Give us some Irish surnames currently on the street. (One point for each, I got 5 myself)?
I had Sullivan, Connar, McDonald, Casey and Tulley.

Who played Jim McDonald? Charles Lawson

When was the last time we saw Andy McDonald? At Steve and Karen’s wedding.

Less has a son named Greg…who is the mother? Moira Kelly

Who did Rita marry to get the surname Sullivan? Ted Sullivan

Who played Ciaran McCarthy? Keith Duffy

What boy band was that actor in? Boyzone

What part of Ireland is Jim from? (Where talking VERY broad terms here. Hint, it’s one of two possible answers). Northern Ireland

Name the actor who played the ‘Oirish’ girl, Louise. Nora Jane Noone

Who worked with Rita at the Kabin and married Derek? Mavis Riley (or any other version of her last name)

Who played Paul Connor? Sean Gallagher

How did Michelle Conner originally appear on the show? She auditioned as a singer for Vermon’s band.

What business enterprise did Ciaran attempt and fail at? Restauranteur

What Irish song was played repeatedly last Christmas? Fairytale of New York

What is Jim McDonald’s favorite baseball team? Toronto Bluejays

What’s the name of Eileen’s new love interest and what does he do for a living? Salesman Pat

Bonus question: how many Irishmen has Glacia wed? Twice – Pete and Repete. The current and third Mr. Glacia is a nice Russian/French boy from Montreal.

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