Cue the Crazy – Update


At Least We Know Where Crazy Lives…1122 Chez Peacock
Claire has really freaking lost it.   She decides to go to the police station to find out if they have anymore information on KC.   Ashley tries to talk her out of it, or at least have her wait until the afternoon, but no, she is on a mission and drives off to the station leaving the baby with her mom.  (BTW – at first when her mom stood out in the door I was SURE that was KC.)

Detective Whatshisnamewiththesupercreepyeyes, tells her that no, there hasn’t been any new leads in the case since they close shop the previous evening and his first bickie of the morning.   He tells her to go home and wait and she responds by doing that hysterical yelling that is winning her sympathy all around.

Back on the street, Steve mentions to her that he drove home KC the day before and Claire immediately wants to know where he dropped her off.  Steve isn’t sure if he should tell her, but again,  anything to make her stop that high pitched screaming, he gives her the address.

Right, into the car Ashley, we’re going to confront her.  Why we are doing this and what needs to be said that wasn’t said yesterday isn’t clear to neither Ashley nor I’m sure a good portion of the viewing audience.   

Ashley tags along anyway and they drive up the some apartment building with saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, at least a 100 flats if not more.   They don’t know the apartment number so, like any reasonable person Claire decides to knock on every single door.  (Personally, I think it would have been great if behind each door was a different character from Little Britain, but alas no, only some rather churlish women with bad dye jobs.).

Finally Claire finds KC and the exchange is just what you’d expect, each woman accusing the other of being bat shit crazy.  KC, however, does it in a low calm voice, thereby giving creadance to her side of the story while  Claire keeps twitching and mentioning something about the time of reckoning being at hand.   At the end when they are about to leave, Ashley apologizes to KC who responds, ‘Get her help, Ashley.’

Conner Part I

Liam has decided to bugger off to parts unknown for a wee bit, leaving Haley in charge of the factory again.  I, for one, hope that she is getting paid extra for this. 

The girls are taking full advantage of this and she tries to keep everyone working despite the fact that Kelly has an emergency dentist appointment (shopping), Sean feels an upset stomache coming on, Janice worries that her wrist my get sprained and even Wiki-pedia is worried that she might have an unforeseen injury to her leg which wins votes with Janice

Conner Part II

Michelle is back at work and still surprisingly rude to Steve.  She asks if Ryan can stay in the back while she works her shift and Steve agrees.  All goes well, until Vermin comes to the back room and lets a little bit of the Paul/Leanne mystery slip to Ryan.

Steve tells Vermin to shut it and to go get Michelle.  Michelle then has to explain to Ryan what happened, who is a bit annoyed that she isn’t treating him like an adult and telling him the truth to begin with – like she did with the Sonny situation.   So for the record, Ryan knows about Sonny and the Leanne and Paul story but he DOESN’T know about his dad yet.   I wonder if this will blow up in Michelle’s face again.

Ryan storms off and when Steve tries to comfort Michelle she snaps at him for you know, being Steve.

BTW – I liked how she mentioned that she wouldn’t have to be putting out the ashtrays much longer in the pub, just to remind us that the days of smoking in the Rovers are coming to a close.


David Cleans Up!

Bill and Jason are off to a job, but tell David that he is to stay behind and clean up the yard.   David is none too happy and while he’s busy at the job, Amber comes by and he tells her basically that he’s not broken yet and that he has a cunning plan.   (I SERIOUSLY hope that Amber’s only role in the show is not to be the bulletin board where David can warn us of his upcoming monkeyshines.)

When Bill and Jason get back, the yard is clean and they are duley impressed, right up until the time they hear sawing from upstairs.   David has decided to play dumb and pretend that he thought Bill wanted £300 of roofing lumbered chopped up and thrown in the skip.

Bill is furious and when David asks if that means he’s fired, Bill says, “I can tell the difference between rubbish and quality even if you can’t.’  And with that David smirks off home.

Gayle comes by to talk to Bill about David and actually seems shocked to find out that her wee lad was capable of purposely chopping up roofing lumber.  (Wait, didn’t he just set fire to his final exam last week?).   Bill tells her that he won’t even consider hiring him back and that he’s all her problem now.

In Other News

Leanne is getting a loan from some lending agency at a mere 35% interest.   With that kind of head for business I think we can clear up the mystery of what happened to the 50K Danny gave her.  (I’m thinking heavy investments in subprime mortgages…).    She wants to have the 6K so that Karla knows she’s still interested in the business.  When Janice asks what happens if Karla’s not interested, Leanne says it’s too bad because the papers have all been signed.

 Meanwhile, Roger the Plumber has emailed Janice and is back in town!

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11 Responses to Cue the Crazy – Update

  1. Michigander Fan says:

    “Leanne is getting a loan from some lending agency at a mere 35% interest. With that kind of head for business I think we can clear up the mystery of what happened to the 50K Danny gave her.”


  2. geenee says:

    I wanted to slap Ashley upside the head when he apologized to Casey. It was OK for her to barge into their house (which she tried to burn down) but not for Claire to do the same. Where is his loyalty to his wife (however annoyingly shrill she is)? She does need to start acting calmer than she feels or people will think she’s gone off the rails again.

    Michelle was her usual charming self, as was Gail. Both have faces like wet weekends lately. Gail is angry at Bill for firing her little darling and Michelle is just being her usual nasty self. Kind of funny to think of Vernon’s lack of tact though.

    I hope some humour returns soon; it’s been pretty gloomy lately.

  3. CactusMcHarris says:

    Builder Bill can be funny sometimes, but, for a howler line, you can’t beat Dan the Man Levitan.

    Now I’m not asking for a (big) spoiler, but I sure would like to know that Mr. Barlow will be coming back…..

  4. papasmurf1964 says:

    So after Claire and Ashley left her flat, KC had a knowing litle grin on her face for a moment – I’m guessing that means she did it but has concocted a clever scheme to make it look like Claire is the guilty party. Or am I the crazy one?

  5. whitehorsefan says:

    Papa- I saw exactly what you saw.

    I myself think that KC learned that wicked smile from her stint at the “Tracey School of Criminality”.

  6. beanie says:

    As much as I’d like to smack David…Kudos to the actor that plays him.He is amazing!! BTW I cruised the Corrie Facebook site last night and looked at the photos fans had posted.Very interesting stuff.Clair has HUGE BOOBS!!!There were some pics of the younguns showing way too much skin and Maxine Peacock practically naked.Can you post the publicity shots here so we can have a laugh? There was also a pic of Susie the Mouse from Chez Helene because they think she looks like Gail.

  7. GoBetty says:

    Apropos of nothing, I put on my white hoodie yesterday and caught sight of “HELLO MY NAME IS… Craig and Rosie run away”, which was stuck to the inside of the hoodie. I love you Corrie Canuckers. 🙂

  8. robswizzle says:

    >(Personally, I think it would have been great if behind each door >was a different character from Little Britain, but alas no, only some >rather churlish women with bad dye jobs.).

    The knocking on doors was awesome, if only because I have seen those sorts of buildings in so many other British TV programs. I kept hoping for Rose Tyler’s mum from Doctor Who to open up, or the cast of Trainspotting.

  9. glacia says:

    I was TOTALLY thinking of Rose’s mom too!

  10. glacia says:

    I was also thinking of that Little Britain character, the guy with the Thai bride.

  11. Miranda says:

    Remember Fred’s Thai bride? Or whatever culture she was? GOOD TIMES.

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