Update- Friday, February 22, 2008- Singing the Jailbird Blues

Famous Jailbirds:


                                                          Henri Charriere, A.K.A. “Papillon”



                                             Robert Stroud, A.K.A “The Birdmand of Alcatraz”



                                                            Claire Peacock, A.K.A “Casey”

The scene opens with the police leading Claire away, and Ashley trailing after them. Claire tells Ashley to look after the boys while she is in the big house. Ashley shouts at the police, which surprisingly has zero effect on them.

After they leave, Ashley goes to Sally and Kevin’s and asks them to take care of the boys so he can go down to the police station. Sally is appalled that they would accuse Claire of setting her house on fire and getting rid of Freddy. She offers Kevin to Ashley as a ride and support at the police station. Kevin doesn’t really want to go, but it is kind of impolite to say that, so he adds his half hearted support, and Ashley takes him up.

Back at the police station, the police offer Claire the use of the washroom, and ask if she wants anything to drink. She doesn’t. As D.I. Parks leaves the room, he asks her what her maiden name was. “Casey”, Claire replies. Coinkidink? D.I. Parks thinks not.

They begin the interrogation. They go over the fact that she was put into a mental institution, that she tried to return Freddy to the hospital, tried to push his pram into a busy road and that left him in the car in a park. Then the coup de grace: they confirm that Claire is no longer taking her medication.

Meanwhile, as Ashley and Kevin sit in the waiting room, Ashley confesses that he is beginning to have doubts about Claire’s innocence. He thinks about the time that Claire lied to him and told him her mother had cancer. Maybe she really was the one to do it.

The scene cuts back to the police interview of Claire. They remind her that no one except her has seen Casey. She tells them that, as they were doing one-on-one counselling, it is not really that odd that no one saw Casey. He tells her that they know she couldn’t stop herself, and they just want to help her. She just needs to open up to the sweet, caring, helpful police. Claire leans over to D.I. Parks and tells him in no uncertain terms that she did not do it.

Ashley continues speaking with Kevin, asking him not to tell Sally, as he does not want Claire to know that he doubts her. Claire comes out of the interview room, and confirms that the police are not arresting her, as they have no proof. They leave the police station, and Claire asks Ashley if he believes her, because that is the only important thing to her. “Err, uh, of course I believe you, ” Ashley says (actually quite convincingly). Claire is pleased. Ashley is ashamed.

Carla Connor: Girl Entrepreneur

Carla has taken Paul to the Italian restaurant she is about to purchase. She tries to make Paul guess what new business he is going into but apparently Paul doesn’t like guessing games. So Carla tells him she is buying it. He does not jump for joy, but tells her that she knows nothing about restaurant business and tells her he is not putting his money into it. Carla tells him she doesn’t need his money, she is getting it from Leanne. Paul is even less happy at those news. He says that Leanne has no head for business. Carla tells him he just never wants her to have anything for herself (which is likely true). Paul decides to leave instead of having a major scrap in the middle of the restaurant.

While this has been going on, Liam runs nto Janice at the Rover’s, and asks whether Toya is visiting. Janice replies that she isn’t. Liam then says that that is what Leanne told him. Janice recuperates and says oh yes, she is, Janice had forgotten about it. Liam mentions that he is put out because Leanne didn’t want to take him along. Janice says that maybe Leanne wanted to talk to Toya about him, and Liam perks up.

Later on, Carla runs into Leanne. She tells Leanne that Paul knows about their business plan, and is not happy, but she thinks it is just Paul being his sour old self. They head over to the Rover’s. Liam and Paul are there together, having a drink. Leanne buys Carla and herself a glass of wine, and, while she is ordering, Janice gives her hell for bringing Toya into Leanne’s sordid little lying life. Leanne promises she will not do it again. After the drink, while they are getting ready to leave to do something else, Leanne receives another phone call from her boss. She has to meet someone else in half an hour.


After Norris watches Claire being transported to the police station, he goes into the Kabin and relates the news to Rita. Rita also can’t believe that that is happening. (So, so far it is only Ashley that doubts Claire’s innocence. Hmmm.) Norris tells Rita they should close up early, being a bank holiday and all,  and although Rita cannot believe that Norris would ever want to to close early, agrees.

