I Want To Have Your Babies – Update

The big story the night was Violet and Sean’s ‘talk’.   He sees her in the morning getting ready to spend the afternoon with Max Beesley (who’s real name is an ever more ridiculous Maxton Gig Beesley). 


Sean instead calls a sickie day at work and takes Violet out to the park for a picnic and a chitchat.  Basically the upshot is he thinks she’s foolish to rush ahead with the baby before she’s not even given herself a chance to find Mr. Right.  


To make his point he accosts a young family in the park to ask about how they’ve been together, explaining that his friend believes that she will never find Mr. Right and is ‘so cynical for one so young’.  (God…I love that line…it was like I was watching one of those Emma Thompson period movies.).


Anyway, the couple tell her that yes, they have found true love and that she too can have the 2.4 children and the sedan in the garage.


Violet sticks to her guns, she MUST have a baby because she’s not getting any younger and finding Mr. Right might take years and she’d be pushing…what…26?  COME ON!  Who’s got that kind of time?


Later back home, Sean worries that perhaps the baby-testtube-daddy might be a Hooray Henry and the sprog may come out speaking all posh n’ shit.   To prevent the child from having any kind of speech impediment, like say, a lisp, Sean volunteers himself to be the baby-daddy.   He reminds her of the pact they made way back a few months ago when they were drunk at the Rovers.   The original agreement was if, by the time they were 30 they didn’t have kids, they’d mate.   Violet says that 30 is ‘Tales from the Crypt’ time and she needs to have a child BEFORE she reaches that ancient age.   (Glacia’s 41 year old arm lobs a martini glass at the telly.)


Now, Gentle Readers, you must know that I am REALLY holding back on a rant here.  WHY does she think this is a good idea?  From what I can tell her ass is po’,  I don’t know what kind of support network she has as she doesn’t seem to have any close family and she’d have to rely on the support of her roomies, and to top it off, doesn’t she think when she’s a grand old age of 31 and chasing after some kid she just ***might*** think, ‘Christ, I wish I had backpacked across Europe before taking on the responsibility of a child.’.


This story line has me unsettled.  Why does she think she should have a child just because she wants one?   If you wanted a dog, you’d have a good look at your lifestyle to see if it’s one that accommodate a dog, so why doesn’t she use the same judgement before bringing an infant into the world?

Salesman Pat

Eileen has been anxiously awaiting Pat’s phone call and when he does finally give her a ring, she’s so excited that she invites him for dinner.   Problem is, the only thing in her cupboard is some 10 year old canned Lobster Bisque.


So she saddles up to Jerry at the Rovers and asks his advice.  What does he think she should serve the man that has usurped him as Eileen’s paramour?




Stage Fright

Leanne is very excited about the restaurant and can’t wait to go in and take a look at her new business.  Janice decides to call in a sickie to the factory and her and Roger join Leanne for a look-see around the restaurant.


It’s all looking good and Roger even suggest that he puts in a water feature to sex up the place…but Janice says she hates water features, they make her want to ‘wee’ all the time.   (wha?  Glacia giggles.).


This makes me wonder why Roger didn’t just come in as a silent partner instead of lending the money.  At least he’d have some control over the decisions being made.


Anyway, back at the Rovers, Leanne starts looking green around the gills and confesses to Janice that she thinks she’s made a terrible mistake.  She’s in way over her head and how is she ever going to be able to afford to keep the restaurant running and still pay rent.  (What rent?  Isn’t she just sleeping on Janice’s couch.).  


Janice tells her to suck it up and make sure Roger doesn’t know that she’s feeling so unsure.


Rats From a Sinking Ship

Turns out that all the workers may not have to worry about calling in sickies to the factory much longer.   Haley tells them that there’s no money to pay them and there’s certainly no more fabric with which to produce knickers.


Sally starts being a bitch and calling Haley useless and asks why she hasn’t called Liam.  Haley explains that she has but there’s no answer.  She also doesn’t want to bother Carla while she’s grieving.


Later, Haley decides that she probably should bother Carla and goes over to Michelle’s place to talk to her.  Carla basically says that she’s got other things to worry about right now and that the livelihood of the factory workers is not her issues.    Ummmmmm, aren’t you part owner of this business now?   I kind of think it IS your freaking issue.


In Other News

Chesney’s report about the environmental impact that Roy’s Rolls is making is not good.  Apparently RR’s is one big ass earth destroying SUV making a bee line for polar ice caps, bunnies and vegan nuns.    With that bit of news, Roy is committed to making RR’s carbon neutral by 2008.


Finally, Vermin proclaims to Jerry that he is a workhorse.  Jerry says that he also is a workhorse.   I believe Jerry.  Vermin, not so much.

