Crying Olympics – Update


The Crying Olympic judges (Glacia) have made their decision and hand out the following medals:

Gold – Karla

Silver – Liam

Bronze – Ryan’s detached posturing

Michelle’s crying unfortunately did not qualify. She almost had it at the hospital, but unfortunately lost points for the blubbering on the street with Ryan.

Pop Goes the Weasel

The big story of the show is Paul’s condition and we see Liam and Karla comforting each other in the waiting room vis-à-vis the truth about Paul and Leanne.   At some point the doctor comes in and tells them that they worked on Paul all night, that he’s alive but that basically he’s on his way out and they need to call all the relatives in.

Over at the Rovers, Steve tells Michelle the bad news and she reacts by saying basically, ‘Pfff, too bad, but what are you going to do.’.  Steve asks if she’s not planning to go see him, but she says screw that noise, she was through with him months ago and that if she went now while he was dying, she’d just be a hypocrite. 

Steve, in a stunningly Catholic guilt inducing speech that would put most priests and my grandmother to shame says, ‘If you can’t find it in your heart to forgive him, no matter what he’s done, then you’re not the woman I thought you were.   The clock is ticking and when it stops you won’t be able to change your mind.’

At this point, my knee-jerk Catholicism causes me to grab my parka and start calling a cab for the hospital, but quickly realize that the speech was directed at a fictional character in a soap opera aired back in 1992, not me.

Back over to the hospickle, Liam and Karla are saying their goodbyes to Paul.  Leanne, decides this might be a good time to see how Paul is doing. But surprisingly, neither Liam nor Karla want her in the room and Liam tells her to take a hike.

By the time Michelle and Steve get to the hospital, Paul has cast off his mortal coil.  A group hug between Liam, Karla and Michelle ensue with Michelle berating herself for not getting their sooner.   Liam wonders why the doctors couldn’t save him seeing as he was so fit and young.  Karla explains that fit and young is no match for smashing into a lorry, drunk and going 70 mph.  She then does a lovely Courtney Love and starts screaming at Paul at how stupid, stupid, stupid he is.

At some point during this scene, a nurse comes in and pulls the sheet over Paul’s face.  Now, am I the only one who thought this was tad insensitive while the family is in the room?  I was half expecting the nurse to say, ‘That’s all folks!’.

Back on the street, Liam tells the factory girls about Paul’s death and closes shop for the rest of the day.   Michelle tells Ryan the bad news and tells Karla to stay with her and Ryan for the night as they all need each other.

Oh, So It Did All  End In Tears!

Leanne is back at Janice’s flat crying about the fact that Liam doesn’t fancy her anymore.   Janice is kind of doing the ‘I told you so.’ schtick.  Leanne puts the blame on this mess where it rightfully belongs…Karla and her big god damn mouth.

Let’s see, what have the last 48 hours been like for Karla.   She finds out that her husband has been hiring hookers for the last three years and that one of those hookers was her brother-in-law’s girlfriend and her potential business partner.  Then she is called to the hospital to watch the same husband die of traffic injuries that he sustained driving drunk while kidnapping the hooker girlfriend.  She’s being alienated from the family she needs the most at that point, who are all wondering why oh why Paul had Leanne in the boot of his car.  So, selfish bitch that she is, she tells all about the Leanne/Paul connection.   What an asshole.

Leanne tells Janice that she’s worried now that the Connors will close ranks against her.  Oh shut up with that crazy talk!  The Connors closing ranks?  What have you been smoking?

Leanne approaches Liam on the street to offer up an explanation but he doesn’t want to hear it.  The only thing he wants to know is if she ever slept with both Paul and him on the same night.  (oooooh, SNAP!).

Somehow she does get access to his place and while they are sitting in the living room she explains that she was in a very bad emotional place when she started selling her body for sex and that she felt worthless.  She tells him that is why she put off dating him when she came back on the street, but now she has changed.

Liam says that she conned him and she’s not the person he fell in love with.  He adds that he never would have dated her if he knew the truth.  She tries to convince him that she would never have slept with his brother.  (Kind of how she would never sleep with her boyfriend’s father?)

And with that, he grabs her by the arm and tosses her out on the street.    As an added bonus, he starts yelling for the whole world to hear how she is nothing but a hooker.  

Kelly, has just turned the corner when this happens and hears all.  After Liam storms off, Leanne raises her head to see Kelly all, ‘HA-HA!’. 

