves more than Kirk (or Tyrone for that matter) so let’s hope the writers give her something new, maybe travel abroad. Kirk will eventually find someone with more interest in all things canine.

    Fiz or Claire, hard to say who is looking better since they were allowed to wear a decent hairstyle. Fiz is so much softer without the two fuzzy pigtails she wore when the Connor males compared her to a cabbage patch doll.

  42. jacqui583 says:

    I am glad that Fizz is taking charge of her life, but I do hope that the writers bring someone into the picture for Kirkeh. He so needs taking care of, not that I would want that role, but I can’t help but hope that SOMEONE does! How did he and Maria come from the same parents?

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