Love Is In The Air – Update

Michelle and Steve:

Steve asks Michelle are working in the Rovers and Steve asks if she notices anything different. (I noticed she looks very Betty Boo – remember Doin’ the Do?) He specifically wants her to notice his smart new shirt. She says he has shaved? Did he get his haircut? Plucked eyebrows? He says he thought women were observant. She says she loves his new shirt. There is a knock at the front door of the pub. Steve says they are not open. Steve then opens the door to a woman that is hysterical and in tears. It’s Linda who asks for Liz, who just appears from the back. Linda says she knows they only met at the do the other night but didn’t know who else to turn to. Liz tells her it’s ok and takes her through the back. Steve puts on a face to Michelle as if saying “what?”. Michelle shrugs also looking very perplexed. May I ask, who goes to a stranger in tears??

Liz and Derek:

In the back room of the Rovers, Linda is crying and tells Liz that she thinks that Derek is having an affair.  Liz looking like she is crazy, says – “an affair?” Linda says Derek is devious and has does this before. Liz wonders how she knows. Linda says her brother has a posh flat, it is empty most of the time as he works on the rigs. She was giving it a tidy and knows he’s been in there with his woman he’s having an affair with. (Have you heard of cleaners?) Linda says she know the signs as he is being nice to her. Liz says, maybe he’s being nice, as he likes her. (Like, shouldn’t he love her?) Linda says it’s because he’s got a guilty conscience and can see it all over his face.

Linda is saying she feels bad dumping all this on her and they don’t even know each other. Liz says its ok – um…okay if you are completely psychotic. Linda asks what she is supposed to do now, pretend she does not know or hope it goes away. She says she would not mind if he was better at it and she didn’t know. Just then Vernon comes in saying there are busy and wondering when Betty is coming in. Liz says she will be out in a minute. Linda says she better go. Liz says if she ever wants to talk. Linda smiles and goes.

Later that day…Derek and Liz are outside behind the pub. Derek asks what the big emergency is. Liz says she had Linda round and she knows he is seeing someone. Derek asks if she knows it is Liz. She says Linda would not come round to see her if she knew. Liz says she does not like seeing his wife in tears and that it’s over. She tells him she is going away. Derek says she could come but Liz says no.

Sarah and David:

At the Platt household, Jason comes down the stairs and says he is off. Sarah tells him to wait to which Jason replies that he is in a hurry. She tells him after Number 4 is done he will be going home (stating the obvious and Jason seems to think so too with the odd look he gives her) She then asks if he would rather stay here, with the Platt clan . David says the correct answer is no, Jason. Sarah tells him to shut up. Jason says he would like that. David says no way. Sarah tells him not to worry about David as they can build him a kennel out the back – or perhaps a shed like Bubbles Morton. Jason says they will talk about it later and goes. David smiling, DEVILCHILD,  says no chance.

Later on, Gail and David are in the kitchen. She asks David what his next exam is. He says while squirming in his seat, he does not know and he likes it to be a surprise, who doesn’t like a surprise exam! It’s like a supersized pop quiz!  She asks if he has done any revision. He says it’s a mad house and it’s going to get worse, very smooth Devil Child. Gail asks what he means and he tells her that Jason is moving in. Gail says tight-lipped, after Claire and Ashley’s house is done Jason will be going home. David has a small satisfied smirk  on his face.

Denise and Ken?:

At Denise’s flat she asks what Ken has been doing all day. Ken says he’s been “thinking”. She says she hopes it’s been productive. She then says she thinks he is flirting with both families and is not committed to any family. She does have a good point. He says he loves being with Daniel and is not going to walk away from him. Easy to say ten years later… She asks if he has walked away from this other family. He says he is not walking away from anyone.  You say that now….

Paul and multiple women:

Janice answers the door to Paul, who looks completely disheveled. He says he would like a word with Leanne in private. Janice informs him that they keep no secrets between them. Leanne comes and tells Janice to go finish her toast. You tell her.