Oooh, I seem to remember Leanne looking her nose down at Kelly once or twice in the past.  So I think it’s all coming to bite her in the ass.  Another interesting point, WHAT will Jamie’s reaction be to all this.

David Attenborough

Gayle is hounding David about his exams and he assures her that it’s all taken care of.  Later, talking to Amber, we discover that he’s skipped all his exams except for biology, which he apparantly digs.  Amber tells him he’s an idiot for skipping exams and he replies that ‘the education system is stupid and it’s all about putting people into boxes.’  (This is teen code for, ‘I spent the week watching ‘South Park’ instead of studying’.)

After the exams, Gayle asks him how it went and he says it was easy-peasy lemon squeezy.  She says that no matter what the results we know he’s tried his best.  David is terribly offended by this remark, taking it to mean that his mom thinks he’s stupid and an aspiring drop out.  He tells her that he LOVES biology and that if she thinks he’s such a dumbass he’ll quit school anyway.  See mom, you’ve made me throw away my career as the next great biologist.

Later, he apologizes to her and tells her that he did skip all his exams.  ‘cepting biology, of course.

In Other News

Betty says, Violet is a nice girl and that sean could do worse.  He tells her that Violet is out of her league.  Are they suggesting that Betty STILL doesn’t know that Sean is gay?  Gay, gay, gay, gay I say!

Kayley tells that other Morton girl (sorry, brain fart here), that in order to be a cop, there has to be a police check done of the whole family….including Grandpa Kray and his well dodgy past

 Eileen and Jerry set out to clean the Peacock’s house and indulge in some playful slap and tickle.  

Kend admires Denise’s expensive sound system – the one bought by Brian (her brother-in-law/lover that she left Ken for.)  While the two of refer to it as a record player and a hi-fi, Ken puts on some classical…the natural enemy of 12 year old boys (as indicated by Daniel’s face).  Denise asks Ken about his plans.  Ken tells her that he’s tried put the marriage back together but it doesn’t work.   Denise tells Ken he can stay at the flat as long as he wants.   Daniel shakes his head…NOOOOOOO.


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31 Responses to Crying Olympics – Update

  1. BarbD says:

    What a terrific update! Great writing – luckily I’m alone in the office and I can indulge in laughing out loud. Thanks.

  2. Michigander Fan says:


    Between “pop goes the weasel” and “She tries to convince him that she would never have slept with his brother. (Kind of how she would never sleep with her boyfriend’s father?)” I must say, YOU ARE RUTHLESS! I love it!

    And yes, Steve seems to be a guilt savant, doesn’t he? (Guilt: Jews invented it; Catholics perfected it.)

    I know Leanne competely got herself into this, but I still feel for her.

    I, too, was puzzled at how they got from being in the Street, with Liam telling her he didn’t want to talk to her, to in the living room. I suspect the omnibus will show us a missed scene in there.


  3. Michigander Fan says:

    In other news, it was so nice to see Amber, even if it was only for 90 seconds.

    Hmm. David and Gail. Well, first of all, Gail’s little speech may have been intended to boost his self-esteem, but it was pretty patronizing. I was a little offended for David. Or she may have been trying to psych him out a little (never try to psych out a sociopath!). Whatever her intentions were, she should know by now that no matter what she says, he is going to use it as an excuse for failure.

    I know this sounds very Tough Love James Dobson-y of me, but this little birdie needs to get pushed out of the nest, HARD. Until he has had to try and function on his own, he will NEVER do what he is supposed to. (We have a similar personality in my extended family. He is back home, AGAIN, at age 28 – no job, no prospects, nothing but a bad attitude. So I’m clearly prejudiced here, but Gail better put the foot down, stat!)


  4. Michigander Fan says:

    I thought there was a wink and a grin at the end of the Betty-Sean exchange, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Kelly can’t WAIT to spread that news around the Street, you just know it! She’s going to break FloJo’s record running back to T’Rovers to tell Fizz and Hayley.


  5. Gail says:

    Awesome update! Regarding the crying in the hospital, I thought Michelle’s was the least believable and Liam’s the most realistic. How thick is Leanne did she actually think the Connor’s would welcome them into their family with open arms? What exactly are Jerry and Eileen doing at the Peacock’s house? I thought it was badly destroyed by the fire, even if it wasn’t (in Canada there are professional cleaners hired by insurance companies to deal with smoke and fire damage) not a neighbour with a cleaning cloth. My husband who is very slowly turning into a fan, could totally relate to Steve’s rant about parking fees at the hospital, he raves about exactly the same thing anytime we have to make a trip to the hospital.

