The BUSTED Update February 25th 2008


Canucksters, I’m gonna come clean here and tell you that due to some crazy work hours I was exhausted last night and while I watched Coronation Street I couldn’t take the copious amounts of notes that I normally take. As a result, this update may not be my best work, nor may it be up to the standard set by my fellow posters. Still, I push on, and I give you the update for February 25th 2008, UK time Wednesday May 30th 2007.

Claire has gotten it in her head that she needs her diary from the empty burned out shell that was her house. She thinks there may be something in there that will help her find Casey. Ashley promises to go in there to get the diary in the hopes that it helps.

Later Ashley and Kevin decide to go into the house together to get the diary. Interestingly, he and Kevin have a conversation where Ashley says, “She needs to think I am supporting her.” Curious choice of words. I may have said, “She needs to know that I support her.” But perhaps I am splitting hairs here.

In Roy’s Ashley and Clair are sitting down to a cup of tea and worry. Sally comes over to lend some moral support and so does Becky, in her own way. Mind you, she focuses on the fact that people will be nice to Claire’s face but say all sorts behind her back. Ashley is offended, but perhaps he should let that sink in a bit. Roy assures the unhappy couple that he will tolerate no malicious gossip in the café. Claire and Ashley leave and Becky takes this as an opportunity to remind us all that Claire went loopy in the past, and could go loopy again.

Back at Eileen’s place, Claire is going on and on about being judged by everyone in the street. She is annoying right now, but in all fairness, it must be irritating to know that everyone thinks you are the loony who set your own house on fire. Taking matters into her own hands, she decides to have a drive around to see if she can spot Casey.

Kirk isn’t having the best time on the job front, poor guy. He lost his job and he lost his girl. If he would only work on his dingbat image, I’m sure something would happen for him. He strikes out at the garage as, shockingly, Kevin only hires people who know something about cars.

Meanwhile, Fizz is feeling like John is slipping through her fingers. Yes, she is at the ‘why hasn’t he called’ stage. This is kinda like how I felt last week when the hot guy from my favourite restaurant didn’t call me. Mind you, she and John have a real connection. The waiter only got my number because I got drunk, stole his cell phone and put my number in it … then sent myself a text message from his phone … while wearing his scarf and jacket. I should call Fizz and tell her that story, because, I saw this waiter a few days ago and it wasn’t weird at all. I can still eat at my favourite restaurant. See, everything works out. I’m sure John will call her.

Later, Fizz-bomb-Brown bumps into Kirk in the pub and he tells her that he has loads of job offers from diverse and exciting industries, such as insurance and mobile phones. She believes him. Ok… Although, I firmly believe that he could work for Bell Mobility considering what a crapshoot it is dealing with those morons on the phone. He could replace Emily the automated attendant, who, by the way, STILL wont send me my bill and tried to charge me five bucks to send me the bills they never sent me. They are still sending those bills to my place in Montreal despite eight attempts to change my address. I swear, you could strap those bills onto a donkey’s back, point it in a south westerly direction, smack it on the ass and in a couple days, you’d see that donkey making it’s way up my driveway, but trust Bell Mobility to send me anything and good luck! Anyway…

A little while later Fizz finds out that Kirk lied to her and no, he isn’t about to be hired as a CPA.

Now for the really good stuff. Leanne runs into Janice after a shift. Janice bangs the same drum about Leanne’s chosen work. Leanne tells Janice that she only went back to prostitution to raise the money for the restaurant.

Over at the Connor household, Paul is being super supportive. What a great guy. He also takes this opportunity to beat his drum about Leanne. Yes Paul, she’s a bad egg, your wife should just listen to you because you are a dishonest psycho, and dishonest psychos are excellent judges of character. Also, what did the Connors ever do to anyone? They don’t deserve to have anything bad happen to them.

Then, in the factory, Paul basically threatens Janice. Janice plays it cool while I scream WTF at the TV. Liam gives Paul what-for in the office.

Meanwhile Leanne and Carla sign the contract for the restaurant. The deal is sealed. Then Leanne makes an appointment for another shift of work telling Carla that she has an appointment with the bank manager.

Later, Leanne and Carla are at a posh bar celebrating, when Leanne’s double life bites her in the barstool. While Leanne is on the phone with the bank manager, an old dude comes up to ask Carla if they are “working” at the bar. Nice. He recognizes “Rachel” and says that he always asks for her, but if he knew that Lady Botox was available, he would have gone for her. Nicer. Carla may look like a horse, but she is significantly smarter than one and she soon catches on to what’s happening. She takes his card and plays like they will do some sort of sex worker side deal so as not to involve the ‘agency.’

