A Casey of Mistaken Identity Update

Ooops,  Sorry, Wrong Casey


Claire is being a bit jumpy and weird on the street; when Rita asks her what she’s been up to Claire responds with, ‘What do you mean by that?’

She then asks Sally and Kev to come around to see the repairs to the house and when they drop by, Ashley takes Kev to the side and asks him if he thinks Claire’s been acting weird at all.   He says that she doesn’t sleep much, etc. etc.  Kev thinks it’s all because, oh I don’t know, because someone kidnapped her baby and tried to burn her alive.   Ashley thinks she should get over it.

Later Ashley convinces Claire to go on a family outing to the park with Joshua.   She’s hesitant at first but after some coxing she tells Joshua to strap on his Velcro trainers, they are hitting the swing set in a big way.

On the way back, Ashley leaves them for a sec and Claire thinks she sees Casey in front of the Kabin.   She starts yelling for someone to grab her and runs over towards the Kabiin – leaving Joshua in the middle of the street.  

Badda-bing-badda-boom – the inevitable happens and one of the streetcars almost hits Josh.  Ashley runs into the street to save him just as the car screeches to a halt.  

He, is more than a little pissed and tells Claire to get into the house.

While she puts Josh to sleep, he goes through her purse to find the number of her doctor.  When she comes done, they have a talk and Ashley tells her that he wants her to get medical help. 

She asks him if this is it, every time something upsets her he’s going to cart her away to the mental health facility.

They throw ginger haired glares at each other.

Jerry and the Heartbreakers

At the coaxing of his eldest, Jerry brings, what I must say was a VERY impressive bouquet of flowers  (no Alahan special for him) over to Streetcars for Eileen. 

He catches her on the phone with Pat explaining that in temperment she is a cross between Mother Theresa and Maggie McGee.  I had no idea who she was talking about other than possibly to Fibber McGee’s wife, but turns out no, she was talking about Mrs. Paul Daniels.

Anyway, after hearing the flirting and Eileen’s comment that Jerry must be trying to impress someone with those flowers he goes away downhearted.    Has she not clue in yet?   He’s comforted her with cookies, throw paint specks at her, brought around kebob AND wine and now this.   Or is she just playing with him?

Outside Lloyd figures out who the flowers were for and tries to convince him to give him to her, but he decides not to.

Fizzy Pop

Chesney tells Fizz that he didn’t tell Kirk-eh about John…but he did tell Sophie….and well, Sophie’s kind of in love with John.

 Fizz puts two and two together and approaches Sally at the factory, ‘I’m going to say something, I hope you won’t take offense.’    

Sally is apparently not that secure about her own hygiene s she replies ‘ I haven’t got B.O. do I?   It can’t be my breath, because I gargle every morning…extra minty.’

Fizz tells her  suspicions with the scooter and Sophie and Sally says that she’ll check but she’s pretty sure Sophie had nothing to do with it.

Back at the Websters, Sal feeds Sophie what might be the WHITEST sandwich ever, while her and Kev contemplate the damage to Fizz’s scooter.  When the police are mentioned, Sophie reacts and they get it out of her that she trashed the bike.   Kev tells her that she has to pay for it out of her allowance.

After Sally apologizes to Fizz, Fizz then rushes off to apologize to Kirk-eh.    Kirk-eh misinterprets this as her coming back to him.   He tells her that he loves her so much it hurts his heart and that no one could love her more than she does.   Fizz then has to tell him that it’s over that  John is the one she wants to be with.

Kirk-eh responds, ‘Don’t pity me, if all you have left for me is pity, I don’t want to talk to you again.’

While You’re At It, Can You Get Us Some Ice Mix?

Can I just say that back in 1984 when I was a fresh faced kid recently moved to the t.dot from B.C. – that my sister and I went into a green store where they were selling all natural cleaners.  When I wanted to buy some, my sister said, the problem with most of these products is that the main ingrediant is elbow grease.

Swear to God I responded, ‘Okay, well, were can we get that?  Can we just make this stuff at home?’

So, there is a reason for this story…

David is on the job with Jason and Bill retiling the roof of the kebob shop.  Bill and Jason are having a grand time hassling young David on his first day on the job and tell him to pop around the shop for some elbow grease and a glass hammer.  (aahahahahahahahahaha!)

When Amber comes around there is some more teasing afterwards about her being interested in David.  David blows this off and Bill wonders what’s wrong with him.   Then he says, and yes gentle readers I had to rewind 3 times to confirm what I thought he had said, ‘I bet our David still hasn’t lost his cherry.’   A little naughty slang on the street!