  6. John says:

    I refuse to believe Betty doesn’t actually know Sean is gay. Get it through your head Corrie writers: BETTY KNOWS EVERYTHING! BETTY SEES EVERYTHING!

    She’s just discrete.

    I prefer to think that Betty knows Sean is gay but, in her mind, that’s no reason for him not to settle down with a nice girl like Violet.

  7. Michigander Fan says:


    I agree with you – Michelle’s range is limited, and the really dramatic scenes are not her forte.

    I wasn’t sure about what Jerry and Eileen were doing either – first Bill and Jason were in there (without permission, right?) fixing the place up, and then Eileen and Jerry are in there (without permission?) cleaning. Wow. I mean, it’s nice to have caring neighbors, and I’m probably jaundiced because I have horrid nosy crazy neighbors, but I’d be really upset if people were in my house without my permission.


  8. Michigander Fan says:

    Also, I wondered about the hospital parking – I don’t hang out at the hospital most days, but last time someone was in the hospital, it seems to me I paid an arm and a leg for parking. It was a lot more than 80 cents, that’s for sure!


  9. Michigander Fan says:


    I concur. Absolutely.


  10. glacia says:

    John sez: “I prefer to think that Betty knows Sean is gay but, in her mind, that’s no reason for him not to settle down with a nice girl like Violet.”

    It’s true John. Betty is the clone of my mother and I can totally see that thinking.

    BTW – even though I’m not a huge fan of Leanne, I actually feel a bit bad for her.

  11. Joanie says:

    I thought Leanne was fabulous, but agree that Michelle is a bit of a lightweight. Also what was up with Ryan? Did the director forget to tell him what was going on in the scene. Isn’t he the least bit upset that his source for new trainers is gone

  12. debbie1975 says:

    Great update!

  13. joy says:

    I didn’t understand the whole scene about Michelle not wanting to go to the hospital & Steve convincing her to. When we last saw her she was at the hospital. Now she has a big issue about returning there?

  14. beanie says:

    Joy I’m glad you mentioned this.I thought maybe I imagined Michelle was there earlier.Not a good flow with the writing.The scene with Michelle and Ryan on the street was badly written,badly acted and just plain bad.Either the kid just can’t act or the writers haven’t told us yet that Ryan is mentally challenged and Michelle in that scene was ???!!!??? Excellent update but overall I was dissapointed with this episode.Of course I may just be pissed at having to wait til Tuesday.

  15. glacia says:

    Actually, I was wondering if I had dreamt Michelle at the hospital before too. Was she there when Karla popped the news about Leanne? Maybe that set her off. Also I thought her and Paul had resolved their issues since the whole drunk driving issue came up.

  16. thepinklady says:

    Great update.

    On Rogers cable, the description for last night’s show led off with “David writes his biology exam.” Mr Pink Lady said he’d never watch the show again if COrrie actually began with that rather than in ICU with Paul.

  17. glacia says:

    It was better than the write up on CBC – ‘Paul dies’.

    I contacted CBC and got apologies for the spoiler, but then found out that CBC doesn’t actually write the summaries – Granada does. So their bad.

  18. whitehorsefan says:

    “I thought her and Paul had resolved their issues since the whole drunk driving issue came up.”

    I think Michelle “made up” with Paul for the sake of Ryan, but she hadn’t personally forgiven him. Otherwise, it was totally incongruous for her to go to the hospital once, but then not return.

    Michelle is a lightweight, but I wasn’t very impressed with Carla either (too much botox?). The whole thing left me rather cold, actually, but that maybe because the only character out of the Connors I like is Michelle.

    I don’t much like Leanne either, and certainly it was a big betrayal of Liam. I don’t blame Liam for sending her out on her ear. But I don’t wish upon her the public humiliation that she is going to have to endure.

    And I totally agree with John and Glacia about Betty. I saw many, many older, traditionally raised people that I know in that exchange.

  19. whitehorsefan says:

    The CBC write ups have spoilers in them all the time.

    But on the other hand it also has things such as: “Jerry helps Eileen decorate the Peacocks.” which had me envisioning Jerry and Eileen traipsing around Claire and Ashley, dressing them up with tinsel.

