Schedule Change

I know there’s been a bit of confusion with the last two schedule changes that I posted, mainly due to email notice to blog posting transferrence.   I get emails from my super secret connection at the CBC and then post it here.

I’m a bit worried that the schedule changes posted here will be take as the word of god and I don’t want anyone to miss an episode if the info I’ve recieved is wrong or if (like the last posting) I forget to add that it’s a regional change only.

Sooo, having said that I would suggest that you use the schedule changes I post here as a ‘heads up’ – rather than the final word.   I think that is the safer way to do it.

So here’s your next schedule change: 

Another crawl will be running in BC this coming Sunday:  “Due to live coverage of Canada Cup Curling next Sunday March 2, Coronation Street will be seen one  hour earlier than usual, at 6:30 am.”

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One Response to Schedule Change

  1. heikoworld says:

    I am not going to spoil anything here about Coronation Street but keep watching, we are, here in the UK, about a year in front and the storylines just get better and better.
    There ae more things going to happen than you would ever believe.
    I used to work for Granada Television when I first started my career in Television, now, I am retired, well it comes to us all in the end, enjoy Corrie its just wonderful.


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