Update – Thursday 22 February 2008 – Oscar worthy?


At the Connor’s boudoir flat, would be restaurateur Carla is talking to Leanne on the phone about getting the lease for the restaurant. Being the secretive person she is, she then realizes Paul is listening and tells him to scram. She tells Leanne that they need £20,000 in six weeks. Leanne says she doesn’t have the dosh at the moment but could get it with that time.

Leanne is in her flat – immediately phones the escort agency and explains that she needs money urgently, so the more jobs they can provide for her, the better. The grovelling is quite sad. She adds on,  “once a hooker, always a hooker”. Janice coming up the stairwell into the flat, overhears the conversation and looks extremely distraught. She explains to Janice she has only six weeks to raise her portion for the restaurant.  Janice does not believe her and adds that the urge for money will not stop there and she will never quit being an escort.

Carla offers to take out Paul for lunch. She suggests they go to an Italian Restaurant.  Hmmm, I wonder which one? At Janice/Leanne’s flat, Liam and Leanne decide to go and spend their bank holiday together.  Janice remarks to Liam that Leanne may be seeing some “mates” during the day. Leanne retorts that it was a tentative arrangement, and it was made before she knew what Liam was doing.

The Connor clan are having a drink in the pub. Paul and Carla get ready to go off to lunch. Liam asks if he and Leanne can join them. Leanne gets a call from the old employer. She tells Liam and says he is going to hate her, but her “sister” Toyah has arrived in town on a visit. Leanne says she will just pop over and say hi and then come back. Liam invites himself, but Leanne doesn’t want him to come. She tells him another time. Liam says that she must be ashamed of him. But says she isn’t and then rushes out of the Rovers.  Liam would you like my number?  

Inside the Kabin, Norris and Rita discuss Doreen. Rita says she would like to see her again, but says it is Doreen who cut off their friendship. And says she does not want to discuss it any further.  Rita catches Norris snooping through her address book and writing something down. He claims that she left it lying around, but Rita doesn’t agree and grabs it back.  Norris runs off to the phone booth in the street, but we don’t know who he is calling. What Norris, no mobile phone? Norris runs into Roy’s Rolls and asks Roy if a lady has been asking for him.

Roy asks in what time frame, and Norris says in the last few minutes. Roy says no, Norris then orders two coffees and asks Roy to bring them to him when “the lady” arrives. Doreen walks into the café. They start arguing. She gets up to leave, Norris apologizes and wants her to stay. He tells her that Rita is a stubborn woman and will not admit missing her.  He asks her to take Rita out and get her drunk, and that would make her happier.  Norris asks her not to mention to Rita that he had anything to do with it.   

Derek meanders into the pub and offers to buy Vernon (in a great paisley shirt) a drink. Liz tells him that she can’t stop as she has things to do at the back. Derek tells her there might be an “issue” with the last delivery he made. He manages to whisper to her that Linda knows about them.  In the meantime, Vernon has gone out to the washroom. Liz then asks Derek what Linda might possibly know. Derek says that Linda asked him if he had taken anyone back to the flat. He denied it. Liz fails to ask anymore as Vernon returns, so she switches the subject back to the delivery.

Derek leaves the Rovers. Liz then interrupts her conversation with Vernon and escapes out the back door. She catches up with Derek and asks to hear the rest of the story. Derek explains that he denied to Linda that he had taken anybody there, because she had no proof. Liz wasn’t happy that Derek worried her without any real reason. Liz is just about to go back through the front door, when he reminds her that she left by the back door. Whoops.

Vernon tells Liz that he thinks Derek fancies her. Liz asks what makes him think that. He tells her that it is the way he looks at her, but then he looks at Violet the same way. He then deduces he is just a bloke that fancies all women…


Violet realizes any attempt at a relationship with Gary is now diminished. Sean tries to matchmaker Violet with Jamie. He tells her not to thank her as he says that is what fairy godmothers are for. That is hilarious. Violet tells Sean in no uncertain terms that Jamie is the last person she would want to go out with. She reminds him that they used to live together until he started going out with Frankie. In a firm, but gentle way she tells Sean to keep out of her personal life.


The spring bank holiday continues and Ashley is trying to persuade Claire to go out and about and get some fresh air.  She is having none of it and wants to be around if the mystery woman Casey is caught by the police. Being the neighbourly person she is, Sally comes round to Claire’s and suggests they go for a walk. Good timing. Claire is unsure, but Ashley says it is for her own good.  Two police officers come round to the Peacocks. The male inspector asks to see Claire, but she has gone out asks Ashley to see Claire. 

Ashley lets them in, but first takes the kids next door to Kevin. The officer confirms in a hostile voice that Claire had told that she had had post-natal depression, but that she failed to tell them she had been sectioned for three weeks. Ashley explains that she was not well at the time, but she is okay.  The female officer offers to make tea and coffee. Ahem, I find it annoying that she offers to make it….Ashley asks the officer whether they are going to continue to harass Claire about her past.

