Update – Thursday 7 March – All in the Family?


The Sutherlands

Maria and Fizz are at the Rovers where she talks about her new beau John. She mentions he is back from his camping holiday and that he was coming round the flat for dinner. Kirk comes out of the washroom and chats with Maria and Fizz. Fizz immediately changes the subject and asks him how his new job at the butchers is going. He says it was going well and he enjoys it. Kirk offered her cut price chops if she wanted, provided she doesn’t tell Ashley- now that would be enough for me to go back to Kirk, who can say no to chops!  

Kirk sits down with Molly – and tells her he is back in the good books with Fizz. Molly mentions how she thought she has a new boyfriend. Ashley explains that nobody has seen him which is rather odd. He thinks that Fizz gets a bit confused at times and wants to breakaway, ah the things a dumpee will tell themselves… He goes on that she is probably embarrassed to say anything more now so she invented this guy. He thinks he will disappear shortly. However at the bar, Fizz is telling Maria the opposite. She thinks that Kirk has got over her now and she could tell him about John. She tells her that she believes he is getting on with his life, so he can handle the truth now. I don’t know about you – but I think I would feel odd confiding in a sister of my old boyfriend…

The Barlows

The Barlow family are having their brekkie.  Blanche tells Ken that he has come back just in time. Ken asks Deirdre what she would like to do for the day. Deirdre replies that she would like to relax around the house and have a drink in The Rovers . Blanche says that she has a friend coming around to play cribbage – but can cancel…. Great. Ken and Deirdre to go to the pub and Betty was pleased to see them together. Deirdre tells Ken that she received card from Adam the other day. He is enjoying his job at the bookies in Portsmouth. Ken talks about the money they have provided for his education. They both decide they are glad he is happy.

The Battersby/Browns

At the Kirk catches Chesney reading the electricity meter, or as they say in Manchester – the “Lekkie”.  He says he is doing a school project where everybody has to measure their carbon footprint. (Did you know that is latest –  on how to cancel doing something? “Sorry I am watching my carbon footprint”)   Kirk isn’t interested, he said he was concerned with what Fizz was up to. Chesney says that he has not seen her with anyone since Kirk had asked him to keep a lookout.  Later on, Chesney goes off to the butcher’s to see Kirk. He disrupts Audrey who is telling him that he needs to put a bit more weight on, to look more like a butcher (she does a great impersonation of Fred, which was pretty sweet). Personally I think he looks good with his dapper hat and apron.  Kirk talks to Chesney about his favourite topic Fizz.  Kirk thinks that it has been a whole week without any sign of a new boyfriend. He thinks she was either lying or there isn’t a boyfriend. He adds if there was a boyfriend it cannot be serious. Maybe he has a chance??

Chesney says he didn’t think Fizz was lying. Chesney asks Kirk if he could stop the snooping now. Kirk agrees. At home, Chesney comes rushing in saying that he had a fabulous day at school. He explains to Cilla and Kirk that the teacher said he was an example to everyone. Kirk asked him what for, and Chesney says it was for his eco-project. He explains about electricity metre readings and the teacher told him they use 90% less electricity than the average family. Chesney tells them that he is going to come round to see how eco-friendly they are. Cilla then yells that Les and her had fixed the meter so that they never have to pay a full bill. LOL!!

She tells him that is why they never let anyone in to read the meter. She says worryingly that if the teacher sees that – they could end up in jail.  I am sure that is not the only reason… On this environmental theme everyone, stop using plastic bags….lecture over.  

The Websters

Sally goes over to Kevin in the garage. She tells him that it is terrible in the factory, more like a morgue. Bad choice of words…  She reminds him that she was about to become Paul’s assistant, but now Hayley is in charge. Kevin says that it was thoughtless of him dying at that time. In the meantime – Claire and Ashley were driving home. They rushed over and asked how they were. A relaxed and refreshed Claire says they had a great time. It was what they needed. Noticing Josh wasn’t with them, Kevin asked where he was. Ashley replied they had dropped him off at his Nan’s until they got themselves sorted. 

The Mortons

Grandpa Morton and Rita are reminiscing about the past. He tells Blanche that he was just about to buy a scratch lottery ticket himself but being polite he allows Blanche to go first. Blanche’s ticket loses. Grandad buys his ticket and wins £50. Blanche is annoyed because if he had bought his ticket straightaway rather than chatting to Rita, that ticket would have been hers. 

The Grimshaws

Eileen and Roy tell Claire and Ashley the news about Paul. They are shocked. Roy mentions there have been some developments with the house. Ashley thinks it has to be gutted. Roy invites them to come over. They are touched when the see that the house has been partially decorated and cleaned up. Claire in tears asked why they did that; Eileen told her that what friends were for.  In good times, and bad times. I’ll be on your side forever more…. Eileen and Jerry are sitting in a booth at the Rovers. They are chatting about Jerry’s work at the Peacocks house.

Eileen goes to the bar for more drinks, she is standing beside Deirdre who points over at Jerry and suggests that Eileen might think more of Jerry than just a friend? Wink, wink… “Who Jerry? he’s just a friend”.   

The Peacocks

Claire tells Ashley that she has rung the insurance company and they will pay all reasonable costs to renovate the house. Even though people on the street have tried to help out, there are still memories of the fire and of Freddie.  

