Update: “Pregnating” – Thursday March 28, 2008


 Serving up Greens

In the café, Roy offers to call in sick for Hayley. She says he can’t lie and there isn’t a boss to call. Becky comes into the café, asking if she is running late for work . She says she was just doing the shopping list for tonight and is going to get ready now.

The Green Initiative has gone into full effect at the café. The lights are dimly lit and Becky says she needs light to work properly. Roy says he is saving energy and trying to reduce their carbon footprint and candles make a pleasant atmosphere. Becky says that if they get food poisoning there will be more flushing. A very interesting point. At that moment Cilla walks up to the counter and asks who they are poisoning and is told no one. Becky says the meal she is cooking is not for sale and it’s for Fiz and her new beau John. Cilla is offended that she has not been invited – and asks what time they are coming. Joanne and Kelly enter the cafe. Becky asks what they are doing out and if Hayley said they could leave the Factory. Becky then marches out the café – she is tired of Hayley being treated like a doormat.

Chips Ahoy!

Outside, Yana and Cilla wonder why Mr. Wong has asked them to start so early. You mean before noon… They are both out on the Street with matching red “Wong’s” shirts and caps handing out flyers.

Yana tells Cilla if they don’t do this one of them will get sacked. Yana proclaims it won’t be her! Everyone comes out the factory. Sean says everyone else has gone. Fiz says she will talk to them. Everyone walks by them and Fiz looks at the flyer and walks away. Cilla takes off her hat and storms off.

Underwear revolt

Hayley and Wiki (Vicky) are cleaning, as the others sit there and do nothing. Kelly walks into the office and sees Sean on the computer. wants on the computer. She wants to see what he is looking up. Trust me – you do not want to know. The truth is that on the screen is “Fertility Online” Yeech. He closes the browser before she can look and she gets upset and inadvertently pulls out the mouse. Hayley comes in saying, if they have broken it they will pay for it – telling them they are acting like kids.

They go out and Sally says she is going home and if there is any work she has to call. Becky comes in to Underworld to see how Hayley’s sanity is keeping. She is busy cleaning and scrubbing bits of the floor. Becky tells Hayley to leave it. Hayley says the place has not had a good clean since it was refurbished. You know what I would say? Not my problem…

Becky tells Hayley she is only supervisor – she really making some sense. Hayley says she wishes she wasn’t and everyone is blaming her. Becky says she is not having this and is going to get Carla. I love it when Becky gets determined. Carla is just about to enter Michelle’s flat. They are both walking toward Michelle’s flat/the Rovers when Hayley forces Becky to stop.

Behind the wall, Carla listens intently – unbeknownst to them. Hayley says Carla is grieving and will be reminded of Paul in the Factory. Hayley says whatever she is going through is nothing compared to what Carla is going through. She tells Becky to let Carla grieve. Hayley is so self-sacrificing. A bit later – back at the Factory some of the ladies are actually working. Fiz asks if she should call Janice and try and track her down. Hayley asks if they are still in the Rovers. Wiki (Vikki) says they are still there. At that moment, they all come in and Janice sees her card has been clocked out. She asks if Fiz has done this. Hayley tell her just to clock in and sit down. She starts to complain about losing two hours wages and asks if Hayley has done this. Just then Carla appears and says she has done it. See foot – insert in mouth.

Pass the Wine, please

Eileen and Pat come down the stairs in matching blue housecoats going on about the night before. Yuck, did you see Pat’s stomach. Mine is turning. Eileen offers to make him some breakfast, but he replies that he has to get a move on. Sean asks if Jamie knows if his housecoat is being used. They both go upstairs and get ready for their day.

Violet tells Sean that they are going to make a beautiful baby. Sean suggests a do-it yourself kit instead of going to the fertility clinic. She asks what he is scared off. He says nothing and it would be better just them. Sean says it’s amazing what comes up when putting “pregnating” into Google. He says there is a home kit and has to order one. Violet says she will be past her most fertile. (TMI, Violet). He tells her to wait another month. Violet says there is the obvious way and for them just to do a “Pat and Eileen”. Sean is taken aback and says he can’t and keeps repeating no.