The inspector (who gives me the creeps) says they just want to help if she is still not well. Yeah, right. He asks Ashley whether he thought could have started the fire after taking Freddie away. Ashley immediately says no.Claire and Sally return from their jaunt. Claire sees the police car outside their house and freaks out. She asks Ashley what has happened, seeing the inspector standing there. He replies they just wanted to talk to you. Ashley confirms the kids are with Kevin. Claire turns to the officer and asks what he wants. He replies that he is arresting her on suspicion of arson. He then gives her an official caution. Claire stands stunned in silence. Poor Claire.  

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15 Responses to Update – Thursday 22 February 2008 – Oscar worthy?

  1. robswizzle says:

    Leanne: a mobile phone is called that because it’s mobile. Why are you making calls from your mum’s place? Actually, why are you living with your mum?

  2. pip says:

    Yes, Leanne, why are you not at least watching the door to make sure your mom doesn’t walk through while you are reapplying for your hooker job?

    Wow, the police in Weatherfield are scary. They arrest someone because she has a history of post-partum depression even though there isn’t a whit of evidence that she had anything to do with the fire or Freddie’s kidnapping. That’s what I call a rush to judgment. Where’s Johnnie Cochrane when you need him? (I know, dead).

    Sean has completely lost it when it comes to interpersonal relations. How does he manage to keep any friends?

    Liz needs to learn a thing or two about discretion; you don’t rush out into a street where everybody knows everybody and have an obviously intimate conversation with a fellow who is not your bloke. Tongues will wag.

    I love Roy. He’s so literal.

  3. Gail says:

    Awesome update mayfairgirl! I wonder what Leeanne did with all the money Danny gave her, she acts like she doesn’t have a cent. She musn’t have any left otherwise why is she going back on the game and continuing to live in that little tiny flat(looks like it has only one bedroom) with Janice?

  4. beanie says:

    Great update!!! What is up with Chez Conners??The really scary thing is last weekend on Home Heist, Colin and Justin applied that same flocked crap to a Canadian House!!! Yikes!!! I think the only thing that would piss me off more than being arrested would be to find Ms. BITCH in my kitchen making FREAKIN TEA!!!! Thanks..I had to get that out.

  5. whitehorsefan says:

    Mayfairgirl, the roles the female cops play on Coronation Street annoys me too. The men are always the ones driving the interviews, while the women either make a brew or try to mollify the suspects (“we know this is hard, we just want to clarify a few things).

    And the arrest of Claire really bothered me. It is completely unrealistic that the police would arrest someone because they had post-partum depression 8 months earlier. It would almost be sufficient, I think, for a malicious prosecution suit.

  6. Glacia says:

    omg…mayfair…HIGH FIVE for using the Big Night. One of my all time favorites…for the food alone.

  7. geenee says:

    Janice threw Leanne’s mobile phone onto the cobbles and smashed it. I wonder if Leanne could claim a new one as a business expense?
    50 grand seems to be a lot of money to run through but Leanne seems to have a thing for expensive hotels. It will take a lot of calls to pay for all the rounds she buys at the Rovers, meals out and shopping with Carla – plus taxi fare. I do like the way the actress plays this part and sympathize with anyone with Les as her father.

    Why aren’t the police checking the phone records of the distress line and Claire’s phone? It’s just easier to blame Claire.

  8. corrierules says:

    Is anyone else skeeved out by Derek? He gives me the willies. Miz Liz, you are a naughty, naughty girl!

  9. missusmac says:

    Corrierules, I’m with you. Derek had a slight smirk on his face when he heard Liz’s footsteps on the cobblestones behind him. I think he enjoyed winding her up.

    Of course, I am also creeped out be Vernon, and as majorly creeped out my Liz’s appreciation of the Cowgirls ‘r Us outfit Vernon bought. Ewwwwwwwwww!

    But that’s just me.

  10. missusmac says:

    Ok,so that should read “was majorly creeped out by Liz’s appreciation…” I have some letter keys rising on my laptop keyboard, and typing isn’t as easy as it used to be!

  11. glacia says:

    Janice threw Leanne’s mobile phone onto the cobbles and smashed it.

    I have a theory that the cell phones on the street are covered under the British Telecomm ‘Lazarus’ plan.

    Remember Danny’s phone the one that he threw in the river?

  12. geenee says:

    LOL they all have them so they must be dirt cheap – like some of the owners!

  13. joy says:

    I loved Roy’s reply to Norris’s inquiry! “Now or ever?” Only he could deliver that line without seeming cruel.

  14. Pauline says:

    I thought it unusual that Derek said that his wife had found “something” in the flat and Liz never once asked what was found! Would have been my first question!


  15. arphpeck says:

    Yes, the secondary role of female officers on that show bothers me. Especially in a show known for strong women characters. I’d like to see the writers just once bring on a smart, tough, in charge, female cop. Have they never watched Prime Suspect? Emma was the closest thing to a good female cop, and they used that to cause problems in her marriage and moved her away.
    Derek is really creepy. I think he really got a kick out of seeing Liz squirm. It seems like she’s stuck between a rocker and a hard face. (Sorry, I can hear the groans from here)
    I can’t remember, were those the same cops that came when Charlie was killed? You’d think they would have a special unit just for Corrie Street calls. They get called enough…

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