Anyway, up in the office later Jason teases David about being a virgin and David retorts, ‘It’s because I’m gay!  Gay, gay, a homosexual, gay!’

Normally this would be a shocker, but let’s face it, this is David.  So, yeah, it’s a bit of a lead balloon – of course he’s not gay – he’s just yanking everyone’s chain again.

Other  Eco-warrior News

Rita has a new plasma flat screen television that she can’t turn off properly.


Emily, on the other hand, has been getting by on the same telly for 32 years – a bicentennial television!   I so needed a visual on a 1976 telly.


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25 Responses to A Casey of Mistaken Identity Update

  1. missusmac says:

    hahahahahahaha! I love Casey and Finnigan. I actually took my kids to the Farewell Casey and Finnigan tour years ago, and I swear, the kids there could have cared less. It was more for us teary eyed parents harkening back to a time when you got to watch Mr. Dressup, Chez Helene and Friendly Giant.

    Then ‘That’s it, TV is over, get out of the house and don’t come back til lunchtime.’ (Simpler times back then for both kids and mothers.)

    But I digress mightily. David is NOT gay. He pursued Maria and R’Skank Tracey with singleminded determination. No, he’s testing to see if Jason will tell anyone.

    Loved Becky, as per usual. Save a bag, save a whale, or summat. My theory is Eileen doesn’t believe she’s worth pursuing, so does not see what it right under her nose.

  2. geenee says:

    Friendly Giant was my coffee break when the kids were small and I am forever grateful to him for preserving what’s left of my sanity. Now kids can watch TV 24/7 and I doubt if that’s a good thing.

    I’m mad at Ashley for not understanding how Claire can be nervous just because somebody nearly killed her by setting the house on fire, and then kidnapped Freddy. Wouldn’t anyone be a bit edgy? Why isn’t he going to the police or trying to find Casey himself? Wimp! Swine! I used to like Ashley but he’s gone down in my estimation.

    Why doesn’t Jerry just come out and ask Eileen for a drink? He’s certainly not bashful.

    I fear that David will get really, really tedious in months to come.

  3. pip says:

    I loved the Friendly Giant! Never watched Mr. Dressup (maybe we didn’t get him in BC or he was after my time), and remember watching and being completely mystified by Chez Helene – never picked up a word of French from her.

    I think Jason and Bill are playing with fire teasing David that way. They call him ‘Damian’ jokingly, not realizing how close to the truth they are. Hope you have insurance on your yard, Bill, because I think you’re going to need it.

    I don’t understand how Eileen can’t see that Gerry is interested in her. She certainly seems to like him well enough.

  4. whitehorsefan says:

    Mr. Dress Up rocked. I was so sad when he died.

    I think someone in a previous post hit the nail on the head when they said that Eileen doesn’t see herself as wantable and so wouldn’t see that Jerry likes her (they put it much better than me). I think that’s true.

    And I agree that David at a builder’s yard is just bad news. There are way to many things lying around that could be used as weapons. Still, I was pleased to see David finally feeling like he doesn’t have the upper hand.

  5. debbie1975 says:

    I think that Gerry and Eileen are kind of cut from the same cloth. They have these big personalities and you wouldn’t think that they would ever have an ounce of self doubt. But, in reality they are very sensitive.

  6. glacia says:

    I grew up in BC and we had the Friendly Giant, but then I’ll be 42 this year so maybe it’s an age thing.

    I have NO idea who Helene is or what was going on in her freaky deaky chez.

  7. pip says:

    Gerry and Eileen do seem quite a bit alike, but there are a couple of major differences: Firstly, Gerry is very tolerant of his children’s misbehavior. Eileen would never have allowed either of her sons to behave as badly as Darryl does in his shed (though she would have been angry that her neighbors criticized him, she still wouldn’t have put up with his behavior). Secondly, Eileen has a real temper and generally isn’t one to pour oil on troubled waters, Gerry’s the opposite – he tries to calm things down (without necessarily actually dealing with the problem). So they are going to respond to crises in completely different ways. Sometimes that’s good, but sometimes it’s bad (it’s certainly not working for Claire and Ashley).

  8. Mrs. D says:

    I worked for Famous Players when I was in college.

    I met Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey at the Uptown during the TIFF but the highlight of my time with Famous was when Mr. Dress-Up came to the Oshawa Theatres with his grand kids. I had my picture taken with him and got his autograph.

  9. pip says:

    Glacia, I grew up in BC too with the Friendly Giant and I’m 50. I still get a little thrill whenever I hear the theme song from that show.

  10. whitehorsefan says:

    Come to think of it, check out Casey’s vacant stare. Notice that s/he, like Claire’s Casey, has a dog. Coincidence?

