Well It’s Trivia Time!!!


Yes Canucksters we are, once again, about to head down that beguiling road to trivia town. I came by today’s trivia in a strange way. I was doing some research about the birthdays of various character in an attempt to assess Fiz and Kirk’s relationship in zodiac terms. Interestingly the Aquarius Kirk and the Libra Fiz are very well suited. In fact, those two signs are soul mates, one of the best matches in the zodiac. Although, they would both also do well with a Gemini. If the logic holds, the textbook Leo that I am, I should be good with Sagittarius and Aries. Like Kirk and Fiz, my sign is “Trine” with Aries and Sagittarius. But this isn’t about me.

My aim was to see if John Stape was equally well matched. Basically, is John Stape a Gemini? Sadly, I cannot assess this because as with many of the newer characters on the street, he doesn’t have a history that is as well developed as most of the Corrie stand-bys. So, I don’t know if the starts are right for John and Fiz.

While doing this very important internet research I stumbled onto an interesting fact. While rapid ageing is a regular device in North American soaps (who remembers Nicholas Newman on Y&R going to boarding school at 4 and coming back 5 years later at 18?) it is a very rare occurrence on The Street. Indeed, only two characters on Corrie have ever been aged rapidly. In one case it was for the benefit of a story line. In another, it may have just been a simple continuity error.

Canucksters, can you tell me which two characters have been rapidly aged and by how many years?

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15 Responses to Well It’s Trivia Time!!!

  1. Diane/tvor says:

    The one that was aged for storyline purposes was Mark Redman. He was aged a year or so so that he could be in the same year at school with Nick Tilsley, who was being taught by Ken Barlow. Thus, Ken got to meet Maggie Redman who was Mike Baldwin’s ex. I never knew why Ken didn’t realize Maggy was Mike’s ex when Deirdre knew. Ken also didn’t realize that Mike was Mark’s father which Deirdre also knew.

    I don’t think Sarah Lou was aged or if her age was sort of stalled a year, but when it was discovered that she was pregnant, a big deal was made that she was pg. at 13. But she was 5 months along when it was discovered in Feb. or end of January that year. That means she actually conceived at the age of 12.

  2. missusmac says:

    I think one of the Webster girls growed up quick, but they were recasting the girls a while back.

    Mark Redman was before my time! The Mark I saw had an affair with Mike’s girlfriend, soon to be wife, Linda.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    Re: The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame:

    Here’s what CBC says: Celebrate the achievements of legendary songwriters Paul Anka and Anna McGarrigle. Also, enjoy a special tribute to the late jazz great Oscar Peterson.

    See, I had no idea that Paul Anka was Canadian. It’s very interesting, but I’d rather know whether Leanne and Paul are going to live.

    Michigander Fan

  4. Michigander Fan says:

    BTW, no clue on the trivia. But then, I never do. Haven’t been watching the show for long enough. Good luck to you all though!


  5. TrudyC says:

    I think one is Nick Tilsey. He went away (can’t remember where) a whiney kid and came back as the hunk we know now probably aged by 3 years or so. I don’t think Sara was aged but just appeared so when the changed the actress who played her. She was born in 1987 (year before my son.

  6. arphpeck says:

    Tracy went upstairs to do homework and when she came down later she was a different actress, I think she was older too.
    I still get a creepy feeling about John. I don’t think it is very cute that Fizz thinks she isn’t good enough for him. I am waiting for him to show his true colours so Fizz can be with someone who loves her as she is, and thinks she is fine. John treats her like he thinks she is not quite smart or good enough.

  7. arphpeck says:

    I bet John is a gemini, the ones I know all have 2 sides to their personality, one good and one a real a–hole,

  8. pip says:

    Gee, thanks arpheck, I’m a Gemini (however, I think astrology is a load of hooey, so I’m not offended!).

    I don’t agree that John doesn’t think Fizz is good enough. I think he sees her as having wonderful potential, and he’s encouraging her to realize that potential. Kirk never had the ability to do that and of course Cilla would never have encouraged Fizz to do that. Fizz wants more out of life and John encouraging her along the path of getting the most from her life. That’s a good thing.

  9. Michigander Fan says:

    Actually Ahrpeck,

    I have the same creepy feeling about John. I think he’s gamey and maipulative. Pip disagress (but I still like her!)

    We’ll see in the end who was right about their thoughts.


  10. debbie1975 says:

    John’s desire to “help” Fiz meet her potential or “teach” her something is the biggest turn-off in the world for me. This is why I rarely date teachers (joke).

    The idea that he is there to help her reach her potential is incredibly self important and, I think, it can lead to trouble since it may well be tied to a superiority complex. If you feel superior to someone, you’ll do whatever you want to them.

  11. whitehorsefan says:

    What I see of John is not that he envisions anything in particular for Fizz, just that she has low self esteem, and he is trying to boost that.

    While I don’t think that in real life that is a great dynamic in a relationship, I think in Corrie land that makes him an a-okay guy.

    I hope I am right, because I don’t want Fizz to go through a rotten relationship.

  12. Gail says:

    Regarding the trivia question: All of the following characters have been replaced by different actors: Tracy, Adam, Rosie, Sophie, Sarah, David, Nick. Now I just wish they would replace the wooden little girl who plays Bethany (I’m sorry but the child cannot act). As far as John Stape is concerned he gives me the creeps. There doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between him and Fiz at all.

  13. debbie1975 says:

    Interestingly the rapid ageing does not coincide with a change in actor.

    I’ll say that Diane/tvor got one person. It was indeed Mark Redman who was aged one year so that he could start at the school that Ken taught at.

    I’ll put the other answer up today.

  14. debbie1975 says:

    OK Folks, here is your answer:

    The second character who was radpily aged was young Sophie Webster.

    Basically, she went off to senior school a year earlier than she should have as children in the UK start after their 11th birthday, she started after her 10th.

    Strangely, she celibrated her 13th birthday in 2007 when she should have done. There was no story line reason to rapidly age her and there was never a mention of her skipping a grade. So, to me, there seems to be a continuty error for our dear Sophie.

    So, I guess she was only sort of rapidly aged.

  15. thepinklady says:

    Gail: I, too, hate the kids who play Bethany! My husband will say that I sound like a broken record, but they’re as useless as a tonne of bricks. However he does agree with me on this one!

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