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15 Responses to I Want To Have Your Babies – Update

  1. Gail says:

    Glacia I completely agree with your comments regarding Violet’s obsession with having a baby. My husband and I took a week to decide whether or not to adopt a persian cat! My child was born when I was an ancient (in Violet’s eyes)36. I really felt sorry for Hayley and anger with Liam for just dropping her in it. As far as the factory girls are concerned…I have no pity if they lose their jobs after the way they have been acting. I’d fire the lot of them…first one to go that bitch Sally. I would like to see Jerry and Eileen get together.

  2. geenee says:

    Vi just needs to go out and have some fun. Take a vacation and forget about babies and men for awhile, but no; she will continue to mope around until she finally gives birth, which will lead to more angst -because this is a soap!

    I wish Hayley would do what Claire finally did and stand up for herself. She really, really needs to give Sally a piece of her mind. And don’t get me started on Carla.

  3. Miranda says:

    Violet is a pedophile.

  4. Michigander Fan says:

    Re: Violet. Yes, but dogs and babies ARE accessories for a lot of people, unfortunately. I actually saw a program which indicated which toy dog was “in” this year. I thought, boy, what happens to all the chihuahuas who were the rage last year?

    That being said, I agree that this is a strange storyline, and I wonder if the function is less to give Violet a child and more to give Sean a child. That would be a first on Corrie, yes?

    Darn, Glacia! I almost emailed you. Sean’s best line last night was during the picnic and Violet comments about how “into picnics” Sean is, and he says, “Just call me Doris!” I half expected there to be a shiny, happy pic of Doris Day on the website today. That one made me roar with laughter! I wasn’t sure if anyone else would get the reference…


  5. Michigander Fan says:

    I completely relate to Leanne. I bought my first ever home last year, and the night before my closing, I had the worst stomacheache of my life, and let’s just say I now understan the expression “had the sh*t scared out of her.”

    I was TERRIFIED!

    Was that TMI?


  6. Michigander Fan says:

    I really feel for Hayley. (I don’t generally care for Sally, but as far as I can tell, this is pretty much par for the course for her.)

    What really disgusts me is the behavior of Liam and Carla. I GET that you are grieving, but come on! People’s livelihoods are depending on you being able to do your job!

    Not that I haven’t been furious with the antics of the stitchers these last few days. How many stitching gigs are within walking distance of your house?

    But Liam and Carla need to get it together, or appoint someone to act as interim director for a few weeks. Maybe Jamie? Not because he’s qualified, mind you, just because I want SOMEONE named Baldwin back at the factory!


  7. Michigander Fan says:

    Roy is a carbon sucking cretin. Who knew?

    I had to laugh at the comment Hayley made about not really being so bad – we don’t do much air travel, and we’re not driving an SUV…

    I took one of those “What’s Your Carbon Footprint” quizzes a few months ago, and ended up FURIOUS! According to them, it would take 4.5 planets if everyone lived the way I do. I drive a small car, take public transit to work (which is no mean feat in the Motor City, by the way!), haven’t been on an airplane since probably 1998… etc. etc.

    But I’M the problem. What EVER!!!!

    Rant over.


  8. Michigander Fan says:

    One last comment, and then I’m done. (For now.)

    I don’t think people would ever try to use CATS as cute little accessories. Our Feline Overlords would not be amused. At all.

    (I belong to 2 cats, can you tell?)


  9. beanie says:

    Absolutely Brilliant Update!!! Great comments too!! It’s been bothering me that the Violet/baby storyline is bothering me so much.After all I’m a very savvy liberated gal LOL but I’m furious that parenthood is taken so lightly.Thanks to Glacia I now know what is really the cause of my rage…this is making me feel REALLY FREAKIN OLD!!! My 25ish mind hasn’t really come to terms with my 53ish body and Violet is rubbing salt into some very touchy wounds.

  10. beanie says:

    One more thing if you watch again Sunday…check out Jerry when Roy delivers his breakfast.He is poised with his cutlery ready to attack and when Roy approaches both knife and fork are on the food in full function long before the plate reaches the table.LOL

  11. romeozulu says:

    How long will it be before Ches is offered to the Soap Gods? He’s outgrown (almost) his odd redheaded little-boy cuteness and the cache of a child that can kinda act. He’s now an endearing, odd-looking early teenager who acts as well as 10 year old Ches did. Dawn Acton – Kate Ford anyone??

  12. geenee says:

    I think if Vi had a better job and was a bit older it would be more understandable wanting a baby but what kind of home can she provide? It doesn’t seem like she’s thought it through.

    Please don’t give Ches to the Soap Gods!

  13. amye says:

    I think the violet story line is pretty understandable. Unless I’m remembering something that never happened, when she miscarried they told her that her chance of conceiving again where low (was is tubal scaring??) and that the older she got the less chance she would have. I think having a miscarriage can really mess with a women’s mind and she did go through a lot. Losing a baby and then a boyfriend to his mother…..

    although the money factor does bother me.

    I love Ches and I think he’s a great little actor, better then some of the adult’s I’d like to see the back of, black-haired people anyone?

  14. howdi says:

    Another great update. I like the ‘Vermin’ line.

    I too think Chesney is a great little actor with an unusual face.

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