They go to the Rover’s, and who should appear but Doreen! Norris makes an excuse, and leaves. Doreen and Rita kiss and make up (well, just make up. Kissing would have spiced up the story line quite a bit though). Rita asks if Norris was instrumental in their reconciliation, and Doreen admits that he was. She tells Rita that Norris is a good friend. Rita scoffs a bit.

In Other News

Sean and Violet make up. But it ends up being half-hearted, after Sean confesses that he was not so nice to a cute guy who wanted to pick up Violet, and who ended up leaving pub without speaking again to her.

A bit we did not see to accomodate commercials: Vernon tries to get a date set for the wedding. Liz hems and haws and won’t do so. She flees the room.

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21 Responses to Update- Friday, February 22, 2008- Singing the Jailbird Blues

  1. arphpeck says:

    Why didn’t Ashley pick up on Claire’s last name? We’ve all seen Casey before, but he hasn’t. Especially if he’s suspicious already. You can sure see how it all ties in from the cops’ point of view. If you just started watching and hadn’t seen earlier episodes you would think she was crazy.
    Paul is such a jerk, but I don’t like Cruella either, so it doesn’t bother me too much. Even when they aren’t fighting they don’t seem to like each other, much less love. I have to wonder why they got/stay married.
    That was sweet what Norris did for Rita. Are we ever going to see romance among the weeklies?

  2. joy says:

    I’m very disappointed in Ashley for doubting Claire so readily.

    I wish they wouldn’t cut scenes out. Vernon trying to make wedding preparations could be quite amusing.

  3. joy says:

    And wasn’t Norris sweet for a change!

  4. fondue says:

    I just wish Claire hadn’t been so over the top during her interview with the police…I mean, I understand she’s upset, I understand she’s sure that Casey is to blame for the fire, I understand that she’s worried about her little family, and I understand she’s ticked to be hauled down to the police station. But really, some calm answers to very obviously leading questions would have helped her out.

  5. missusmac says:

    During Claire’s police interview I was just so disappointed in Corrie writing. I can see the police might have reason to question her, but really, there were such gaping holes through this plot it annoyed me. Why didn’t Claire or Ashley suggest that the police:

    1.Check Claire’s cell phone records
    2. Check the women’s help line records
    3. Check police records for the time Claire called them over Freddy;s kidnapping– (I can’t remember if the police showed up and actually saw Casey though.)
    4. Ask Josh. He saw her, and her little dog too!
    5. Did Claire ‘conveniently’ become unconscious on the stairs to validate her story? What about the burn on her hand? Why open the door if she set the fire and knew Freddy wasn’t there?
    6. Was Freddy outside, unseen and unnoticed, for 12-24 hours? How would Claire get him where he was found — if she was unconscious in the house or in the hospital? She couldn’t. He would have been found a hell of a lot sooner,and if he had, that would give the police theory more credibility. But he wasn’t found until hours and hours after the fire, so someone else had to put him there.

    And yeah, I know it’s only TV, but Corrie usually does it better.

    I like Corrie because plots are halfway plausible and hardly overthetop. This is.

  6. missusmac says:

    a good idea, but not well-thought out.

  7. glacia says:

    Is it in DI Creepy’s job description to smirk so much during questioning? And what’s with chickie DI? Is she there only to make tea?

    Do you have the right to remain silent in the UK? Because honestly, if I was Claire I wouldn’t have said a damn word without a lawyer.

  8. geenee says:

    After seeing Tracy’s lawyers in action, Claire probably thought she’d be better off defending herself. Also, since she’s innocent, why should she have to pay for a lawyer?

    This storyline is making the police out to be lazy slackers who can’t be bothered investigating the phone records, etc. Quite a coincidence with the Casey names! Good point made above about asking Josh what he remembers and Ashley should do that.

  9. Trixie says:

    I visit this site ALL the time, and I have resisted the urge to contribute comments, but the holes in this storyline are driving me nuts, so I just have to say something. Everything missusmac says is true, but there’s more. Tracy saw Casey too (in the park one day), though I guess she is not the most reliable witness. Claire heard a noise in the garden one night as she put out the recycling. In light of what happened, wouldn’t she remember that? We know Eileen isn’t quilty, but if you were the cop, wouldn’t you suspect her? She was in the house, put Freddy to bed, and just lost the child she thought was her granddaughter. As far as we know, they didn’t even interview her. Such sloppy writing!

  10. whitehorsefan says:

    “Do you have the right to remain silent in the UK?”

