Update- Friday, February 29, 2008- Getting the Boot


The scene begins with Paul and Leanne, stowed in the trunk of Paul’s car, still in the parking lot. Paul bangs a couple times on the trunk, and then gives Liam a call. Paul tells Liam, who is at Underworld, to meet him at the flat. Liam protests, but Paul says, “You don’t want to miss this,” and hangs up.

Leanne begins to frantically bang on the hood of the trunk, and Paul tells her to hold on tight. Paul then speeds around, taking tight corners, and making it very uncomfortable for Leanne. Leanne, meanwhile, tries to phone Janice, who cannot hear her very well, as the reception is not good and the kids are playing loud music on at Underworld. The phone goes dead. Janice tries to phone Leanne back, but gets Leanne’s voicemail. 

Meanwhile, at the Rover’s, Carla barrels into the back room clutching bottles of wine with Michelle close behind her. Steve, who is in the back room, reminds Carla that this is not a “bring your own wine” establishment, and Michelle clarifies that Carla has purchased it. Mollified, Steve leaves, and Michelle steps out for a second to let him know that it appears that this time, Carla and Paul will not be making up. Steve wishes Michelle luck with “Cruella Divorce”.

Liam decides to meet with Paul at his flat. Janice follows him outside, and says that she thought Leanne said on the phone that she was in Paul’s car. Liam is extremely confused, and so he phones Paul. During Paul’s wild driving the phone has slipped off the seat, and he fumbles around trying to get it. He takes his eyes off the road to locate it, and as he picks it up, he goes through a red light, and a garbage truck slams into the car. Leanne screams, Paul has been pushed into the passenger seat, and is unconscious, and then all is silent.

Carla is indulging in wine and whine, complaining to Michelle that Michelle does not like her. Instead of getting up and leaving, Michelle lets Carla rant on. Carla does not tell Michelle why things are so wrong, she just tells her that she is going to divorce Paul and take as much money as she can.

Liam and Janice who are driving to the flat, get stuck in a traffic jam. Liam asks Janice to call Carla. Janice interrupts Carla and Michelle’s cosy chat only to hear Carla tell her that she does not care where Paul is and if Janice does see him, to tell him to “drop dead”. An ambulance drives by Liam and Janice, and Janice gets out to see what is happening. Liam follows her, and they realize that it is Paul’s car. Liam tries to get to the car, but is prevented from doing so by the police. Janice asks frantically if anyone else was in the car and it told, unequivocally, “No.” So Janice once again tries Leanne’s cell phone… and hears it ringing from inside the trunk of the car. The emergency personnel use the jaws of life to get Leanne out. She is conscious but not really with it. They strap her into the stretcher, and take her away.

Liam tries to call Carla, but when she sees who it is, she just ignores it. Soon after, the phone rings at the Rover’s, and then Steve comes into the room. He informs them that Liam has called the Rover’s, and Paul has been in an accident.

Carla, Michelle and Steve arrive at the hospital. Carla has decided to continue on being such a class act, and asks where the bar is. Janice tells them all that Leanne was in the trunk of Paul’s car, and all are puzzled, except Carla, who goes on being totally obnoxious. Janice goes into to see Leanne. The doctors had been afraid that she had suffered brain damage, but her CT scan has turned up clear. The doctor now tells Janice that Leanne will probably just sleep until morning.

In the waiting room a nurse enters and speaks with the Connors. She tells them that they are taking Paul to the operating theatre, and that, although they will do everything they can, that the Connors should “expect the worst”. Carla decides that that is the moment to gently break the news. She informs Liam, Michelle and Steve that it should be Leanne and not Paul, the sweet angel, who should be in intensive care. “Leanne, the lovely Leanne, your girlfriend Liam, is a prostitute, and your big brother is her number one customer.”

In Other News

Sarah, sporting her rabbit fur coat, stops by Gail’s work to ask if, pretty please, can Babes move in? Gail stops her from making the suggestion, by saying no, absolutely not, no way. Sarah, discovering that David already told Gail of this “plan”, leaves in a huff. Later she runs into the house and starts hitting David like a girl. David wants to know if she is sad because she and “Bob the Builder” broke up. Jason walks in and pulls Sarah off David. Sarah tells Jason that lo and behold maybe telling her idea to Jason in front of David might not have been a good idea, as he then went and ruined it by telling mummy first. She begins smacking David again. Gail comes in and tries to break it up again. Sarah goes ballistic, saying (truthfully, but nevertheless sounding like she is 12) that David always gets his own way and she never gets to do anything. David smirks like he was the one that actually changed Gail’s mind.