Leanne then says she didn’t tell Carla and begs him not to tell Liam. Paul says they had a deal with each other. Liam just comes up and asks if he is asking Leanne to put a good word in with Carla for him. Liam tells him he should brush his teeth (not to mention his hair and iron). Paul says for him to take care of the factory and he will take care of his marriage. He leaves and Leanne asks what is up. Liam says they had an argument but will sort it out. He leaves and Leanne calls, it goes to voice mail. She leaves a message for her to call her as soon as possible.

At the flat, Paul is outside hoping to get in to see Carla. Carla finally answers and he tells it’s him. She says she knows it’s him and tells him to go away from the intercom. Paul says they need to talk, but Carla is having none of it. He pulls out a card and swipes it along the door and goes in.  (How about doing that in the first place?)

Inside Chez Connor, Paul is pouring himself a drink. Carla tells him this is break and entry and that she would like the card key back. He says, too bad. Carla says it is early to be drinking. Carla wonders where the flowers or jewellry are. Paul replies, if he did get her that would it change her mind? She says no. He then says it would have been a waste of money. She says he has been caught with his pants down (literally) and asks if he can persuade her to take him back and if this is just another adventure of their roller coaster marriage. He says like he always says when asked a difficult question, “I do”.

Carla gives him lots of bills and tells him to try and deny was he has done. He says he is not denying it but the one for therapy was for “therapy”. Carla responds, that it is not funny. She asks how long he has been going to see the escorts, he replies three years. (Three years, my god!) Paul tells her he loves her more then ever, right… Carla she hates him more then ever. He tells her to believe this that he didn’t do anything with Leanne. He says they can do the restaurant venture together. She tells him “no” and that she wants a divorce and is going to get every penny she can out of him. She turns her back and an angry Paul throws this glass off the wall. She turns round and Paul is just about to go for her – she tells him if he lays a finger on her she will call the police. Paul on the way out knocks all the stuff off the counter. Carla starts crying.

In the flat Leanne has just come back from a job; her phone goes off. Leanne says she has just got back in. The agency gives her another job to go on and she agrees that she will make the appointment.

Leanne is at a restaurant/lounge all decked out in a red suit. She turns to see Paul appear where she is standing at the bar. She tells him if he wanted to talk, he knew where she lived. Paul orders a drink and downs it in one gulp. She asks him what he wants. He orders her to leave town, (is this a western?) and he says she will be distant memory by tomorrow. Leanne says he won’t tell him or he would have said something last night. Paul asks if she is calling his bluff. He then says he is soft. Leanne says he won’t tell him, as he loves Liam. (who doesn’t) Paul tells her the restaurant venture is over and done with. Paul downs his drink then says he won’t tell Liam if she does one thing for him and that is, she tells Carla he didn’t sleep with him and gets her to take him back. You sort of believe Paul at this point. Paul says he wants her to tell Carla now. Leanne says she will comply, and they head out of the lounge.

They leave the and are on top of a building car par. He says he wants to “show her something” and opens the trunk of his car. Leanne asks what it is, Paul says this…. and pushes Leanne into the trunk of the car!!! She screams for him to let her go. He tells her to watch her hands and closes the trunk telling her there is a change of plan. (Slightly…) He says she wrecked his marriage with Carla so he is going to wreck hers life. He then says she better hold on as it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Leanne screams, shouting for him to let her out.

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10 Responses to Love Is In The Air – Update

  1. Gail says:

    Although I have never been a fan of Carla’s I did feel sorry for her. Paul is a real bastard! What he did was the ultimate betrayal.

  2. missusmac says:

    I asked a friend who she hated more — Carla or Paul? She says Carla. Paul, she believes, is psychotic,and so can’t be held accountable for his actions. Carla is sane, just plain mean and calculating, and knows what she is doing.

    I hate Paul more, because I think he’s simply controlling, arrogant and unfeeling. Not mentally unstable though. Or at least, not until last night.

    Couldn’t help thinking though, as Carla took the shears to Paul’s pants, that this scene was done much better before by R’ Tracey to Dev’s clothes, which she then threw out the window.

