Photo Trivia


Name the Corrie character, his occupation, the actor and any fun facts you want to share about the actor.

Fun fact: I just noticed that the character and Glacia share the same birthday.

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8 Responses to Photo Trivia

  1. Gail says:

    Eddie Yates, Bin Man, Geoffrey Hughes. I have seen him in Keeping Up Appearances and Heartbeat. I especially liked him on Coronation Street and Keeping Up Appearances.

  2. beanie says:

    Wow! I knew he looked familiar.I don’t remember him on Corrie though but “the bucket woman’s” brotherinlaw LOL

  3. TrudyC says:

    I did know that this was Eddie Yeats (Yates) bin man. This is how Curly was introduced to Coronation Street. Worked with Eddie as a bin man.

    Loved him also as Onlso (sp) on Keeping Up Appearances.

    And for another piece of Corrie trivia – did you know that there was and person(s) with the last name of Stubbs on Coronation Street back in the late 80s?

    Hint: is was a single mom and her son.

  4. heromum says:

    I loved Eddie Yates.

    He was an ex-con, best friend, bin man of Stan Ogdens . A loveable rogue type.

    As for the other Stubbs…..hmmmm…got me there.

  5. beanie says:

    Was it Trisha? She had a son Jamie and had yet another of Terry Duckworths kids.

  6. Glacia says:

    No, Tricia was Tricia Armstrong. I looked it up and there was a Janice Stubs in the 70’s and a Tiny Stubs who was a friend of Eddie’s.

  7. TrudyC says:

    It was Sandra Stubbs and her son was Jason. He got in trouble with the police for having a “wild” party. She was a cleaner in the Rovers. This was 1989.

  8. beanie says:

    I don’t know why but “Tiny Stubs” makes me giggle.

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