Eileen comes in saying she’s done something stupid and tells them to wait there and goes. Sean says he can’t. Eileen comes back down, and asks if they like the new yellow top. Violet says it’s really nice. Sean says if she likes it then keep it unless it compromises who she is. Eileen then goes. Violet asks what he is scared of and if she might turn him. She asks when the last time he had sex with a woman was. He says in his past life. LOL. Violet tells Sean to kiss her. Sean says they need music and wine. He puts on Take That. She tells him to stop drinking the wine. Sean says she is used to blokes. Violet says so is she, and tells him to forget the atmosphere. He says ok – and chases her up the stairs.

Take a cue from Roy – don’t forget Earth Hour March 28th at 8PM: http://www.earthhour.org/

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15 Responses to Update: “Pregnating” – Thursday March 28, 2008

  1. geenee says:

    I love it when Becky sticks up for Hailey. It should be fun to see the changes when Carla takes over. It’ll be interesting to see the dinner with the 2 couples plus Cilla.

  2. beanie says:

    Thank you Mayfair for posting the link.I hadn’t given it much thought but after seeing this I’m registered and committed.Would it be toxic of me to want some of the energy I’m saving to be put into a Doggie anti-bark collar for Sally.I would love to see that cow zapped everytime she is rude to Haley.

  3. missusmac says:

    I would bet the house there will be no sex between Vi and Sean.

    Also, wonder if Cilla will recognize John as being a campaigner on her doorstep who she lewdly invited inside???

  4. geenee says:

    beanie: maybe a cattle prod would work better!

  5. beanie says:

    geenee: a cattle prod would probably be more ergonomic if it was shoved up the snotty cows butt.LOL!

  6. pip says:

    I can’t believe Sean and Vi are actually going to have sex. Are they crazy? Five minutes before that suggestion was made Sean was getting all creeped out because Violet mentioned she was ovulating. Neither of them is mature enough to handle this. Oh wait, if they were mature enough to handle it, they wouldn’t be doing it.

  7. amye says:

    I can’t believe that violet is being so selfish as to ask a gay man to have sex with her. Most straight (really straight) people would be disgusted by a same sex romp and it’s clear that Sean is GAY not bi, gay. It was super disrespectful of her to even ask. He made it clear he thought all her girl bits where very ewww.

    I love becky. and I love how the writers can take me from hating to loving someone and vice versa

  8. geenee says:

    beanie: LOL – tell us what you really think!

    Re. Becky – me too! I never liked her until lately; now I’m glad that Hailey has Becky and Fizz to defend her.

    I’m also thinking Vi could use some professional help for her depression. Maybe it’s just loneliness that makes her want a baby.

  9. Glacia says:

    Amye….I totally agree. I was actually upset that she has such disrespect for his sexual orientation.

    But then my next question is, how is this going to work? Is he just going to close his eyes and think of ‘Queen’?

  10. Mandy says:

    Ugh, I think Violet is being totally selfish too. If I was Sean I’d say… “Ok, I thought this was a good idea, but I realize it’s not. I’m gay. There’s no possible way I can sleep with a woman. I wish you all the best and I will be willing to fertilize your eggs when the DIY kit comes in but until then, BACK OFF BITCH!”

  11. missusmac says:

    Amye, I agr ee about how the writers can have you love a character one minute, hate them them the next, etc.

    Right now I’m loving Becky and Carla. Hated them both just a while ago!

    Glad I’m not in the minority thinking Violet was totally out of line!

  12. Mandy says:

    I am totally loving Carla now too, but I did used to hate her!

  13. amye says:

    The only one of the connors I can’t/haven’t warmed up to is michelle. She is a waste of space on that show. The street needs a good bitch and I think carla will fit the bill. She should hook up with steve, he needs a new karen.

    I’m glad others feel the same way about violets disrespect of seans sexuality.

  14. missusmac says:

    Not only did I find it disrespectful, I wondered if Violet’s actions would have passed a relationship test with anyone — friend, mother, grandmother, lover; gay,heterosexual,bi…

    Anytime you say “if you really loved me, you’d do…” to someone who really isn’t comfortable with what you insist on, IMO you’re abusing the relationship and their trust.

  15. missusmac says:

    And yes, I did get my psychology diploma at the on-air University of Dr. Phil!

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