At Least He Didn’t Sing ‘Come On Baby Light My Fire’ To Her….Update

Claire Wants to Go-Go!

Claire is feeling like everyone on the street believes that she is responsible for the fire – even Dev who looked at her with his ‘tight lipped smile’ (oh man, we all know that!).   Ashley tries to convince her that it’s not true, but still she wants to leave, specifically to the Isle of Man.  She reminisces about the train ride to Douglas when Ashley sang ‘Wonderwall’ to her.  He tells her that he meant the chorus, that she was the one who saved him, and she tells him that he saved her.   aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.  So it’s settled, they are going on a vaycay.  (This is a wise decision.).

They leave the keys to the house with Eileen and Roy who decide to get Jason and Bill in there to do some repairs and Eileen and Roy will clean up the joint as a suprise.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

Kirk-eh, Soon To Be Known as ‘Three Fingers ‘ Sutherland

When Ashley and Claire discussed the vacation plans at the butchers, Ashley says that the problem is that he can’t leave Boris to watch the store alone.  (Boris, btw, has been there since like 1972 and I’m sure had to run it solo during several Peacock crisis…but I digress.).  Fizz overhears this and suggests that Ashley hire Kirkeh.

Because this is flippin’ KIRK we’re talking about, Ashley makes some joke about him losing a few fingers.  ahahahahaha!  But all kidding aside, Kirk did save Claire’s life so he owes him a job.   Later, Kirk says  that he owes Fizz a drink for recommending him, but she says, no thanks are necessary.

And By ‘Concerned Sister-in-Law’ Do You Mean ‘Bitch’?

Karla calls on the john who spoke to her at the bar the night before and asks him to meet her to discuss business.   Where should he meet her?  The Rovers, of course.   She brings him there to gage Rachel’s, I mean, Leanne’s reaction.  When she sees that Leanne is freaking out – indicated by her begging Liam to take her somewhere else and then running to the ladies, Karla knows what’s what.   She even tells ‘John’ what her plan is, which he thinks is just out right twisted.  (Liam, meanwhile, thinks John is an interested investor and encourages Leanne to chat with him.)

In the Ladies, Karla confronts Leanne who begs, begs, BEGS Karla not to ‘do this here’.  Karla, says, ‘No.’. 

Leanne leaves the Rovers and Karla says that she’ll meet her over at the restaurant to discuss business.  In reality she goes over to Leanne’s flat to find out what is what.   Leanne tries to say that she had an affair with ‘John’, but then Karla asks why he referred to the agency and why he called Leanne by her nom du lit, ‘Rachel’.   Leanne offers up several excuses, but Karla has her number pegged.  Leanne fesses up to being an escort and says that she did it because a friend of hers did it as a good way to raise tuition, blah, blah, blah.

It’s not good, Karla is telling Liam.  Leanne begs her not to because……’I love him.’.

Violet, Girlfriend, What Is Going On in Crazytown?

It would seem that George Michael has branched out into cults because Sean is walking down the streets of Weatherfield in a t-shirt that says, “I’ve just escaped from Camp Wham during their ‘Drink This Up Before You Go-Go’ kool-aid social.”

Violet compliments him on his neon attire and tells him that she has a date with guy from the pub.   Fast forward to the date, we see her back at his flat where the both of them talk of wanting a relationship…that I found a bit odd.   When guy invites her to water-bed for a bit of wavey-gravey she is all  for it….until he kisses her and she says it’s all going too fast and goes running out of his apartment.

Buddy, just pour yourself a big old glass of  ‘WTF’ and watch some Dr.Who.

In Other News

Does anyone know the best way of getting shredded cheese out of a Cuisinart?   Just asking.

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4 Responses to At Least He Didn’t Sing ‘Come On Baby Light My Fire’ To Her….Update

  1. Frank says:

    Yes but it involves alot of vodka.

  2. glacia says:

    Oooh Frank, you definately sound like my kind of man!

  3. beanie says:

    LMAO at the video.I must have been in some kinda coma when that came out! Thank God!!I think Liam’s speech thing is kinda cute but the more he drank tonight…the less I understood.Sharp dangerous instruments aside…I think Kirk would be a great butcher.He is a sweet guy and would be good at helping an OAP pick out a chop for us tea.But Boris…keep an eye on your joint.

  4. robswizzle says:

    Thanks for posting the Mike Flowers Pops video! I heard that version before I ever heard the Oasis song, so I love it wholeheartedly, not just as a laff.

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