    Perhaps Glacia is onto something, and it is really our beloved Casey who, lost after Mr. Dress Up went off the air, was sent into a tail spin of drugs and booze and now, to get attention, has resorted to setting fire to residences and kidnapping babies with big heads.

  11. TrudyC says:

    I loved Friendly Giant & Mr. Dressup. Was never into Chez Helene – Suzie drove me nuts. Thankfully it was only 15 minutes long.

    Did anybody else notice the Gail said to Jason – you can be the big brother David never had. Duuuhhh – Gail – what about your adorable, do no wrong Nick!?!?!

  12. pip says:

    And underwent gender reassignment, too, WHF, don’t forget that! Which explains why she can’t have children of her own and has to resort to stealing BWBH (babies with big heads). She’s partial to BWBH because before her tailspin she was a PWBH (puppet with big head). Wow, are we Columbo or what?

  13. debbie1975 says:

    Seriously, that kid has a massive head. It’s kind of hilarious actually. Next thing you know it’s gonna develop it’s own orbit.

  14. geenee says:

    I thought it was strange that Gail called Jason the big brother that David never had. Didn’t the sun shine out of Nicky’s derriere in Gail’s eyes?

    Then there was the time that Janice called Leanne her only daughter. Did she mean only stepdaughter? Forget Toyah? Or is anyone more than 50 miles away gone and forgotten?

    I kind of enjoyed hearing Bill and Jason teasing David. It should do him good to work with ordinary working guys – but I’ll bet it won’t.

  15. glacia says:

    oops I meant Mr. Dressup…but I think I was first gen for Mr. Dressup.

    Good call Trudy, I never even thought of our Nick. Has he become ‘Chuck Cunningham’?

  16. glacia says:

    You know, I was always confused about the gender of Casey – I always thought he was a girl, but in reality he was a boy.

    Kind of like Lady Eilaine on Mr.Rogers. Totally used to think that was a boy puppet.

  17. whitehorsefan says:

    Casey was a boy? I always thought that Casey was genderless. The things you learn on this blog!

  18. Gail says:

    I wondered the same thing when Gail said Jason could be the big brother David never had. What about Nick? Now that I think about it he is never mentioned anymore. At least Eileen and Jason talk about Todd now and again.

    I am losing respect for Ashley, Claire (annoying as she can be) has been through a hell of a lot. I don’t think he is being very supportive at all. I find him to be very immature at times. After all he has had his house and his business handed to him on a sliver platter. I miss Fred I think he would be very kind and helpful to Claire.

  19. Margaret says:

    Chez Helene was this great show in the mid ’60s on CBC (of course) — their effort to teach boomers French. But yes, thank God it was only 15 minutes long. I always wanted Suzie’s wardrobe.

    And yes, Casey was genderless.

    On another note, yes I think David is just yanking our chain about the gay thing. But he’s definitely plotting revenge against Bill and Jason.

  20. pip says:

    Oooh, what about Romper Room, did anyone watch Romper Room? They never said my name at the end because it was so uncommon. I really disliked all those Carol’s and Karen’s and Susie’s and John’s and Jim’s.

  21. geenee says:

    Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Another few minutes of peace and quiet.

  22. John says:

    In high school, I met Ernie Coombs (aka Mr. Dressup) and asked him point blank what gender Casey was and he confirmed that Casey had no fixed gender and the show would alternate between he and she. However by this time, Casey and Finnigan had been retired.

  23. Mandy says:

    Wow, quite an episode. First of all, Ashley is getting really annoying. He’s such a ginger brat! He is such a whiner! Claire has every right to be freaked out, I would be too! But she is pretty annoying. I thought she was in the same age-group as Maria, Sarah and all them. Why is she so old-ladyish then? She said she wanted to live it up in an earlier episode by having a beer. Come on.

    David is really annoying. I think Gail SHOULD just wash her hands of him, at least for awhile. I agree with Audrey, if only they could ship his ass off to the military!! The street would be a much better place!

  24. missusmac says:

    Mandy, you’re right about Claire’s age. She had Maria and Fizz (and perhaps Toyah??) as her bridesmaids, but never goes anywhere with them.

    She really doesn’t have friends, does she? Except Sal. And even Ashley doesn’t have friends — he lost Curly off the street, and the only other person he kind of hung out with — years ago — was Nick when Nick was with Leanne.

  25. Michigander Fan says:

    Except the studly guy who almost blinded him in a boxing match a few months ago – what the heck was his name again? You remember, he was the rebound guy for Frankie for a while there. ‘Course, he’s left the Street now too, so…

    C’mon, really. Would YOU be friends with Ashley and/or Claire?

    I wouldn’t, and I’m pretty square.


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