Carla tells Leanne what just happened and while she pretends not to know the guy, it’s pretty clear that she does. Carla is not impressed. They abruptly decide to make it an early night.

On the way home Leanne is practically attacked by Paul. He tries to offer her money to get out of their lives, Leanne’s not going for it. Leanne points out that yes, she has sex for money, but he pays for sex while he’s got a wife at home. Paul takes off in a fury. Dude is a weirdo.

In other news:

Liz and Vernon are going to a licensee’s lunch and they keep making out. I think the writers are having a lot of fun with these two.

A young attractive guy asks buys Violet a drink and asks for her phone number. She says yes. She could have expedited that by getting drunk, stealing is phone and programming her number in it. But you know, different strokes …

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9 Responses to The BUSTED Update February 25th 2008

  1. beanie says:

    Great update!! If anything Debbie you are even wittier when tired.I was floored at how really violent Paul was when he grabbed Leanne.I really hate him.There is nothing the writers could do to make me like him!!!!!

  2. geenee says:

    Yes – good one Debbie!

    I refuse to like Paul either – or Carla.

    I do wish Ashley believed Claire. Why on earth would she set the house on fire, and then go back to bed? She hasn’t seemed depressed lately; angry about the noise – but to me that’s normal.

    Dierdre must be taking a well-earned rest after all the angst.

  3. whitehorsefan says:

    I am glad that Leanne’s secret is finally out. Waiting for the other shoe to drop was painful.

    That being said, Paul’s, and what is likely to be Carla’s, holier than thou thing is stunning. Let’s check out their track record: Paul has caused the death of his brother-in-law, then covered it up, and helped Carla cover up a death which she contributed to. Leanne sells sex for money. Which is worse?

  4. Kunzie says:

    Debbie, you are hilarious. The Kirk-eh’s at Bell Mobility arranged to come to ours on a Thursday. They never showed up. End of day,I called them and they let me know they had rebooked the appointment. Now how can you rebook an appointment without involving the rebookee?

    I’m out on my lonely limb here again: I like Carla. I think that she became confrontational, snipy, pushy and manipulative because of one thing: surviving marriage to Paul. She is married to a nasty, cold, unexpressive drip of a philanderer. I also think Carla is attractive. If I looked like her, I would be stealing MANY coats and waiters and phones!

    Carla may be angry at first, but I don’t think she will abandon Leanne…if Paul’s activities get out, he’ll be moving in with Dev.

    Like Ashley, I would also trust Kevin Webster. I think he can keep a confidence. Kind of an anti-Sean….

  5. romeozulu says:

    Deirdre, I’ve read, has been having tendon rehabilitation surgery. Recently, they’ve only been popping out to her collarbones, and she wants the full shoulder extension. Back soon.

  6. pip says:

    Good one, romeozulu! Poor Dierdre’s neck has been getting quite a workout these last few months, no wonder she needs rehab.

    I don’t know if Carla will be very accepting of Leanne as a hooker, especially not a business-partner hooker who might marry her brother-in-law. I mean, how will it look when customers come into the restaurant looking to get ‘served’ more than food?

    Why doesn’t Kirk look for a job at another kennel? I bet he’s actually really good with dogs. Now that he no longer has the kennel what will become of Schmeichal?

  7. arphpeck says:

    Love the comment about Lizard-neck. Wow. when I said a couple of weeks ago I thought someone might approach Leanne and Carla I was joking, I didn’t know that was really going to happen. The look Carla gave Leanne was the best acting I’ve seen her do. You could feel the hate, without her saying a word.
    Kirkeh could work for Revenue Canada, I’m sure he could do a better job than the person I’m dealing with….

  8. Gail says:

    I hear what you are saying about Bell Mobility. My 19 year old son’s car broke down on a country road on Sunday. He kept attempting to call for a tow truck (Bell Mobility) and kept dropping calls. Fortunately his friend had another phone service provider and they managed to finally get a tow truck. Thankfully his friend was there. Needless to say my son will be switching to another phone provider asap. He was not amused!

  9. robswizzle says:

    Love the comments about Bell. Too bad the other option, Rogers, is just as awful!

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