Which is worse?

So Leanne didn’t do the horizontal mambo with Paul, but as Glacia pointed out in our most recent update, she did shag her boyfriend’s father and then extort huge amounts of cash from him.

So a question for all of you out there: Which situation is worse:

Option A: Girlfriend sleeps with boyfriend’s father, boyfriend finds out, relationships between boyfriend-girlfriend and husband-wife are over, girlfriend moves in with ex-boyfriend’s father (who is, incidently, the new boyfriend – there’s something very Wuthering Heights-ish about this all), ex-boyfriend’s father gets bored and wants ex-wife back, dumps girlfriend who extorts money from ex-boyfriend’s father and leaves for Spain

Option 2: Girl is a high-class escort hooker who falls for boy and shags boy. Girl and boy become an item and girl continues to turn tricks. Boy’s brother is one of girl’s clients, but she doesn’t sleep with him, just takes his money. Girl stays mum and boy’s brother wants to get boy to dump her but not give up his dirty little secret. Wife of boy’s brother becomes business partner with girl and eventually finds out the secret. Wife of boy’s brother exposes boy’s brother and boots him out. Boy’s brother, who is drunker than a skunk, kidnaps girl, puts her in the boot of his car, and crashes it into a lorry. Boy’s brother dies and girl escapes (sans boy) with scratches.

While neither of these scenarios are too attractive, there is one good thing that has come out of this. No marriages or children were products of these elicit affairs, so the family trees won’t be quite as misshapened. And there won’t be another useless child on the street such as :

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