Update: Thursday March 13 – Picture Perfect?


Drove all night?

Steve and Lloyd tell Eileen she should not look too desperate on her date with Pat. They say she should wear her most “minging” underwear then she won’t be tempted. Even that “minging” word grosses me out…They what she is going to wear she says they have sorted out her underwear so they can sort out that.

Eileen is handed a wrapped present from Steve and Lloyd, she opens it up and  It’s bubble bath. Some tropical scent. They tell her to go and relax and she can have the rest of the day off. Lloyd says they want invites to the wedding, whooo boy – slow down!  Eileen heads out the door and says, if she knew this was going to happen – she would have got a date earlier. Could they please get someone decent for Eileen?

Pat looks like Shane McGowan’s brother….

I Drove All Night – Cyndi Lauper:

A Right Mess!

Bill walks into the yard and declares that the place is a “tip”. Jason says he let David wind him up, yeah – okaaayy… He says he has to look after him and be a good influence so he can stay with Sarah. (Hey how about this, rent a flat on your own and save yourself some real grief). Jason mentions David will come in handy and is really sorry and Gail will be on his back if he does not take David back.

Bill agrees if he stays out of trouble and Jason looks after him. Good luck on that one. David walks into the yard with Jason and says a meager “Sorry”. says sorry. Bill, asks is that it?  (At this point I want to sing a rendition of, “Is that all there is, is that all there is, if that all there is my friend…) Sorry.

Sarah pops by at that very moment and mentions that she has gone online and booked flights for her and Jason on the Internet.  And there is no going back. Bill thinks that this has all been planned behind his back and that he has been duped. Jason insists that isn’t the case and he didn’t know anything about it.  Bill relents and says it is okay for him to go on holiday.

I’m an A……  – Dennis Leary – (Warning: Not suitable for younger audiences, mature adults only – please be advised)   For David….

Cast the first stone…

Leanne is all dolled up and Janice is in amazement. She says needs to face the world. Janice says everyone knows what happened, so why should it matter. Leanne says she is ready for dirty looks and if anyone has something to say they can say it to her face.  Trust me – they will. Leanne knows on the Battersby’s door and Cilla opens it and sees Leanne.  She asks her if she is trading door to door. Leanne says she can’t get a hold of her Les and if she has the correct phone number. 

Cilla says he is on tour, calls her ever night and is very busy. She checks the phone number off of her mobile and confirms and tells her to go on her way… Nice.Later Janice and Leanne are walking down the street when Jamie pulls up in a taxi.  He tells Leanne he is glad to see her out and about.

He warns her the Connors are on their way back, to be prepared and to let her know… Leanne thanks him and tells him she is not afraid of what people think of her.  Good thing…

Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

The Living Dead

Blanche is in the Cabin with Deirdrie and opens her paper up the obituaries.  Blanche says that can’t be right and he can’t be dead. Deirdre asks who?? She She says that Wilf is dead, but she’s only seen him yesterday. Norris asks if she always starts with that section.  Deirdre confirms that is her favourite section.  How morbid… Outside they see Melanie (or shall I say, MEL) and Darryl cleaning their cute yellow car.

Blanche says it was very fast…Mel says, you mean about granddad? Darryl says he was peaky for ages. Deirdre asks if there is any thing they can do and walks on. Mel asks why he did that…. He says she is training to be a constable, and didn’t think she wanted to lie. Blanche tells Deirdre she does not want to go quietly and wants a good send off.  Somehow I don’t doubt that.

Thriller – Michael Jackson

A Kodak Moment?

Ashley is talking to Kevin at the garage. Kevin asks how things are going. He says that Claire thinks there is someone watching her from the backyard. Ashley says it was only Darryl.. Ashley says she is not sleeping and tells him that Claire thinks he is thinking Casey is made up.  Poor Claire!

Claire is in the backyard with Josh. Ashley says he is very sorry about yesterday and says Josh needs to go back to school. Claire says it’s not safe and someone is after them. They can’t trust anyone. She says Josh needs his breakfast and goes inside.  Ashley makes a very worried face and is clearly upset about the whole situation.

Ashley has a serious talk with Claire about the stranger watching them and asks her if she is imagining it. Claire insists that someone is watching them. Ashley tells Claire if she won’t see anyone then he wants her to talk to him. Claire says this is not like before as that was in her head. This is real and she tells him to believe her.

Ashley hands Claire Josh’s teddy bear along with disposable camera found underneath their car seat.  All of the sudden there is an epiphany and Claire remembers that Josh took a picture of Casey in the park!!!

They rush to the photo shop to get the pictures developed. The pictures take longer than usual as Ashley requests the longer service and Claire becomes very impatient.  Argh, anyone in retail knows how annoying some customers can be….

Claire asks if he can speed it up, he can’t. He offers them a digital camera – thank goodness, there is someone with common sense – but Claire says she just wants the photos – RIGHT AWAY. 

Ashley says they should get a coffee and come back. Claire gets annoyed and says they can wait there. Great. The clerk gives Claire the photos and she runs outside. Claire goes through them and finds a slightly blurred one with Casey. 

Claire says she is right and Ashley hugs her. (He’s thinking – thank goodness she isn’t crazy, I can’t deal with this again…)

Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

Wish (If I had a Photograph of You) – Flock of Seagulls

You MUST check out the hair!!! 


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6 Responses to Update: Thursday March 13 – Picture Perfect?

  1. Kunzie says:

    Oh come on, no comments??? Mayfair, awesome update, complete with soundtracks!! A very enjoyable break on a bizzy Friday. Flock of Seagulls now stuck in my head for the night shift, cheers.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    That’s why no comments. Crazy busy today…

    But it was a great update.

    My favorite part was Clurr, standing in the backyard staring at the fence. Yeah. Why on earth would Ashley think you’re losing it?


  3. geenee says:

    LOL at Dennis Leary and enjoyed Pretty Woman. I’m glad Claire at least has a picture to show Casey really exists.

  4. missusmac says:

    Excellent update! Love the music clips, brilliant idea!

    and FINALLY, proof that there is a Casey! Thank you Lord.

  5. beanie says:

    Great update!! Finally had time to see the clips and really enjoyed them all. Holy Freakin Hair!!!That boy cannot have a mother.No mum would let her son go around like that!!

  6. Gail says:

    The videos were awesome! Thank you!

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