I’m Sick of Fires – Update for Tuesday


In a case of life imitating Coronation Street, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the 6 alarm fire that happened in T.O. this morning. While the fire was a safe 4 blocks away from Chez Glacia, gone is my favorite video store and Mr. Glacia’s bike shop. Sigh.

Peacock Burn Down
Claire and Ashley have moved into eileen’s place as she has farmed out all the present tenants (Sean at Jamies, Violet at the Rovers and Jason at the Platts). Claire, understandably is a bit nervous and doesn’t want Freddie out of her sight. She’s worried about who’s trying to kill her and wonders if the police shouldn’t be offering her protection.

Meanwhile, over at the Morton’s the inspecting detective is asking questions if they know if anyone who would try to burn down the peacocks. Jerry tells him that they are a lovely family – then Bubbles jumps in and tells him that Claire is wacko, stole his stereo and threatened to burn down his shed. ( I KNEW that was coming back to bite her in the ass.). Jerry tries to tempers that character assignation by saying that Claire is ‘a bit high strung’ (i.e. bat shit crazy).

Oh, and it turns out that Bubbles nickname in the family is ‘Daz’.

The Love That Dares Not Speak Its Name
For whatever insane reason, Liz decides to go to the pub where Der-ick’s wife, Linda, works – to check her out. One of Liz’s friends work there so there’s all this ‘going to visit an old friend’ schtick that she tells everyone. She convinces Deidre to go with her and when they find out who she is, they engage her in a bit of conversation.

Liz makes a comment on how plain and dowdy wifey looks, although I think she’s pretty enough. Meanwhile, Linda thinks that Liz is hitting on her – especially when Liz asks if her husband minds if she works at night. ‘She was trying to find out if I had a husband and her girlfriend looks annoyed.’ She says to Liz’s friend. When Deidre hustles Liz out of the pub, wifey is even more convinced.

Later back at the Rovers, Vern is back in town with a few gifts for Liz. First he’s bought her some kind of old west barmaid outfit that looks like something Miss Kitty would wear….if she dropped acid. Further to prove his love for Liz, he’s decided to declare his love with his and her  ‘Liz’ and ‘Vern’ love mugs from the ‘Everything For a Buck’ store.

The Heartbreak Kid
I’m in the ‘I like John’ camp and enjoyed watching him and Fizz have their dinner together. They talk about the old days when they were together and reminiscing. When John leaves, Maria sees them kissing goodbye and it upsets her a bit.

She tells Fizz that she needs to tell Kirk-eh about John before he hears it from someone else. Fizz agrees.

Businesswoman of the Year
Karla and Leanne go to Guiseppe’s (or whatever the hell that pizza place is called) and soon Karla is talking of buying it and guess who she wants as a partner! Leanne hems and haws as Karla envisions the place in a white wash and steel appliances.

And We’ll Name the Third Baby ‘Agador Sparticus’
Violet invites Gary around to the Rovers and introduces him to Eileen and Steve. While they’re having a pint, Violet goes on about how Gary would make a great dad and isn’t it great that he’s met ‘the family’ and they’ve given him the thumbs up.

Cheque please!!!

Gary leaves with a, ‘I’ll text you.’ goodbye, so I can assume he’s been right scared off.

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8 Responses to I’m Sick of Fires – Update for Tuesday

  1. beanie says:

    Old West barmaid outfit?? Thanks for shedding some light on it.I stopped and replayed that 10X and still thought WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? My Mr.Bean wondered where you buy that! I think I read on the UK site the pizza place referred to as “The Italian…you know the one with the chekky tablecoths” but I didn’t see checks.I love the Lesbian Liz thing LOL!!

  2. geenee says:

    No doubt you are very sick of that fire; the smoke must have been awful and sad for the people who lost businesses and homes.

    Carla must have money to burn since she wants to start another money-losing business. Was that the same place Ciaran lost his shirt?

    Violet really put fear in the heart of that guy; he couldn’t get away fast enough!

    At least Liz’s stalking of the wife is taking Dierdre’s mind off her miserable life. I thought the wife was pretty but I guess Derek prefers the tarty look.

  3. arphpeck says:

    Sorry to hear about the fire. That must be devastating.
    I loved it when Derek’s wife thought Liz was hitting on her, and that Dreary was jealous. Way too funny. I don’t think it was nice of Liz to go and gloat. She got paid back with that outfit.
    If Carla has money to invest with Leanne in a restaurant, why doesn’t she legitimately continue her baby clothes business? I thought she had orders? Or is Leanne supposed to put up all the money?

  4. Glacia says:

    I don’t think Karla does have the money for the restaurant. Remember, she was pissed when Paul invested in the factory because he had said that money was going to be used to help her start her own business. I think she’s wanting Leanne to put up all teh bucks.

    The Italian place is a different restaurant from Ciaren’s, it was there before he went on his adventure.

  5. papasmurf1964 says:

    A bike shop burned? Hopefully not Duke’s…

  6. radioman says:

    Devastating – I work over at Peter and Adelaide, and all I could see all day was the cloud of smoke. I hear Duke’s wants to rebuild. I hope they’re able to do it in the same location.

  7. glacia says:

    I’m sorry Tom, it indeed was Duke’s. 94 years in business.

  8. papasmurf1964 says:

    Heavy sigh.

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