Update- Friday, March 14, 2008- All the Happy Families


Steve runs into Deirdre and Ken, and awkwardly asks if they can take care of Amy. Deirdre tells him that they would be glad to help. Steve begins to tell them that Michelle is coming back, but Deirdre tells him that it is okay.

Later on, at Streetcars, Steven and Lloyd chat about Eileen, and her date. Soon they get onto the subject of Michelle’s return, as Steve wants Lloyd to cover for him so he can take her out to the only restaurant in town. Lloyd complains, but ends up agreeing.

Having put everything into place, Steve brings the Connors home. Ryan sulks and heads to the apartment. Carla, meanwhile, invites herself into Michelle’s apartment for a coffee. Although Steve wants to spend time with Michelle, Michelle tells him that now is not a good time, as Carla wants to talk. Steve relents but tells her to keep the evening open, as he has something special planned for her.

Liam goes over to Underworld at the same time as Leanne is leaving the Kabin. Leanne asks how the funeral went, and Liam is cold and abrasive back to her.

Back at Michelle’s flat, Ryan is playing a video game. Michelle tells Carla that Ryan is bottling it all up inside, and Carla mentions that it will be strange to go home to an empty flat. Michelle tells Carla that she can stay for a while if she likes.

Next time we see Michelle and Carla, they are at the Rover’s, where, lo and behold, so is Leanne and Janice. Carla sees her and suggests that Leanne should be banned from the pub. Steve looks uncomfortable and says he doesn’t want any trouble. Michelle tells him it is all right, but she won’t be serving her. Then Michelle tells Steve that Carla is staying with her for a few days. Steve brightens at the idea, suggesting that Carla care for Ryan while they go out on the town. Michelle is unimpressed: she reminds him that they just got back from the funeral, and want a quiet night in. Steve’s evening is ruined.

Leanne tells Janice that she is going to speak with Carla, although even Janice, with all her social graces, realizes that it is perhaps not a good idea. She tells Leanne this. Leanne appears to have a head injury that went undetected at the hospital, because she replies that they will have to speak, as they are going to be running a restaurant together. She gets up and says to Carla, “I know that this isn’t the best time…” but cannot finish the sentence, as Carla retorts, “You’re right, it isn’t.” And to my relief, instead of devolving into a cat fight, Carla simply leaves.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Ashley and Claire rush to the Weatherfield Police Station. The detective who is in charge of the case is handily at the front counter, and they triumphantly present the picture of Casey to him. The detective seems a bit sour that there is proof that Casey exists, but admits that it is the best lead they have so far.

When they return home, Ashley goes to see Tyrone and Kev, to thank Tyrone for finding the camera, and to admit that he had the situation all wrong. He then returns to the house, and apologizes to Claire for ever doubting her. Claire is amazingly forgiving. Later, Claire, happy as a lark, chats with her mother about the picture, and how lucky it was that it was found.

Still later, Claire is intently watching the news, waiting for the item about Casey. To her dismay, the news story does not cite Casey as the prime suspect, but simply says that Casey is a person of interest. The scene flashes to Casey, watching the very same news item, but only for an instant.

A Wake is Always More Fun When it’s Your Own

As Deirdre and Ken enter their home, Deirdre thinks that she sees Wilf, but then decides that it must really have been Jacob Marley.

Later on, Jerry and Wilf are at the Rover’s. Soon after Wilf goes to the bathroom, Blanche walks in and immediately embarks on gossip about Wilf’s death to Violet and Sean. Violet wants to set Blanche straight, but Sean eggs Blanche on. She goes on about how he was a miserable beggar, only to have Wilf say, “That’s rich, coming from you!” After Blanche gets over the shock, Wilf tells her that it was his grandson, playing a joke.

Blanche then arrives home and tells Deirdre and Ken that she saw Wilf Morton, and he is well and truly alive. The little prank, however, has made her thoughtful. She realizes that at the rate she is going, by the time she dies, all her friends will have been long dead, and nobody will be around to give her a send off. So, she has booked Monday lunchtime at the Rover’s for her wake. She wants a proper wake, and for Ken to write the eulogy. Likely, Ken will have found it easier to deal with Deirdre at her dreariest than write a loving eulogy.

Never Order Spaghetti on a Date

Eileen is in the living room, with all her clothes spread around her, and she cannot find a thing to wear. Thankfully, a queeny gay boy lives with her, as when Sean comes in he pulls out exactly the right outfit for her to wear and tells her to put it on.

For some reason Eileen has told Pat that they will meet at the Rover’s. Pat wanders in, and Steve and Lloyd chat with him while Sean and Violet openly appraise him. Lloyd tells him that the date has been cancelled (oh, you are such a card!), but Steve sets Pat straight. They give him further advice when Pat tells them he is taking Eileen bowling. Steve suggests that a better date might be to the Italian restaurant that he is no longer going to, and offers up his table. Eileen comes in, looking quite lovely, and suggests a drink. Pat replies that no, they should just go to the restaurant that he has booked. 

Eileen and Pat do go to the restaurant, and Eileen unfortunately orders spaghetti. Pat asks Eileen a question as she is attempting to shovel endless strands of spaghetti into her mouth. They laugh at the awkwardness. Pat confesses that he doesn’t like Italian, and Eileen confesses that she would just like a lager. Pat perks up, and asks, “How about bowling?”

