What a leapy day indeed

Happy Leapy Day everyone. We only have the honour and privilege of experiencing February 29th every 4 years, so I think it requires a mention. Also, given the scheduling of Coronation Street (in the UK), it isn’t too often that it actually airs on February 29th. But it did air on our most recent leap year back in 2004. I thought it could be a fun trip down memory lane to revisit the events of this episode and see how far we’ve come.


Bev Unwin

Bev is drunk again and shamefaced that she blabbed too much to Ken about Deirdre’s non-affair with Glacia’s favourite Charlie Stubbs. Ken’s annoyed and Deirdre’s wondering what’s wrong. There’s absolutely no communication in the Barlow residence. Hey, could this be February 2008 after all?

But wait, maybe it isn’t present day after all. Because Ken and Deirdre make up and Ken says that he will always trust Deirdre. Mwah.

K an dD

Happily ever after….for now….

Dev and not-yet-mad Maya are an item and Dev is getting ready to meet his future in-laws. But Maya gets a little, how shall we put this…crazy. But they make up. How could this love not last?


Todd is not yet gay and is accused by Carl of being a homophobe. A lot can come up while two people are stuck in a lift for 1-1/2 hours! Todd defends that he’s not a homophobe, because he kissed a bloke (Sarah’s Nick) a few months ago.

Carl insists that kissing another man doesn’t make one gay. After the lift doors open and a brief chortle, the 2 men shake hands in the most masculinely way possible.

Todd has just met Sarah at the cafe and Todd tells her he’s going to start working at the hospital full time. Sarah feels the baby kick and both are dead chuffed! AWWWWWWWWWWW

Someone is trying to hire Claire out from Ashley’s feet. Fred says that Ashley would be mad to let her go, I say mad to let her go. Wonder how this will work out.

Next, Charlie walks into the bar and Bev lights up like a birthday cake doused in gasoline! She asks him if they can go out again and he says she should find a man on her night off.

Poor Bev is crushed, and we end the episode where we began. Bev’s drowning her sorrows in the nearest source of alcohol. Shelley finds her and Bev tells her all about how much she liked Charlie! Before she can take another gulp of her libation of choice, Bev’s off to Ken and Deirdre’s to report to Ken that Deirdre is definitely with Charlie. Deirdre arrives and tells Bev to slag off before is arrested for public drunkeness. Poor Bev is devestated and slinks off.

Well, that’s it for February 29th, 2004. It will be interesting to see what happens in the episodes aired on February 29th, 2008! If anyone can remember previous leap years, I’d love to hear about them.

Bev Unwin
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3 Responses to What a leapy day indeed

  1. debbie1975 says:

    I really enjoyed that!

  2. missusmac says:

    Whenever I think of Bev, I think of her with hour mouth open and at least one hand clapped across her mouth as she begins to sober up and realizes what she said!

    I remember her demented allegation that Deirdre and Charlie were at it. Wow, that would have made an interesting Tracey/Charlie/Deirdre plot.

    And still, Ken would have done nothing about it…

  3. pip says:

    Now, missusmac, Ken would have looked pained and then tried to discuss it all very calmly and rationally with Dierdre and Charlie. And when that didn’t work he would have slammed Dierdre up against the wall.

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