Ken is babysitting Amy at the Rover’s, when Deirdre comes in. She sits down and does not launch into a tirade. Ken asks if she is busy that evening. Deirdre brightens up: what could be better than a good old smack down with Ken on a Monday night? But Ken disappoints her. He asks her if she can take care of Amy so he can see is other, better family. Disappointed, Deirdre agrees.


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18 Responses to Update- Friday, February 29, 2008- Getting the Boot

  1. geenee says:

    Exciting episode! But the CBC is making us wait until Tuesday to find out what happens, They are so annoying – with their incessant commercials and promos and repeating the news headlines five minutes after we’ve just seen them. And emailing does no good. Sorry, I just had to vent.

    Touching moment with Janice at Leanne’s bedside. The siblings don’t know what to feel or think about Paul. I suppose Cruella will be in charge at the knicker factory if anything happens to Paul.

    I enjoyed the fight with Sarah and David; it reminded me of my own kids when they were home; ah, nostalgia!

  2. TrudyC says:

    This whole episode I kept thinking – this is a newer model car – there has to be a release inside the trunk. It was driving me crazy. Then when the firemen start trying to pry the truck open – I yelled at the TV – go to the driver’s side – there has to be a trunk release there. I hate when I do that!

  3. geenee says:

    But wasn’t the driver’s side smashed in? They had to use the jaws to get him out. Maybe Leanne didn’t know about the trunk release; I didn’t or hadn’t thought about it. Where is it? I have heard that you should try to kick the taillight out and attract attention that way but it did seem to happen pretty quick – and Leanne is more tuned in to her phone!

    It’s usually the police who drive me crazy in these shows and I’m asking why don’t they check phone records, etc.

  4. missusmac says:

    There is a pull tab on most newer model cars, sort of like a big key, that you can pull and open the trunk with from the inside.

    Trudy, I did the same thing — just pull the trunk release — jeez! And hated myself for thinking this was somehow based on reality! 🙂

    I wasn’t sure whether Carla would spill the beans or not. She made it through two episodes without ever mentioning Leanne’s job to anyone she was crying to, so I almost thought Miss Battersby was in the clear.

    And finally, I thought Ken was supposed to be a smart guy? His little grey cells seem dormant right now…

  5. thebigseester says:

    Geenee said: But the CBC is making us wait until Tuesday to find out what happens, They are so annoying – with their incessant commercials and promos and repeating the news headlines five minutes after we’ve just seen them. And emailing does no good. Sorry, I just had to vent.

    I know – doesn’t it drive you NUTS!? I mean, they couldn’t have taken 12 seconds to notice that there was a MAJOR storyline breaking right now?

    Also, I know we all complain about the Little Mosque commercials, but you know which ones really get me annoyed? “The Week The Women Went.” Yawn. I cannot believe they have spun that into a several week show – weren’t they only gone for a week (hence the title)? How clueless are men, anyway? Apparently they cannot be trusted with anything. (So why are they running the country, may I ask?)

    I swear if I see one more commercial about this idiotic show, I may have to hurt someone.

    Michigander Fan

  6. thebigseester says:

    On the other hand, I feel magically drawn to visit Newfoundland and Labrador…


  7. thebigseester says:

    Re: Connors. In Leanne’s defense, it was dark in the trunk, and plus, the way he was driving, it would have been hard to find any such release, even if she knew it was there. And hoenstly, I’ve had my car for several years now, but every time I want to raise the hood, I have to bend over and look at where the latch is. I hope she’ll be OK. I hope Liam will be able to get past this, but somehow I doubt it.

    Re: The Platts. It was really hard to find anybody to like in this mini drama. First of all, Sarah seems to have conveniently forgotten that she and Jason would have been living together if he hadn’t left her at the altar. And it is pretty presumptuous to assume that your mom doesn’t mind your boyfriend moving in. (And what is Gail supposed to do the first time they have a fight and Sarah tells Gail to make Jason move out?) OTOH, Gail once again walked right into David’s trap. She is going to have a serious criminal on her hands if she doesn’t watch it. However, I did feel a little sorry for Sarah. She’s right. David gets away with everything. That would get old, fast.

