Update – February 27, 2008 – You Can’t See Liz


From the Liz Macdonald Collection

The Confrontation

Leanne comes home to find Carla in her flat. She wants to know why Leanne thinks Paul hates her. Leanne claims not to know so Carla asks the question more directly: Did she sleep with him?

Leanne denies it (true) so Carla says she’s going elsewhere for her answers. Leanne begs her not to tell Liam but Carla doesn’t make any promises, except that the business deal is off.

Leanne runs out and finds Liam in front of the Rovers’. He hasn’t met Carla or Paul that day, to his admitted delight, and hasn’t been told anything. They head inside for a pint. Later on, he offers to hit ‘tinterweb and book a holiday somewhere sunny, just for the two of them. Leanne agrees, happy to get away from a world of judgement that’s about to fall on her head.

Back at the Connors’, Carla comes home and tells Paul of a friend of Leanne’s who may be an escort. Paul says that’s not surprising, given how “dog rough” she is (ouch). Paul heads to the office (on a Sunday) to do a bit of paperwork and Carla starts rifling through Paul’s pockets until she finds what she needs: a bill from the Ashton hotel, and a bill for “secretarial services.”

She calls Paul Franklin (the gentleman from yesterday) and blackmails him for the escort agency phone number.

Carla goes to the factory and calls the agency, pretending to be “Rachel” who’s lost a bracelet the last time she was with her client Paul Connor. The agency agrees to call Paul to see if he’s found it.

Inside the factory, Carla is being nice to her husband, while watching his mobile to wait for the agency to call. A phone call comes in but it’s a wrong number. Then it rings again. Carla swiftly picks it up to confirm the identity of the caller, then hands it over to Paul.

Paul tells the caller that he doesn’t wish to discuss business on a Sunday and hangs up. Carla asks who it was but Paul brushes it off as business related.

“So it wasn’t Wanda from Margie’s Discount Hoor Warehouse “Some Enchanted Evening”? she asks.

Paul knows the ruse is up: “What do you want me to say?”

Carla produces the bills (he claimed “secretarial services” through the factory and therefore has a bill) and asks him to lie his way out. He denies everything but Carla continues to demand details. Carla says that she knows Leanne is really Rachel (true) and that he slept with her (not true).

Paul asks Carla not to give up on him but she spits at him and tells him he can go crawl under a rock under Leanne’s bed, as soon as Liam is finished with her. Paul figures there’s no convincing her now and drives off all psycho-like in his Mercedes.

The Other Woman

Liz, dressed in a form-fitting camouflage outfit, has arrived at the Licensee dinner with Vernon. She spots Derek, who’s there with his wife, Linda. She recognizes Liz from her visit to the Red Lion.

It’s all a bit awkward until Derek and Vern get up for more drinks. Linda says Derek is usually off chatting up a barmaid and she doesn’t know why she married him and she doesn’t really love him and it’s so clear that Vernon that is devoted to Liz and Linda’s just so unhappy but won’t just come out and ask, “Are you having an affair with my husband?” so instead she’ll just sit here and whinge some more to a near stranger.

So, yeah, it’s that kind of lunch.

In Other News

Sean, in his Space Invaders t-shirt, talks to Violet to find out what happened last night, assuming that things went a south with her date. Turns out Violet was going to sleep with him in an effort to get pregnant, but she just isn’t the type of girl to take sperm from just anyone.

John Stape shows up at Fizz’s where they have a little chat, figure out that they’d like to be together in a serious way, watch an old movie, have some wine, and then snog.

Original broadcast: June 3rd, 2007

Hey, CBC went with the ITV closing credits this time!


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25 Responses to Update – February 27, 2008 – You Can’t See Liz

  1. beanie says:

    Great as always! The “dog rough” comment actually stung! Imagine if it came from an actual human being.I don’t like Carla but she is having a really bad day.Do business snakes really do that?Charge hookers to their expense accounts?

  2. geenee says:

    I have heard that they do – calling them secretarial services – also the business lunches in strip joints. Paul is such a sleeze himself but he is a man so there’s no dirty name for him – but sleeze will do. Poor Leanne, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Does anyone else find Vi kind of tedious? She’s always moping around looking miserable just because she hasn’t met a partner yet.

  3. robswizzle says:

    Everyone lies to Carla, even when it’s obvious they’ve been caught and she is not a moron. Sort of explains her p.o.’d personality.

  4. joy says:

    I loved Liz’s sparkly camouflage outfit! They must have a lot of fun shopping for her wardrobe.

    If Paul is writing hookers off as a business expense, why hasn’t Liam noticed that he’s paying for his brother’s assignations?

  5. pip says:

    So what is Carla going to do now? Is she going to tell Liam about Leanne, or is she going to leave things as they are, and let Paul decide whether to out her, and himself.

    That was amazing how Carla could just call off the restaurant deal, they must have had a special ‘if-my-partner-turns-out-to-be-a-tart-then-this-contract-is-void’ clause in the contract. I don’t think the seller is going to be too pleased.

  6. glacia says:

    Did anyone else notice Sean’s Pride cleaning gloves? Where can I buy thse?

    I’m LOVING Fizz and John together. love, love, love it. I feel all romantical when I see them together.

  7. papasmurf1964 says:


  8. geenee says:

    Let’s hope the restaurant deal said something like “conditional on mortgage or finance approval.” I doubt Leanne would get that – unless the bank manager is a customer of hers.