    Was it me, or was that whole Linda thing totally off-kilter? Good drama, but as I was explaining the dynamics to mistermac, I realized how stupid it sounded.

  3. Kunzie says:

    Linda must be very lonely for her to seek out Liz to talk to, after meeting her only twice. Linda seems like a nice woman – surely she has some girlfriends? Would have been more believable if she just chanced to meet Liz again, and it evolved into a conversation.

    I am still open-minded toward Carla. What should she have done in the face of chronic, serial infidelity other than be “calculating” enough to bust the guy? Carla is seeking to create a business of her own – she does not just hang around Weatherfield unemployed, dissing and hurting people, like Tracy did. She wanted the Connors to trust her and make her one of their family, and apparently they never did. I think her actions in the hospital sucked. I am hoping that Romeo Connor and Juliet Battersby can somehow sort things out…Carla was malicious, drunk and nasty…so basically you can look at her character from alot of perspectives!

    Ken needs to get off Denise’s couch. In a small apartment, any but the briefest of stays on the couch is taking advantage of the host; Ken is not destitute, vulnerable, homeless or helpless. He would be much better off either staying with someone who has a bigger place, or making a den for himself at home and asking Dierdre (suddenly so cooperative!) to respect his space. He can visit Daniel as appropriate. That’s all he and Daniel can do going forward anyway, as Ken (so far) will not be living with Daniel’s mother.

  4. geenee says:

    Dierdre refused Ken’s suggestion to convert Tracy’s room into a den, preferring to keep it as a shrine. He is pretty broke from paying the legal bills but should move into some kind of cheap digs as he’s overstayed his welcome. He seems overwhelmed by recent events and Dierdre’s remarks have made him feel guilty about his own kids.

    I’m not crazy about Carla; she’s too selfish and self-absorbed. On the other hand, she’s been living with psycho Paul who’s no Mother Teresa either. When Kasia had the accident all those two could think of was how to cover it up. Any normal human being would have been on the phone to 911 right away. It does take people like these 2 to make soaps interesting.

    It was good for Liz to see how her actions impacted someone else. Her little bit of fun wasn’t fun for Linda, though you would have thought she’d turn to a friend rather than Liz – unless she suspects Liz and was trying to guage her reaction.

  5. pip says:

    Paul’s a psycho and Carla’s a self-centred bitch.

    Liam and Michelle both seem decent types, though Liam is a bit easily led by Paul. I wonder what it is in Paul’s background that has made him such a jerk? Also, what are the age differences between the three of them? Liam is about 26 because Dean died 5 years ago on his 21st birthday. Michelle has a 15 year old son so she must be at least in her early 30’s. Paul looks like he’s pushing 40. And where are their parents? Why isn’t anyone calling them to let them know about the accident? (And why hasn’t Janice tried to get in touch with Les or Toyah?)

  6. corrierules says:

    I really want to leave a comment but I am rendered speechless by Paul’s scariness, Derek’s sleaziness, Linda’s cluelessness, Ken’s self-absorption and Liz’s poor choice in men. Steve’s shirt was nice though.

  7. beanie says:

    I’m starting to enjoy Carla.Ya gotta love her inappropriate drunkeness in a somber hospital setting and then she asks “is there a bar here?”LOL

  8. geenee says:

    I guess parents haven’t been called – or Les or Toyah – as they haven’t had time yet, having just arrived at the hospital. Or maybe they were called during the multitude of commercial breaks we get. They don’t always show all the details so maybe parents and Toyah and Les will appear – but don’t hold your breath.

  9. jacqui583 says:

    Linda had said to Liz that it’s so nice to have someone who’ll listen. This made no sense to me as Liz was doing everying she could to stop the conversation.

    I am so tired of Ken’s drama. Ok, Diedre was wearing me out, but Ken needs to get over himself. I hope they close this storyline soon.

  10. Gail says:

    Pip, I completely agree with your comments. As much as I love the show (long time viewer) I often wonder why parents aren’t notified when one of their children are critically injured. Certainly if it was my child irregardless of their age I would want their significant other to contact me.

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