Update – March 12, 2008 – Snuffleupagus is real, I swear!


Peacocks Perennially in Peril

It’s Father’s Day and, after a lie-in, Ashley got a some cards from his sons, and an earful of Claire’s anxieties about his disbelief that Casey is not after them. This leads to an argument so Ashley takes off to Kevin’s to talk about anything but Casey. When he leaves, we see Casey secretly watching them. She is back, after all.

Casey continues to watch Claire as she plays with the two boys in the backyard. The phone rings and Claire quickly runs inside, taking the boys with her, to answer the phone. After discourteously hanging up on the telemarketer selling mortgages, she hears a noise from the backyard. The gate is ajar, a plant is knocked over, a teddy bear is missing, and the boys’ toys are arranged differently from when she left (or so it appeared to me). Spooked, Claire goes back inside and locks the door.

She heads over to Kevin’s to tell Ashley about what she heard. He heads back with her to find nothing, of course, so he suggests it’s probably the noise from next door, where the Mortons are planning a barbeque. This leads to another row.

Later, they are still arguing when Ashley discovers Darryl, who had been through the gate all day (the shed blocks his own, presumably). Because it’s been 27 minutes and thus far, Ashley has been speaking in a rational voice, he starts yelling at Darryl to keep the door shut at all times, on account of the wee’uns. Or he could not use someone else’s yard for his comings and goings. Anyhow, Ashley says it was Darryl after all but Claire doesn’t believe it, knowing that it’s really Casey.

A Mortal Morton

The Mortons have decided that it’s such a nice day, they’re going to have a barbeque and invite everyone on the street. They also have a laugh when they see Grandpa Wilf’s name in the obituaries. The dead man himself just then pops round to ask if there’s another tea. Turns out, he faked his death so his criminal past wouldn’t affect Mel’s chances of becoming a cop. I still think the Mortons are descended from a family of Irish Travellers , and Wilf is the last in his line, which explains his lengthy criminal record, scams that are second nature, and given his easy ability to fake his death, the likelihood that he lives off the grid and has few official documents supporting his existence.

Jerry goes over the cab office to invite Eileen to the barbeque but he’s beaten to the punch by the appearance of Pat, Eileen’s mystery caller. Turns out he has the Irish brogue of Terry Wogan, but the teeth of Shane McGowan. Jerry’s intentions go unnoticed, even if Eileen seems disappointed in Pat.

At the barbeque, Mel tells Wilf he’s been naughty with this fake death business. Wilf then goes over to Blanche and demands a spanking. Insulted, she announces she’s leaving, taking Betty and Rita with her. She stops long enough to insult Jerry’s food and leaves with Betty. Rita, a gracious guest, stays for more wine.

Also drinking more wine are John and Fizz, who get enough drinks in them to screw up the courage to go to bed together.

Not a Builder, Nor a Bender

David and Jason are climbing a ladder on top of Jerry’s shop. Jason makes the mistake of admitting to David his fear of heights, which of course, starts the wheels turning in his head.

On the roof, David starts talking about his new lifestyle and all the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transexual, and Transgendered people and how he doesn’t quite understand it all.

Jason recalls that Todd used to say that if you wanted to know if you were gay, all you had to do is decide if you find Kylie Minogue fit or fabulous.

You tell me.

David says he wants to shout from the rooftops that Kylie is FAB-ULOUS!!!

Later, Jason asks David to scurry down the ladder and fetch him some more roofing tiles. David does so, and takes the ladder with him. He is later found by Bill Webster, who fires him on the spot, mostly because of Christmas but also because David’s a dick. David also admits he’s not a “gay boy” but laughs as Jason believed him.

That doesn’t stop David from continuing to keep the charade up with Jason as he needs to stay in Gail’s good books because if she thinks David is still working wth him, Jason gets to stay living under her roof.

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Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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24 Responses to Update – March 12, 2008 – Snuffleupagus is real, I swear!

  1. Gail says:

    Great update John! I’m sure I’m in the minority here but I kind of like the Mortons. I think Jerry is really kind hearted, I wish him and Eileen would get together. I would have enjoyed myself at their barbeque. At least they are a little more fun that the boring Peacocks.(I know Claire has been through a lot) I have alwsys found them to be dull for such a young couple they don’t seem to have many friends.

  2. geenee says:

    Gerry’s OK but I’d hate to have them as neighbours with all the noise from the shed. He would be hard to take as a boyfriend or husband as he agrees with anything you say and then does the opposite. Generally, I enjoy anyone who bugs Gail and Jerry can be funny, but I can’t understand much of what the kids say. They are not a likeable family.

    Ashley continues to ignore Claire’s reasonable fears and wants her to move on. David continues to annoy.