    Also, this Linda person seems very unhinged. I mean, you don’t show up at someone’s work who you barely know to sob about your husband having an affair.

    Does Clare not realize that leaving town makes her seem guilty? I’m surprised she was allowed to leave town, although it isn’t a murder investigation.


  8. corrierules says:

    Anyone notice that the writers or sound people are obsessesed with Wonderwall. First it was Claire and Ashley reminiscing about the time he serenaded her with that song and then on Friday (I think?) it was playing as background music. or am i just imagining things and need to get out more?

    Oh and isn’t Ms Cruella Divorce a class act? “Hey Liam your brother’s as good as dead and by the way the love of your life sleeps with men for money. Anything else you need to know in your hour of need?”

  9. arphpeck says:

    Yes, I noticed the song, too. Good reason to crash a car in my opinion.
    I wonder why the rest of the car was smashed so much, and the trunk is so strong there was hardly a dent?????? Reality, what a concept.

    Big Seester – yes, some men are pretty useless when it comes to looking after a house and kids. Here’s an example: For my 43th b-day 4 years ago I went to Vancouver with my best friend of 30 years to see Dave Matthews in concert and do city stuff for a few days. I live on a rock in the middle of the ocean, (Haida Gwaii aka Queen Charlotte Islands), so even going to a mall is exciting. Anyways, my husband (now my ex-husband) was heating up TV dinners for the kids because he can’t (won’t?) learn how to cook. He put the full jar of peanut butter on the stove while he was making a sandwich for himself. Yep, you guessed it – he put it on the burner that has the hole where the heat comes out of the oven. Melted plastic and peanut butter all over the burner, and it dripped down into the oven, too. He left it all a mess for me to clean when I got home. I have 20 years of stories like that….

  10. missusmac says:

    My mother’s theory was men take care of the country because women are taking care of everything else.

    I did wonder if Claire and Ashley had told the police they were leaving? If not, Inspector Clouseau will definitely arrest her this time.

    BTW, I thought the female PC looked uncomfortable with Closeau’s questioning. Do you think she thought he was a jerk too?

  11. geenee says:

    OK: I just have to ask, in case I’m ever thrown in a trunk – where is the big tab that’s shaped like a key. Is it in the middle inside the lock? Please excuse my ignorance; I drive an ancient little car with no amenities.

    The CBC is very insensitive to big storylines and doesn’t seem to care that fans are waiting to see what happens next. This makes me want to boycott the programs they promote so often so I have never actually watched the one about the women leaving; also I hate reality TV, preferring to escape reality and all the BS that goes with it. The only one of the new shows I watch is jpod – only because I like D. Coupland’s books.

    I guess we should be grateful that CBC now gives us make-up episodes, which is a step forward for them.

  12. Diane/tvor says:

    Boy… talk about having junk in the trunk!

  13. missusmac says:

    Ha, good one!

    The lever is on the side of the lock mechanism in the trunk. Ours looks like it might glow in the dark, but I really have no experience with that. Unlike Leanne.

  14. geenee says:

    Thanks missusmac; a glow-in-the-dark trunk release would be great!

    I just had a thought: why didn’t the police suspect Ashley? If something happens to the wife, the husband or boyfriend is the usual suspect. Could he prove he wasn’t lurking? He did have a key, plus he and Josh were out of harm’s way, as was Freddie.

  15. Gail says:

    Regarding Lee-Anne in the trunk. Why would’nt she simply dial 999? That’s what I would have done.

  16. Michigander Fan says:

    Geenee –

    Awesome point! Why DON’T the police suspect Ashley?

    Gail –

    My hunch is that calling the police would have proven very awkward for Leanne, and I think she was still hopeful she could talk Paul out of ratting her out.


  17. geenee says:

    OK – the last word on trunk latches: I talked to someone who sells cars and she told me that only some cars have them – not all. Maybe Leanne has Janice on speed dial – next to the escort service!

    Maybe I obsess too much about these details – but there will probably more to obsess about tonight!

  18. pip says:

    I think the police didn’t suspect Ashley because he doesn’t have that oh-so-damning history of post-partum depression, and he didn’t threaten to burn down Daryl’s shed. The police have to have at least a few ducks in a row (even if they are lame) before they haul someone in for questioning.

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