Update: Thursday March 20, 2008 – Ain’t Got …

The Birthday Boy

Steve who’s outside the Rovers is given a bouquet of flowers. He goes inside and looks quickly at the card. We all know what he is hoping. He sees Carla drinking on her own. He inquires about Michelle and asks if she has heard from her. She tells him she hasn’t. Violet asks Steve about the flowers and he tells her it is his birthday. He looks at the card
and it reads, “Happy Birthday” but does not mention who they are from. He tells Violet he has a good hunch. He borrows a pen from Violet and writes, “Love Michelle”.

Steve comes off the phone in the back, reaches over for the card and saying they are from his mom not Michelle. Awww, poor Steve.

The Restauranteur

Leanne and Janice are in their flat. They start to discuss her says she needs everything signed and sealed by Sunday. Janice says she thought Carla was not interested in going into business with her. Leanne says she just buried her husband and maybe it is not the best time to ask. Janice wishes her good luck! I think she will need it.

Leanne walks into the Rovers and starts to talk to Carla about the restaurant and their partnership. Carla says she does not want to go into business with a whore and someone who had a part in the death of her husband. Ouch. That has got to hurt. Leanne tells Carla she does not have to insult her. Carla says she has not even started.

In the cafe, Roy gives Janice and Roger their very yummy looking food. Leanne comes in saying Carla said no. Janice tells him her business partner has pulled out of their venture. Roger tells Leanne she can still do t on her own and says, with business partners you both have different ideas. A light bulb goes off in Leanne’s head (hopefully an energy efficent one) and she says “Yeah!” and says she will do it herself.

Janice mentions to Leanne, maybe Carla has pulled out because it’s all going to the dogs. Leanne says she nows that’s not the reason and is going to tell Carla she joins her or she does it alone and goes – and leaves the cafe to see Carla again in the pub. Somehow I know what the answer is going to be…

Roger looks at Janice and says, “him and his big mouth”. Janice says she’s been through a hard time and is worried how far she is going to go. Aren’t we all?

The persistant Leanne is in the pub and tells Carla she joins her or she does the restaurant alone. Carla says she does not want in and will watch her make a mess of it. Leanne says she won’t. Carla responds and says, we’ll see.

The Wannabe Boss
Roy and Hayley are is concerned about Hayley and thinks she’s taking on too much and the Connors are taking advantage. He says she was talking in her sleep and sound as if her work mates are no better. She says she is going to be stricter, but is told she’s not paid to be stricter. He does have a good point.

Outside he tells Hayley, she should get the support from her colleagues, as they’d be out of a job. Janice asks what he means by the comment. Hayley says he is worried and they go. Janice pulls out her phone. Hayley tried to says she does not want them using mobiles but, says, “Sorry luv, I am busy on the phone…” Poor Hayley.

Hayley tells Kelly she has not seen her at her machine working – she hasn’t sewn a stitch.
Her mobile goes off and walks away. Hayley says she wants everyone to turn them off. Sean says he is making tea. Hayley says it’s not break time. Sally says she is going wrong because she wants to be everyone’s friend and boss, but can’t be both. For once I think for once Sally has it right. Vickie (Wiki) says she has a dental appointment and says she
booked it off with Mr. Connor ages ago. Kelly runs off to find Janice.

Everyone leaves the factory and Sally tells Hayley she does not have control. Vickie says they have her support. Hayley gives up and asks Vickie if she wants a drink and they go. Sally says that says it all while she is still at her machine.

The Waking Dead
Emily asks if the wake is still going on. Ken says yes but they think it’s stupid. Blanche asks if they are talking about her. Ken says that’s what she wants people to do, ain’t that the truth. She goes upstairs and Emily asks if they need to take anything. Ken says what do you give someone who’s pretending to be dead. Deirdre says she’s not pretending. Emily says she will see them there and leaves. Ken tells Deirdre he was thinking that Blanche has maybe been to the doctors and been told she’s not got long to live and she’s having this wake to say good bye to everyone. God, that imagination does not stop does it? Deirdre asks why she’d do that. Ken says because she is Blanche. He says they will ask her.

Ken and Deirdre ask Blanche if there is any thing wrong with her and if she been to the doctors. She looks at them with a blank stare. Blanche says she cant do cartwheels any more and wants to celebrate being alive. She says there won’t be a spare room becoming available. Deirdre is happier now (Thank God for that) and they head out.

Wilf comes walking in the pub and says he’s here for the wake and asks if the drinks are free. Violet tells him yes. He then goes ahead and orders a large whiskey. Blanche tells the group says she was going to wear black but she is celebrating being alive.
At that very moment Joanne comes walking in, the group are estatic (and so am I!) Kelly says she thinks it’s one of their birthdays and mentions does not know why they are celebrating at that age…(Kelly we will all be there one day)

Sean tries to catch Joanne up on the news that Paul’s death all the other happening on the street since she has been gone.

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4 Responses to Update: Thursday March 20, 2008 – Ain’t Got …

  1. arphpeck says:

    Hey, did anyone else pick up on Hayley’s line that trying to keep track of her fellow workers was like “herding cats”? That’s hilarious, just picture a herd of cats, all going off in different directions… My son thought she said “hurting cats” and was wondering why I was laughing so hard.
    “Her mobile goes off and walks away.” Wow, they must have really advanced cell phones in England….

  2. beanie says:

    arphpeck thanks I had forgotten “herding cats” that cracked me up.I have never heard that before has anyone? Maybe it’s a Hayleyism very expressive without really insulting.

  3. Long time lurker says:

    Actually, “herding cats” is now quite a common expression. I’ve heard it a lot in a business context – it’s often the perfect description of a particular situation! Here’s the url for a really funny commercial that’s on You Tube which features a “cat herder” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk7yqlTMvp8. I’m not techie enough to actually insert the video into this blog.

  4. Long time lurker says:

    Actually, it turns out that url I just left in comment #3 above doesn’t take you directly to the herding cats video. But just type in “herding cats” in the search engine on the You Tube website and you’ll find it. If you haven’t seen, trust me, it’s worth the two minute search.

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