The Platts

Bethany comes downstairs and everyone wishes her a Happy Birthday. She then goes to open some of her presents. Sarah has given her a make-up set. Sarah says she can put on some lipstick before going to school – very odd.  Jason asks Sarah if she was serious about him doing magic tricks. Sarah tells him she was, she expected him to make a 10p piece disappear, to which Gail asked if he could make teenage boys disappear as well – gee, I wonder who?? David comes downstairs and gives Bethany a birthday present. He gives her some body glitter. Okay, is she turning 17? Or Seven?

He tells Bethany to save him a bit of cake. Gail is surprised that he wasn’t coming. David says it is only in case his exam runs over. Jason asked if he was going to write it. He confirmed he really didn’t have a choice.  For thirty pounds – of course he is going to write it!  

Gail asks David if he was going to spend the morning revising for his exam. David says he is will be there for the exam – Jason offers to give him a lift to school.  Jason drives David to school. He wishes him good luck – he says he was useless at Geography. Amber appears at the window of Jason’s van and is surprised to see David. She teases him after he told her that he wouldn’t be taking any more exams. He tells her that he was bored so that he might as well come in. He is sooo annoying…. David is sitting waiting for the exam to start. The teacher remarks that he is making a rare appearance. 

Bethany comes downstairs Audrey says to Sarah that she looks like a film star. Given all the actresses in rehab – I don’t know if that is a good thing. Audrey puts on some make up and body glitter. Jason arrives in time to blow the balloons, and Sarah mouths to him “magic”. He gives her the thumbs-up sign.  

Gail asks Jason if David got to school okay to which Sarah added did he stay? Jason said that he didn’t leave while he was around. He thought David was quite confident – um more like, cocky… Gail thinks that he may have turned a corner – yeah straight to jail…  

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9 Responses to Update – Thursday 7 March – All in the Family?

  1. beanie says:

    Bravo Mayfair!!!! That was a very very very long update and I have to say…FREAKIN FANTASTIC!!!!!! Well done!! I am gobstopped!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I could care less about David! Man I can’t wait until that story line is over!!

  3. beanie says:

    I agree Jackie that David is a waste of space but like Glacia says he has grown up with “a batshit crazy family” I’d like to smack him but I’d like to slap Gail more!!!! He is a dumb ass self involved kid that needs more stability than he is getting (I’m not excusing him) What is Gail’s excuse??? I can’t stand people who pat themselves on the back while truly sucking at what they give themselves credit for…ie Gail is the alltime martyr mommy

  4. geenee says:

    I have a feeling that David will get even more tedious and annoying and it goes on for months and months – maybe even years. Gail is really blind where her sons are concerned – much the same as Ivy was with hers. She rewards bad behaviour then wonders why he doesn’t shape up.

    But awww – isn’t it nice to see Ashley and Claire, Ken and Dierdre being all lovey dovey? Enjoy it while it lasts.

  5. eps says:

    The street is chocked full of truly miserable, incompetent, toxic mothers. Jerry may well prove to be the best parent there.

    I agree with Audrey – David could use a tour in National Service. On second thought, were he to go into the army he would, no doubt, run into jolly Prince Harry and bring down the entire royal family. David is such a jerk. I say – no school, no free ride. Find yourself a job, pay room and board or get the heck out.

    Wow, did someone finally locate Bethany’s voice switch? It only took her 7 years to be able to mutter a partial sentence. The Peacock boy, not Freddy, the older one (I’m going blank on his name), is so much more competent than Bethany seems to be. I’m thinking that the Platt family is scraping the dry bottom of the gene pool. Of course, the Peacock boy’s father is not from the street and happens to be a doctor.

    I’d like to know how Tracy is doing in prison. That could have been a fun story line.

  6. pip says:

    Gail has absolutely no boundaries, and not just when it comes to David. I mean, what’s Sarah doing with her life? Is she getting any training at Audrey’s to become a hairdresser? Shouldn’t she be going to hairdressing school to get proper certification, and if not that, then getting her ticket for something. And now Gail is letting Jason, the runaway groom, live with them so that she can abdicate her parenting responsibility to him?! Gail should have packed up the family and moved while David was in school one day but now she’s missed her chance. And where, oh where, is Martin in the middle of all this?

    Nice to see that Bethany’s being groomed to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a mother herself while still in a training bra.

    I may be horribly wrong, but I still think John’s an okay guy.

  7. missusmac says:

    My jury is still out on John. (Yes, I have my very own jury. I am incredibly rich.)

    The family did seem to go all out on Bethany’s birthday party. It appears she’s 7, and if I was the mother of any of the other 7-year-old girls at the party, I’d feel pretty old standing next to Sarah.

    However, I’d probaby feel too old to join Audrey and Bill too! Looks like they got an early start to the party.

    Jason? Role model to David? Only if he starts channeling Eileen. She has her faults as a parent too, but she always expected Todd and Jason to do the right thing in any situation. (i.e. tell the bride-to-be you’re gay, Todd. i.e. tell the same bride-to-be you aren’t ready to be married yet Jason.)

  8. beanie says:

    I can’t afford a jury but I do have peeps and though we can’t really decide about John…we are hopeful that if nothing else…..he doesn’t hurt our beloved Fizz!!!!

  9. jamaicangirl2007 says:

    Is it just me who thinks that Gail is a pathetic parent? I often wish I could lunge into the TV and slap her up! She enjoys making excuses for that idiot son of hers! Personally I would have farmed him out a long time ago…he would never be living with me and behaving like that!

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