Mercifully, we do not see a scene of giggly bowling, but only the end of the date, when Pat asks if he can call again, and Eileen agrees. Jerry sees this, and sees Pat give Eileen a peck on the cheek. After Pat leaves, Jerry heads over to his home and calls over to her, asking how the evening went. “Brilliant,” she replies, and doesn’t notice how crestfallen he is. Inside the flat, Eileen is eager to tell Violet and Sean about her evening, but they are engrossed in the news report about the arson.

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13 Responses to Update- Friday, March 14, 2008- All the Happy Families

  1. geenee says:

    The Connors were a miserable lot before Paul’s death and are even worse now. Ryan has never cracked a smile that I can remember and Michelle and Carla are now getting along? They couldn’t stand each other until recently. Maybe Steve should move on as he doesn’t seem to get much encouragement from Michelle.

    On the bright side, the police seem to have taken the picture seriously so someone should soon recognize Casey. Eileen had a good time on her date – gather thee rosebuds! It would be nice if this guy worked out but this is a soap.

  2. beanie says:

    I feel bad for Leanne.The Conners are blaming her for Pauls death and I’m not sure how she pulled that off from the trunk.I am so glad that Steve didn’t bar her.The exchange with Wilf and Blanche was great !!!Best laugh in ages.I really want to like Pat so I hope he turns out OK but so far….nada.

  3. missusmac says:

    I cannot WAIT for Blanche’s wake. This will be wonderful!

    What can Leanne be barred for? Looking less a hooker than Liz?

    Wonder what the developing Les story line will be? Thank goodness someone remembered he had a daughter recently injured.

  4. Gail says:

    I don’t understand Michelle. All Steve wanted to do was spend a little time with his girlfriend by taking her out to dinner! If Carla is such a “grieving widow” what was she doing in the pub? And why does a 15 year boy need a babysitter?

  5. geenee says:

    I think Ryan needs a babysitter to keep him and his spray can from vandalizing the neighbourhood! I can understand Michelle being sad over Paul’s death but she never seems that enthused about spending time with Steve.

    The last 2 episodes had lots of little touches of humour. Don’t know how the writers divide up who does what but some are much better than others.

    Let’s hope Leanne gives it right back to the Connors when they blame her for Paul’s death. She should threaten to sue the estate for damages for her trauma in the trunk. I do admire the way she stands up for herself.

  6. Glacia says:

    Missusmac sez: What can Leanne be barred for? Looking less a hooker than Liz?

    spritzes her vodka all over the keyboard.

  7. pip says:

    I thought it was a bit unreasonable for Steve to expect that Michelle would want to go out for dinner immediately after returning from the funeral. She and her family have been through hell, and they just might need some time with each other to continue grieving. There wasn’t anything wrong with him asking, but he should have accepted that she didn’t want to go more gracefully (and anticipated it).

    I agree, Leanne must be brain-damaged to think Carla still wants to go into the restaurant business with her. Paul’s death wasn’t Leanne’s fault but still the circumstances make the relationship between Carla and Leanne poisonous.

    Contrary to what Cilla said in the previous episode, I don’t think Les is calling her every night. I bet she’s completely lost contact with Les and this is how he’s being written out of the show.

  8. beanie says:

    So I guess he just vanishes so that the door of the local boozer can stay open if someday Corrie Big shots forgive the actor drunken gossiping.

  9. geenee says:

    I don’t think Leanne can expect friendly relations with the Connors anymore and when someone dies people tend to blame anyone else but the deceased. Considering Cilla’s behaviour it’s like pot and kettle when she criticises Leanne. Janice has been her only friend and support through the whole thing and Les always was a waste of space except for holding a job as a cabbie the last few years.

    The Connors had been together for about a week and I would have thought Michelle would be glad to see Steve but she has always seemed a bit cold or hesitant with him. He deserves someone better IMO.

  10. whitehorsefan says:

    Re: Steve’s plans for Michelle. I agree with Pip. However, I do think that Michelle is freezing Steve out in the same way Carla was frozen out of the family when Paul was alive. And Steve is rapidly learning what it is like to be involved with a Connor.

    Which I think is too bad, because I actually liked the two together.

  11. missusmac says:

    Yeah, I have to admit a part of me was thinking “hmmmm, romantic dinner after I’ve just spent a week weeping and wailing with the Psycho Babbles? No thanks! Bath, bed, bottle of wine by myself is more like it.”

    For anyone’s future reference, ordering takeaway in is a better choice for a bereaved girlfriend.

    Somehow I thought the restaurant deal had fallen through. Does anyone recall?

  12. geenee says:

    I think they signed the papers but Carla probably doesn’t want anything to do with Leanne. But Leanne seems to think it’s still on. Don’t know if they can get out of it or not.

  13. pip says:

    When Carla found out after they’d signed the papers, that Leanne was a hooker, she said the restaurant deal was off. Leanne appears not to have heard her. But then she seems to have very little understanding of how others perceive her behavior. She thought she could somehow explain to Liam why she was a hooker (and why she hid that from him) and that would make everything better between them.

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