    Wonder why I watch the show when they’re all so annoying?

    Where are Leanne and Janice when we need them? The Irish wake would have been entertaining.

  3. missusmac says:

    Thank you John, for deciphering what the Mortons said. I got none of Grandpa’s death notice, and until this moment had no idea what the young Morton boy was doing in Ashleys’ back yard.

    It is official, when I grow up, I want to be Rita.

  4. glacia says:

    Missusmac – testify! I soooo want to be Rita.

    #1 – Fizz looked fabulous!

    #2 – Jason has a fear of heights? Since when? I’m sure I’ve seen him on top of roofs, etc, calling down to Stubsy with no problems.

    #3 – ‘Not a builder, nor a bender’ – very cool line John.

    #4 – Postman Pat, what the hell? I know I’ve said before that I’m a bit shallow, but did he give her some half dead rose that like he pulled from someone’s garden….compared to Jerry’s lovely bunch. Stick with Jerry. Man, could Pat not have at least bought the grocer’s special?

  5. pip says:

    I have some sympathy for Ashley. Claire is behaving very shrilly and defensively. She needs to tone it down, rationally acknowledge Ashley’s fear that she might be spiralling into her PPD again, and agree to go to the doctor. Because she’s not doing this Ashley is feeling that she CAN’T do it, and worries she isn’t in control of her behavior, that is, she’s becoming mentally ill. Of course, he’s not helping things, but Claire has to bear some responsibility by acknowledging his fears aren’t totally groundless.

    I so wish Bill hadn’t held Jason back when he got down off the roof.

  6. robswizzle says:

    I was just thinking about Snuffleupagus and Big Bird after that episode. The writers were smart to show the viewers Casey all those months ago, or we’d be thinking she had gone mad again as well.

    Jason doesn’t have to take any stick from David. His old boss Charlie certainly had a way of wringing some obedience out of the little bastard.

  7. Skeezix says:

    As long as I have been watching Corrie, Claire has had only two settings: dull and shrill.

  8. Skeezix says:

    For as long as I have been watching Corrie, Claire has only had two settings: dull and shrill.

  9. geenee says:

    Poor dull, shrill Claire gets no sympathy – even though her child was kidnapped and someone tried to kill her by burning the house down. To me, Ashley is just as shrill at times and too stubborn to see or try to understand her side of things. I suppose because the police think she did it, he does too. Ashley was a pushover when it came to Maxine and Zoe but he seems hard on Claire.

    She had post-partum depression and is over it now but Ashley isn’t. Leaving Josh in the middle of the street didn’t help her cause and for a trained nanny, was out of character. She was desperate to prove that Casey exists, though.

  10. stickybee says:

    Just had to say, Eileen thought Pat was handsome – ewww – he reminds me of the Grinch!

  11. pip says:

    It’s the ‘leaving Josh in the street to confront someone who isn’t actually Casey’ kind of behavior that is making it difficult for Ashley to distinguish between Crazy-but-shrill-Claire and Sane-but-shrill-Claire. Claire needs to understand that the louder she yells the less Ashley can hear her.

  12. whitehorsefan says:

    I think, however, Pip, that Ashley was too quick to doubt Claire to begin with. Claire had not, for the past number of months, exhibited any signs of PPD so it made no sense to believe that she had started the fire.

    If he hadn’t doubted her to begin with, he would now be able to understand that, given that the person who set the fire has still not been apprehended, Claire’s concerns are real, and not paranoia. In fact, he would probably be jumpy and protective of the children himself.

    Claire needs to recognize that she is endangering her kids in her pursuit of Casey, but I don’t think that Ashley has any ground to believe that Claire is crazy again.

  13. heromum says:

    Just found this site & I have to say FAB U LOUS! I love it.

    I’m a long time Corrie watcher…and we’re talkng as long as I can remember…I’m 45.It was always on in our house.

    I love the thought of Eileen and Jerry together. (altho I HATE Grandad Morton..he can die anytime)
    That Pat guy …OMG when did he last see a dentist??? talk about steriotyping Brits!!

    David …oh…I’m just itching to slap that smirk of his face.

    And Claire….I was thrilled at her & Ashley getting together, she was so sweet…but oh my she’s turned into a real harpy. I’m finding her voice to be like nails on a chalk board. I really hope they finish this storyline soon.

  14. pip says:

    Howdy hi, heromum, welcome to the discussion!

    WHF, I agree that Ashley is being too hard on Claire in not believing her about Casey. I don’t get the sense that he still thinks she set the fire, though. It is hard to tell what he thinks, it’s almost as if he’s dismissed the whole mystery from his mind. But Claire needs to approach this more rationally, since she says that she’s rational. Sit him down, line up her ducks.