    I don’t think so. It seems, based on the warning they read before they hauled Claire in, and based on the fact there is no Constitution/Charter enshrining such a right, silence can be used against you in any subsequent trial.

    They could have done some good work with this plot line, and it could have been interesting. But instead they are sloppy and lazy. Very disappointing.

  11. summer says:

    Gotta wonder if the writing thing is a matter of one writer suddenly thinking — ‘hey, let’s have a fire at Claire’s place, with Freddie perishing’, then the next writer thinking — ‘i’m going to put a twist on this… Freddie will be found!’, then the next writer has to come up with stalling on how they’re going to solve the mystery while cursing the previous writer’s good name, etc.

    I don’t know… I just think it may be a tough gig to have to constantly build on the story line creation of the person before you…

    Just a thought.

  12. missusmac says:

    Summer, I’m not 100 per cent on this following theory, because I write for a different genre. But I think that usually a plot is, well, (for lack of a better word), plotted from beginning to end on shows like these.

    Especially likely this is true on Coronation Street, which tends to wrap up story lines within a week or two, unlike North American soaps, which can see a plot ramble on for months!

    That said, I could never come up with the twists and turns Corrie writers do. Part of the beauty of this show is that the stories do become plausible, no matter how implausible; i.e. Gail marries a serial killer; Bev carries Fred’s ashes around;93 people live at Eileen’s house; someone willingly sleeps with Vern…

  13. summer says:

    Thanks, Missusmac. That’s probably true (rather than my musings of the potential for writers to purposely screw each other up with various challenges!).

    I guess I was just basing the possibility on noting that each episode has a different writer, etc. Well, that, and yeah, the whole Vern thing. And frankly, Kerk. 😉

  14. arphpeck says:

    I always thought that certain writers wrote about certain characters, that’s why there are different writers sometimes. That’s just my impression, I don’t know if that’s the way it’s done. It always seems that whenever cops are involved they miss a lot that we would take for granted in investigations. Maybe next time they should get a cop to advise them so there won’t be so many holes.

  15. romeozulu says:

    Leave Vern alone, gals! He’s quickly becoming one of my favourite characters. Smirky Derek is obviously the slimeball du jour and should be shortly kicked into touch by the similarly slimy Lizard Liz. Lamb. Mutton.

  16. beanie says:

    Now that is good writing and good acting. I too have found myself having more tolerence for Vernon (can’t say like) just because Derek is soooo..(fishbelly manboobs scene) maybe the writers are working on Vernon’s evolution. It’s a shame that no matter how clever the writing…they can’t do anything about poor Kirk-eh unless they went sci-fi with a brain transplant.

  17. arphpeck says:

    Leave poor Kirkeh alone…He’s got a heart of gold and is faithful and true, not like almost every other guy on the show…

  18. missusmac says:

    I truly am not sure Vern has evolved. I think he is still a lecherous, lazy guy. However, he’s being outleched (new word!) by La Liz, which makes him seem a more sympathetic character.

    Fishbelly manboobs! hahahahahaha! Good one. And accurate.

    Kirk, I don’t know. He is faithful, and true, and kind. I like him because he tells the truth –but would want to wring his neck most days because he just floats through life.

    Does anyone remember how Kirk came along? I’m pretty sure he came first, then Maria followed. Was it when Ty wanted to get a dog that he and Kirk met?

  19. Diane/tvor says:

    Need to give the writers a bit of slack on this one. Just after this was filmed, that little girl, Maddie McCann, went missing in Portugal and because having Freddie kidnapped and missing for ages, which was the original storyline, was too close to the real story, they had to drop it and rewrite it pretty quickly. The fire had already been shot so they couldn’t really change that but they changed the aftermath so yes, it has huge holes in it.

  20. missusmac says:

    Oh. That explains A LOT.

    I thought that real-life kidnapping happened at the same time Casey first took Freddie– which was why he was returned so quickly.


  21. S. Poole says:


    I seem to recall Maria popping up first actually. Tyrone (and Monica) met Maria, probably through the kennel and he was smitten. I remember a scene where he casually showed up at the park to wait for her after seeing her walking a dog there the day before. She did show up eventually but with a bloke as well as a dog. Our Ty was devastated but found out later the bloke was her brother. I am 99% sure it was a different actor than our present Kirkeh as he was a much bigger guy. It was a non-speaking part so I don’t know if the actor would be listed anywhere online.


    S. Poole

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