Update- Friday, March 21, 2008- The Twilight Zone, Episode 3946: Blanche Grows a Conscience


My apologies for the lateness of this post as well as the brevity. I have had the flu all week end, so it is only today that I am feeling up to doing it.

At the Rover’s Blanche’s wake is well underway. The mourners are enjoying their free drink and nosh, but Blanche feels that they are not showing the proper respect and deference for her loss. Emily points out that Blanche is not really dead, so it is a little difficult to feel the sense of occasion. Norris points out that she can’t be really expecting words of grief and paeans to her generous spirit. She is hardly a saint, and no one will remember her for her lovely disposition. Everyone, even Emily, agrees, and Blanche is left feeling a little depressed at the end of her wake.

Back at the Barlows’, Blanche comments that her wake didn’t really go as planned, to which Deirdre and Ken tell her, “I told you so”. The wake was not a complete wash, however, as Blanche has decided to become a better person, so that when she does kick off, people will be sad.

Like Scrooge on Christmas Day, Blanche gives 50 pence to an astonished Chesney, to buy something nice; to Norris’ surprise, she does not chew his head off for saying what he did at the wake, but pays off the Barlows’ paper bill. Thankfully, however, this episode does not end with Tiny Tim saying in a treaclish voice “God Bless us, everyone”. Blanche ends up at Dev’s shop to buy some biscuits. She tries to ask Amber, who is at the counter, a question, but Amber ignores Blanche as she is busy texting someone.  Blanche sweetly says she will simply look around. She sees the prices biscuits and her resolution begins to fade, but she continues bravely forward, trying to be thoughtful and kind. When she asks once more for Amber’s help and Amber blithely ignores her, Blanche comes undone. She tells Amber, as Deirdre walks in, that the only reason Dev keeps her around is because he regrets his past and the fact that he ignored her while she was young. As Deirdre looks on, a bit surprised, Blanche concludes by say, “I speak as I find and if people don’t like it then tough!”, or something similar.


Leanne emerges from the Rover’s after having been insulted yet again by Carla, only more determined then ever to buy the restaurant. She runs into Janice, and tells her that she will do it on her own, and decides to go and speak to the restaurant owner.

She goes to the restaurant and talks the owner into giving her a little more time. He agrees that if she can give him 75% of the money in the next seven days, then she can pay the other 25% in installments after that. The writers on the Street, recognizing that some of us may be mathematically challenged, spell out what this means. Leanne still needs to come up with 10, 000.00 more. Leanne does not seem perturbed by this, and agrees.

Leanne decides that she will raise the money the old fashioned way: by going to London to be a prostitute rather than doing it in Manchester. Janice tries to dissuade her, doing her old song and dance, but Leanne seems determined. Leanne leaves, and Janice, after some hesitation, follows her. She knows that the bus, rather more majestically called the “coach” in England, leaves within the hour, however, and so races against the clock. She arrives at the bus depot to find that Leanne is not on the bus, or even preparing to go on it. She is crying, as her eyes have finally been opened to what she has been doing all this time. She thinks that she is no good, and never should have thought she could do better. Janice tries to cheer her up, backtracking on everything she has told her up til then, saying that Leanne can do better, and that they will find the money, somehow.


Joanne is wearing earring bigger than her head, and telling all about her detention, and that it was determined it would be an infringement of her human rights to send her back to her home country, so she can stay.  

Hayley, meanwhile, continues to struggle at the Underworld as the seamstresses act as though they have the world’s most ineffective substitute teacher, which, in effect, they have. She manages to get them to stroll over to their machines, but not much work gets done. Even Fiz looks like she is in on the action, as she shows Kelly something on the sly. We soon find out what it is when Hayley storms out of the manager’s office, bearing a poster with the picture of a cute fluffy dog on it and the caption: “I don’t know, I don’t care- that’s why they put me in charge”. Hayley is incenced by this, and blames Sally for doing it. Fiz owns up, and says she thought that Hayley would find it funny. Hayley is forced to apologize to Sally. Hayley finally gives up, and goes to the Rover’s with everyone else for a pint.

In Other News

Violet is on the phone with the doctor in the back room of the Rover’s when Sean walks in. Violet hangs up the phone and tells Sean that she wasn’t talking about anything important. Sean doesn’t believe her, but she says nothing more.

After Vern makes fun of the fact that Michelle has not given Steve anything for his birthday, Steve locks Vern in the cellar only to later find that Vern has had the cellar equipped with a kettle, biscuits, a T.V. and a comfy chair. Hardly the Spanish Inquisition.


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6 Responses to Update- Friday, March 21, 2008- The Twilight Zone, Episode 3946: Blanche Grows a Conscience

  1. geenee says:

    A better episode than the last few. I love Vernon being locked in the cellar and Steve finding out what goes on there – not much!

    Great scene with Janice and Leanne – very touching. I also love Amber and wish they’d give her more scenes. It’s also good that Blanche is back to normal.

    Get well soon from that pesky flu!

  2. jamaicangirl says:

    Great commentary!Leanne is very silly AND insensitive. After what transpired she had a nerve pressuring Carla about the joint venture! Could someone put David Platt’s neck under the saw! He is so rude!

  3. arphpeck says:

    I didn’t think Blanche’s change of heart would last long. I wonder if she wants her 50p back from Chesney? I’m glad Leanne didn’t go through with her plan, I found the scene at the station where she finally realizes what her life has become very moving. I know Paul is dead, but is there to be no repercussions for kidnapping Leanne, putting her in the trunk, and just about killing her? It doesn’t matter what she did for a living, you just can’t do that to people and get off scot-free. Maybe she can sue his estate for pain and suffering. I have zero sympathy for Carla – she probably inherited Paul’s share of the factory, and she should make sure it is being run properly, not hiding in a bottle. She didn’t show Paul much love or tenderness while they were married, and now she acts(?) so devastated at his death – grow up and get on with it!

  4. Gail says:

    Whitehorsefan, take care of yourself, hope you are feeling better. Excellent update!
    Arphpeck, I completely agree with all of your comments. I was wondering why Carla didn’t ask them why they weren’t at work.
    I thought it was very selfish of Liam to run off and leave the factory. I found Sally to be extremely bitchy to Hayley. Does she think she could do a better job, I don’t think so.

  5. geenee says:

    Sally always thinks she can do a better job and resents Hailey being put in charge. For a woman who had an affair and lived with Les’s son and tried to steal the customers from Mike, she has one heck of a nerve criticising Hailey and should be grateful she even has a job there. For once I applauded Carla as she turned Sally down for a promotion.

    As for Carla, her holier than thou attitude towards Leanne is a bit much after the way she treated the staff and covered up the death of one of them. What a cold piece of work she is! Other people’s pain means nothing to her – after all, Leanne could have been killed too – and that was Paul’s doing.

  6. beanie says:

    Great update WHF !!! Talk about going out with a bang.I knew you’d mention those earings! I found them distracting.

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