    I wish Fizz was a bit more self-confident with John but it would be nice to see them have fun for awhile like Tyrone and Molly.

  9. glacia says:

    Quote from ‘To Wong Foo’, papa.

  10. Kunzie says:

    I doubt the contract is too hard to nullify – Leanne misrepresented her financial solvency – she has no money. I would imagine that Carla can bankroll the whole project if she wants to.

    I would bet that any woman who has ever had a “Slimepaul” was jumping up and down on the couch last night for Carla!

    Violet is becoming one of those energy-sucking kind of friends whose calls you duck on a Saturday.

  11. Michigander Fan says:

    I was really impressed at how smart and methodical Carla was at catching Paul out. She thought of EVERY angle. She ought to write a book! In other news, Paul continues to be a big fat jerk.

    Glacia, you know I love ya, but I gotta disagree about John Stape. I think he’s manipulative and controlling. I swear I dated him (under another name). That whole “why are you all the way across the couch from me?” thing. It’s either seriously immature or seriously manipulative. I hope for Fizz’s sake he’s just immature, because manipulative takes a LOT of healing to get past.

    Violet is turning into one of those people noone wants to be around. Including me.


  12. pip says:

    I don’t think Carla will be able to bankroll the purchase on her own. She’s on the outs with Paul (unless she blackmails him) and she has no income from her children’s clothing business (remind me why she gave that up). Carla might be able to sue Leanne for misrepresenting her financial situation, but she can’t get out of the deal because of it, and the seller could sue them both. Unless, as genee says, the contract was subject to financing.

  13. debbie1975 says:

    When I saw Liz’s outfit last night, I almost dropped my dinner! Where did they find that?

  14. Kunzie says:

    I love how everyone brings their own perspective to the plotlines…we all seem to have certain stories that either attract us, or rub us the wrong way. I don’t mind John Stape, and I can see how he might be manipulative, but I don’t really react to it. On the other hand, Liz and Derek grate on me enormously…cheating is one thing, but it’s the pre-planned cheating with all the giggling that gets my goat.
    So I put it out to you guys: what stories or scenes have resonated most with you, positively or negatively?

  15. Michigander Fan says:

    I would say there are 23 categories:

    Uncomfortable but worthy

    And what I can think of off the top of my head is:

    The Claire PPD storyline was uncomfortable, but worthy – well-acted and realistic.
    Mike Baldwin dying – same thing.

    The Tracy Barlow murder trial started out great, and she’s a terrific actress, but towards the end I lost all aptience, largely because of Dreary.

    Since I began watching the show (about 18 months ago), the number 1 with a bullet would have to be the Jamie and Frankie storyline! GAG!

    On the other hand, Danny Baldwin’s exit from the show was FAB!!!

    Most things are a little of both for me I guess.


  16. Michigander Fan says:

    Sorry, that’s 3 categories!!!

  17. pip says:

    I found the ‘Letters from Richard Hillman/beyond the grave’ storyline went on for far too long and got very annoying.

    I’ve enjoyed the Michelle and Sonny and Sean and Steve storyline for the most part, especially now that Michelle and Steve are together.

    I must admit I am enjoying the Leanne’s a hooker storyline.

    Jamie and stepmom was far too much for me, though I thought the Danny/Leanne storyline was well done.

  18. geenee says:

    Worst or most annoying for me was the Kayee/Martin storyline. I couldn’t stand that family, especially Katie. It still bugs me that Martin doesn’t see David as he was such a good father until Katy came along and bashed her daddy. Actually, I was kind of cheering for her as I couldn’t stand him either, but then her and Angela’s constant whining and emoting got on my nerves.

    Second most annoying of course was the Frankie/Jamie storyline. If she hadn’t been so obviously pregnant it might have worked better – or if they had written the pregnancy into the plot.

  19. geenee says:

    Katy and Martin and that whole murder thing really got on my nerves; too much emoting and carrying on by Katy and Angela. Couldnt stand Tommy either so I wasn’t sorry when she bashed him; it was all the angst afterwards that got to me.

    Jamie and Frankie were such an unlikely couple too when she was so obviously pregnant. They should have written the pregnancy into the storyline because it just looked ridiculous.

  20. geenee says:

    The worst for me was the Katy/Martin fiasco and all she shreiking and angst from Katy and Angela. Didn’t mind seeing the end of Tommy though.

    Second worst was Jamie and the very pregnant Frankie. They should have at least written the pregnancy into the storyline.

  21. robswizzle says:

    I love the Street, but the police work is terrible, the businesses are terribly run, and there are way too many adult children living at home.

  22. Gail says:

    Robswizzle, I agree with you 100%. Love the show dearly but can’t get over how many people live in those tiny flats and apartments. And the way kids just move their girlfriends boyfriends in without ever consulting their parents. My son doesn’t even invite anyone for dinner without checking if its ok first.

  23. robswizzle says:

    Ken is the worst though! Where’s his self-respect, crashing on an ex’s couch at his age?

  24. geenee says:

    I guess it’s gone with all his savings – to Tracy’s lawyer! If it’s the couch or Dierdre, I think I’d take the couch – and Denise did offer – he didn’t ask.

  25. pip says:

    I think Denise is starting to regret her offer. Hasn’t he been there for at least 3 or 4 weeks now? Is he paying room and board at least, or is he freeloading? He’s not being a very good role model for his long-neglected son.

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