March 10th 2008 – The “How Do I Put This Gently?” Update


UK Time: Wednesday June 13th.

Sorry about the delay in posting this. I have been crazy busy.

The show opens with Fiz watching the Kirk the kareoke butcher through the shop window. Everyone knows the look on her face – although some of us have been on the receiving end of that look more often than others. Should she tell Kirk about John? When is the right time? Just how should she put it?

Chezney is across the street with Sophie waiting for the bus to the second rate high school. Chezney tells Sophie about Fiz and John and she does NOT take it gracefully. She is visibly upset since she really fancied Mr. Stape and she does have the emotions of a 13 year-old girl.

A bit later on Fiz and John stroll on into the pub for a drink. Fiz inexplicably orders red wine even though she’s been a lager girl since she was out of nappies. John feels like everyone is watching him and this being Coronation Street, he’s right on that score. Tyrone, Molly, Kevin and Sally are all shocked to see her in there. Sally is shocked that John would stoop so low as to date Fiz. After all she is only an incredibly adorable, kind-hearted knicker factory worker. He deserves a social climbing judgmental bitch of a knicker factory worker.

While John and Fiz are enjoying their drinks Norris comes rushing in to tell Fiz that someone has vandalized her motor scooter. She rushes out the door followed by John and the peanut gallery. Someone has really gone to work on it. Fiz immediately decides that it was Kirk and she rushed over to his place to give him a piece of her mind.

During said piece of mind she makes reference to she and John. That is how Kirk finds out about Fiz’s new love. Real delicate.

Still, who vandalized Fiz motor scooter?

Over at the Platt’s David is lounging on the couch texting his mates. Which, I guess is Darryl, Amber or Rosie because I don’t know that David actually has mates. Gail gets on the familiar rant about David ruining his life. David suggests that all of her kids have screwed up and that she is the only common denominator. Interesting.

Meanwhile, outside Sarah and Jason discuss Gail’s plan that Jason will keep an eye out on David. Sarah warns Jason never to trust David.

In the salon Audrey is sitting with Bill while they enjoy a brew. Gail pops in asking if David could get some extra shifts at the salon. You see, David has to learn what hard work is and working in his granny’s salon will do the trick. Bill suggests that charming old ladies and washing the hair of the fit birds on the Street will not really be “hard work” for David. Audrey is a bit insulted and then says that David can get some more work, but at the builder’s yard. I bet Bill’s sorry he opened his mouth.

Basically, David thinks that he’s got his mom in his mental death grip. Not a difficult feat to be sure. Still, he’s pretty pleased with himself until he has a little conversation with Sarah and Jason. Looks like Jason is moving in. That makes David pretty upset. But, he is about to get even more upset.

Later, while confronting his mom about the new lodger, he finds out that the next morning will be his first day at the builder’s yard. Awesome.

Is this really a good idea?

In Other News

Claire losses it over painting the house. She is still very scared and I don’t blame her. I do, however, blame her for boring me to tears lately. She’s really gone down hill from when she stole that stereo, which was the pinnacle of her awesomeness.

Chezney spends some quality time at the café assessing the environmental situation.

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1 Response to March 10th 2008 – The “How Do I Put This Gently?” Update

  1. robswizzle says:

    It was great when Tyrone picked up Fizz’s broken mirror and said something along the lines of “You’re going to need a new mirror.”

    Quite the mechanical expert, our Tyrone.

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