    And my favourite was: “Sarah comes home to find Jason slightly more mature”. It just made me giggle that that deserved mention.

  20. redandjonny says:

    I cant believe I missed this episode!!!
    That bloody storm last night got me home an hour late.

    I cant believe Paul is Dead! wow… So does this mean Karla’s gonna take over the business? Hows Liam gonna handle that? Legally what say does he have at all? Wasnt it all Paul’s money that paid for the lot? Is Leanne really gonna have the guts to stay on the street? She should just get the hell outta dodge… WOw.. I cant wait to watch this on Sunday.

    ( what a fantastic update, actually made me LOL in a few spots….one of the best I’ve read here..This blog does not disappoint! )

  21. whitehorsefan says:

    redandjohnny: In real life the effect of the death of one of the shareholders would likely be covered in the shareholders’ agreement, and that could involve something such as allowing Liam first crack at buying Paul’s shares. But I don’t think that’s how it will play out at Corrie.

  22. arphpeck says:

    I guess Michelle must have gone home to sleep. I liked what Steve said to her, it was right on the money.
    MF, I agree with you totally – David needs a wake-up call. I have a 50 year old brother like that and tough love as a teen would have helped him a lot.
    I felt bad for Leanne, although she should have listened to Janice. What did she expect?
    I’m getting sick of Violet whining about having a baby. How old is she anyway? I would think she has a good 10 or 15 years at least before she has to start worrying.

  23. arphpeck says:

    does the phrase “Paul is dead” remind anyone else of the Beatles?

  24. Kunzie says:

    …and at that point, who should pull up onto the street in a slick new sportscar to bail out Liam and be his new partner but…Danny Baldwin!! I. Wish.

  25. Gail says:

    Michigander Fan: I feel sorry for you for having “horrid, nosy, crazy neighbours”. My sister just sold her house for having a deranged neighbour. He made their lives a living hell.

  26. glacia says:

    I think left to his own devices without batshit crazy household, David might make something out of himself. I think the writers may have been suggesting that with the whole biology thang.

  27. redandjonny says:

    Kunzie… Thats exactly what I was thinking/ Hoping. I miss Danny so much. It would be awesome to see him show up again. and it would be perfect Danny timing too.
    He was/is my favorite corrie character, I loved him and hated him…but always loved his fashion sense.. I even bought a pin stripe suit and call it my Danny Baldwin. 😛

  28. geenee says:

    Great update and comments as usual. I give Betty credit for knowing the score and think she just has a dry sense of humour which young people don’t always get; I love her little remarks.

    It bothered me that Michelle would tell Ryan about Paul on the street. It would have been more natural to take him inside first and rather than trying to comfort him she was crying on his shoulder.
    I never really enjoy the episodes with all that crying.

    I didn’t blame Liam for his treatment of Leanne – one shock after another – but things will get worse for her once Kelly spreads the news.

    It’s going to be a long hard grind with David and I hate to see him interrupt the more interesting scenes with other characters.

  29. missusmac says:

    Michelle DID go to the hospital with Steve the first day Paul was admitted. A call came to the pub alerting her and Karla, since Karla wouldn’t answer her cell for Liam.

    Anyone else picturing a Karla/Liam ‘we were so betrayed’ upcoming affair? Their heads together in the waiting room kind of surprised me.

    I thought Janice was being bitchy even for Janice. Yes, I think we’ve heard Leanne’s a prostitute Janice, but her whole life has just exploded! Nice bumps,scrapes and bruises she got there when she almost died, so give it a rest already!

    I have such nice neighbors, that when I went on vacation a few years ago, they actually spent a week painting my kitchen cupboards for me and revamping my china cabinet. (They knew I wanted to do it, but was too lazy to.) So yes, people do that.

    Michelle’s acting was bad. Bad, Bad, really freakin’ BAD.

  30. jamaicangirl says:

    Excellent commentary. I have been so busy all week so I won’t get a chance to catch up before Sunday!! Thanks for the update!

  31. robswizzle says:

    The Kincardine hospital charges a toonie for parking, and it’s perfect day-ender to have to dig around in the glove box for change after you’ve just had your hand stitched up in a moldy ER.

    BTW: the doctor’s “he’s not dead, but he will be” was the worst bedside manner this side of Arrested Development: “It looks like he’s dead . . . he has blue paint all over him.”

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