British Isles Show Report

This weekend the missus and I went to the British Isles show, preceded by an evening chez Glacia enjoying drinks, brownies, conversation, and, of course, Corrie. This despite the fact that there was snow! In Toronto! We’re not making this up.

Despite this, we managed to get a streetcar, then a bus to the Queen Elizabeth building. There, we met up with some of the Corrie Canuck contributers and readers. We also sampled Irish sausages, which I need to eat more of. I also picked up a Dalek for my desk at work, as well as some fridge magnets. The missus helped herself to Curly Wurlies and Tayto crisps.

We also saw Steven Arnold, who plays Ashley Peacock on Coronation Street.

He said he was enjoying the snow as they don’t get much of it in the U.K.

That evening we met up with some Corrie Canuck readers and contributers for drinks and supper at a pub on King Street. This is me. Drunk with love? No, beer. Drunk with beer!

Somehow, despite my drunkeness I managed to win the annual pub quiz (and I have to say I’m rather fond of my Guinness playing cards).

This is Corrie Canuck contributer Debbie, who is high on life:

The next day, we went to the Royal Ontario Museum so that all men may know His works.

We also recommend the exhibit on Charles Darwin.

On Monday, we spent a day trying to get a flight back. We don’t think we’d ever want to see Pearson ever again.


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Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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3 Responses to British Isles Show Report

  1. glacia says:

    And the ‘Stitch and Pitch’ bag…don’t forget the ‘SnP’ bag!

  2. Margaret says:

    John, it was great to meet you and the missus on Saturday — and omigod I forgot about the nightmare at Pearson because of the snow. Until next time chez Corrie

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    Were they special brownies?

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