Yer St. Paddy’s Day Trivia


Okay, this was one of the trivia games played at the Corrie Canuck pub night last saturday.   I thought I’d do a trivia about everything Irish on Corrie – then I found out – there ain’t a lot of green content on Corrie.

So, here’s the trivia game, remember that I wrote it on the fly….  I also adjusted this to suit a reading audience this time.  (i.e. From the pub quiz, question # 8, ‘Spell Ciaran’  – doesn’t work so well on the blog.).

  1. Give us some Irish surnames currently on the street.  (One point for each, I got 5 myself)?
  2. Who played Jim McDonald?
  3. When was the last time we saw Andy McDonald?
  4. Less has a son named Greg…who is the mother?
  5. Who did Rita marry to get the surname Sullivan?
  6. Who played Ciaran McCarthy?
  7. What boy band was that actor in?
  8. What part of Ireland is Jim from?  (Where talking VERY broad terms here. Hint, it’s one of two possible answers).
  9. Name the actor who played the ‘Oirish’ girl, Louise.
  10. Who worked with Rita at the Kabin and married Derek?
  11. Who played Paul Connor?
  12. How did Michelle Conner originally appear on the show?
  13. What business enterprise did Ciaran attempt and fail at?
  14. What Irish song was played repeatedly last Christmas?
  15. What is Jim McDonald’s favorite baseball team?
  16. What’s the name of Eileen’s new love interest and what does he do for a living? 
  17. Bonus question: how many Irishmen has Glacia wed?

Answers tomorrow

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10 Responses to Yer St. Paddy’s Day Trivia

  1. Gail says:

    Tough questions but I’ll give it a go.
    l. MacDonald, Connor, Sullivan, Wilson
    2. Charles Dawson
    3. At Steve & Karen’s Wedding
    4. sorry don’t know
    5. Ted Sullivan
    6. Keith Duffy
    7. Boyzone
    8. Dublin
    9. Nora Jane Noone
    10. Mavis Wilton
    11. Sean Gallagher
    12. Auditioned as a singer with Vernon’s band the Rhythm Rascals.
    13. Owning a restaurant
    14. sorry, don’t know
    15. Bluejays
    16. Pat don’t know his occupation
    17. One

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    Well, I recently learned that Clurr’s maiden name is Casey – does that count as an Irish surname?

  3. whitehorsefan says:

    I am going to display my ignorance here. Doesn’t the “Mc” of “McDonald” make the name Scottish?

    If so, I know there has been migration from Scotland to Ireland and vice versa, so is question number 1 about where actual characters are from or just their last names?

  4. glacia says:

    Mc is Irish, Mac is Scottish

  5. glacia says:

    I’m looking for Irish surnames, not where the characters are from/born.

  6. Michigander Fan says:

    Also, isn’t Lloyd’s last name Mullaley? (Yes, I know. It SHOULD be Dobbler.)

  7. papasmurf1964 says:

    14) ‘Fairytale of New York’ The Pogues

  8. Michigander Fan says:

    And Sean’s last name is Tully… isn’t that Irish? I guess I’m unclear about Irish names unless there’s a Mc or an O’ in front of them…


  9. geenee says:

    I thought Jim was from Belfast or someplace in the north.

  10. missusmac says:

    Jim was born in Belfast, I believe.

    Moira Kelly was Greg’s mother. I thought Les was a carney worker when he conceived with Moira, but I’m not sure. Greg was a real sleaze. (surprise!)

    Connor, Sullivan, ummmm, Platt? Not good with the Irish names!

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