Ghost of Leanne Future


I just saw this pic of Leanne in the current episodes of Corrie being shown in the UK.   Is it just me or is she looking rather old and ….Janice-y?

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5 Responses to Ghost of Leanne Future

  1. Gregg says:

    Funny she’s looking just as rough in the episodes showing on the CBC. She’s just WAY too thin…it makes her look old.


  2. Pantagruelle says:

    With all that exposed chest and black bra showing? Let’s hope we don’t see too much of Janice like that!

    Her hair and shirt are definitely toned down a bit from her hooker look, but perhaps this is just her businesswoman look? I’m not into spoilers, but the background shot with the pizza oven and cook sure seems to suggest that she ends up running the Italian restaurant after all, with or without Carla.

  3. missusmac says:

    Gregg, that was my thought too. There isn’t a whole lot of Leanne there. If the camera adds 10 pounds, then she might be rounding the corner on 100 pounds???

    I also noticed the restaurant background, but I thought it was Jerry’s takeaway. That looks like a pizza oven though, so it probably isn’t his place.

  4. Glenda says:

    She’s looking quite frail and thin in episodes shown in the UK at present. However, in real life, Jane Danson’s father died a few weeks ago too.

  5. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    Oh the poor thing….My father passed three years ago…It is VERY Stressful when a parent dies. I hope she is holding up well. She isn’t even thirty years old uet is she? On the left is a espresso machine BTW.

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