    #1 I didn’t set the fire and steal Freddy.
    #2 Someone else set the fire and stole Freddy. #3 That someone else has not been caught.
    #4 That someone else could still present a danger to our family.
    #5 That someone else might (and emphasize ‘might’) be Casey because she did take Freddy in the past under questionable circumstances.

    Instead of doing this she simply flies off the handle whenever Ashley doubts her story, which puts more fuel on the fire re her mental health.

  15. Michigander Fan says:

    Everyone can see Snuffleupagus now – it’s one of the “improvements” they have made to the show recently, since apparently imaginary friends in childhood is the first step towards drug addiction.


    I have no clue who Chez Whoever is, but I remember Mr. Dressup, Zoom, Captain Kangaroo and The Electric Company (with Morgan Freeman!).


  16. Kunzie says:

    Well Gail, I guess it’s you and me. I like the Mortons too. And I like John’s hypothesis…descended from a long line of tinkers. Cool!!!! Maybe Gerry says one thing and does another – but he’s certainly not the only bloke on the street to have ever done that (hello Steve, hello Dev, hello Bill..). I’d like to see he and Eileen together.

    David as a character is becoming as unbalanced as Tracey. We have been given absolutely no reason to empathize with him and no insight into his vulnerabilities. Having said that I was also hoping Jason would thrash him senseless.

    And yes…when Claire went inside, the blanket held 3 trucks, rabbit and bottle. When she returned…3 trucks, dinosaur and sippy cup!! I agree with Gail again – a shame that for such a young couple that they seem to have few friends.

  17. summer says:

    You know, I miss the ‘real’ villains… the likes even of the recent Tracy and Charlie… David is indeed a little psychopath in the making, but he just lacks that… I dunno, oomph, somehow.

    Let’s face it, villains spice the show up. Right now, with the exception of David, everyone’s just too damn nice (well, okay, there’s always Cilla, who, as far as I’m concerned, never gets enough air time. But otherwise…).

  18. geenee says:

    pip: you mean Ashley should be treated like Kirkie? Spell everything out to him slowly and quietly. Oh, maybe your kids are in danger since someone kidnapped one, and set fire to the house. Maybe it’s Casey who was a bit mentally unstable.

    That didn’t work too well when Fizz had at least 3 little talks with Kirk and he still thought he had a chance with her.

    Yelling seems to be the main method of communication on the street eg. Gail, Dierdre, Janice – and Ashley. I used to like Ashley but he’s getting much less likeable and doesn’t seem at all worried about his wife and kids.

  19. Gail says:

    Kunzie – Cheers! It is really nice to have someone agree with me. I live with two males (my husband and teenage son) and they hardly ever agree with me! Thanks.

    Geenee – I completely agree with you regarding the yelling. That is part of the reason my husband would not watch the show he said everyone yells too much. The problem with Claire and Ashley is they both yell to get their points across. No wonder little Josh covers his ears and Freddy wears a hat (indoors) probably to block the sound of them shouting all the time.

  20. beanie says:

    Freddy wears a hat all the time because they’re trying to hide his GIANT HEAD !!!!! That big square white thing with points looks like that big white sandwich that Sophie had.

  21. pip says:

    I think Freddie’s adorable in his little (?) hat!

    I just think that if Claire wants to show Ashley she’s not crazy then she has to stop acting crazy. It’s a tall order, isn’t it.

    I like Gerry. He’s like a giant teddy bear and he has a good sense of humour, isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself, and has some definite insecurities underneath his sometimes flippant surface.

    David is loathsome. I don’t know how even Gail can stand him. Having said that, I think the young man who plays him is brilliant. He’s never over the top, always stays on this side of believable.

  22. Glacia says:

    Gerry I like…the rest of the family I find loathsome. Even Finley because he does that creepy not talking thing that all the kids on Corrie do (save Joshua).

  23. geenee says:

    Gerry is likeable and funny – but I think he would be frustrating to live beside. Maybe that’s because my neighbour is similar in promising to clean up after his dogs but then letting it lapse for days at a time – not a pretty sight! Or smell – in summer.
    Gerry and Eileen seem to have fun together but I wonder if she finds him attractive; no sign of that so far.

  24. Michigander Fan says:


    Tsk, tsk – Beth and Amy have become positively monosyllabic in the last few weeks… haven’t you noticed? Bethany was almost chatty on her berfday – “Can I put some lipstick on before school?” That was a complete sentence and everything!

    So you see we’re making progress. By the time the actress who plays her is 16, she may be able to get through a scene without glancing at the camera!

    I just figured Finlay was traumatized by his mother (the one who made Cilla look like Donna Reed in comparison).


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